Yonder Lies: Unpacking the Myths of Jackson Hole
Yonder Lies: Unpacking the Myths of Jackson Hole
Jesse Bryant & Hannah Habermann
Few places have come to symbolize the rapidly-changing American West quite like the valley of Jackson Hole, Wyoming—grizzlies still graze by the roadside, elk eat farm-raised grass, and, all the while, service workers, ranchers, ski bums, and billionaires also jostle to find their piece of paradise. For millennia, the human and non-human residents of Jackson Hole have co-existed in a complex struggle for the good life. But what is the state of this balance these days? And how have these relationships been shaped by recent changes in resources, demographics, and priorities of our communities? Yonder Lies, a new podcast from KHOL 89.1 and Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative Researchers, is your invitation to dive into the nitty-gritty of Jackson Hole. Hosted by writers and researchers Hannah Habermann and Jesse Bryant, Yonder Lies shares intimate stories of the people, conflicts, and institutions that have made this place what it is today. Subscribe now to join us, as we help sort fact from fiction and wonder what the future may hold for this beloved American landscape.
All This Life Here — Emile Newman: Identity and subtle exploitation in the outdoor industry
This is the first episode of Jesse's new show, All This Life Here. If you enjoy the free-flowing nature of this sort of dialogue please head over to the Apple Podcast page for the show and rate and subscribe!
Oct 4, 2021
1 hr 18 min
Our Housing Crisis
Without a doubt, our community has its work cut out for us in terms of affordable housing now, and in the years to come. Is it possible to create a world where all of our community members can choose to affordably live in Jackson, if they want? What actions are being taken? What changes need to be made?   Thanks to April Norton, Housing Director at Jackson/Teton County Housing Department, Skye Schell at ShelterJH, and and Kelsey Yarzarb for thought-provoking and inspiring interviews!
Jan 31, 2021
30 min
Music and Myths: Dom Flemons and Black Cowboys
In this episode, we continue to interrogate the myth of the cowboy, this time through the lens of music history and songwriting! American songster Dom Flemons shares about the history of American folk music and the process behind the creation of his Grammy-nominated album "Black Cowboys."
Nov 1, 2020
34 min
Latino Voices in Jackson
In this episode, we explore the experiences of Latino community members in Jackson, Wyoming. What's behind (what's up with) the gap between perceptions and reality when it comes to Jackson's demographic? Alina Indracas and Lina Collado share their stories of living Latino in Jackson and how they hope to see Jackson grow into the future.
Oct 11, 2020
31 min
“Attention is the Beginning of Devotion”: A Conversation with Sportswoman-Conservationist Marcia Brownlee
Hannah talks to Marcia Brownlee, project manager of myth-busting sportswoman group Artemis. They talk about developing an intimate connection to the land and the joys of creating all-female hunting & angling communities. They also dive into the weeds of BLM oil and gas leasing sales in the time of COVID, and the implications of these sales for public lands.
Sep 4, 2020
30 min
Kanye West and Wyoming
On the slated release date of his new 2020 album Donda: With Child we thought it would be good to tell the story of perhaps the most famous Wyomingite ever. No, we're not talking about Dick Cheney or Jackson Pollock, but Kanye West. In this episode, we cover the story of one of the most talented musicians in a generation. We'll cover where Kanye came from, his upbringing, his vaulting into the musical pantheon, his subsequent resentment of being pigeonholed as only a musical genius, and what his bringing of his Yeezy brand to Cody, Wyoming may or may not mean for the town.
Jul 24, 2020
34 min
LIVE! An Interview on Environmentalism, Academia, and This Historic Moment
Recently, Jesse sat down (virtually!) with the Executive Director of the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative, Ben Williamson, to discuss environmentalism, academia, and our historic present moment! This was the first in a series that NRCC will be hosting every other Thursday from 12-1 on Zoom. Enjoy!
Jul 20, 2020
54 min
Interview: Lynnette Grey Bull (for Congress!)
This is an extended interview we conducted in February for E2 with Northern Arapaho/Hunkpapa Lakota #MMIWG advocate Lynnette Grey Bull. Obviously, a lot has changed since then...more than you think!
Jun 25, 2020
34 min
The Myth of the Cowboy
In this episode, we compare and contrast two types of cowboy: the historical cowboy and the mythologized cowboy. How do these two separate realities converge or diverge? And how does the mythologized cowboy course through the blood of Jackson Hole, Wyoming?
Jun 11, 2020
35 min
What's the problem with bear management?
This is an episode about a theory: Environmental problems don't exist out there, but inside of us.  We come to see problems in the world when our expectations about how the world should work are not met. Our expectations about how the world should work are shaped by the myths — the patterns of understanding we unconsciously use to understand the world — that live inside of us. And therefore situations we call "problems" arise when our myths fail to explain it, and conflicts often arise over environmental problems when myths are divergent and unrecognized.
Jun 1, 2020
56 min
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