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"Put on Your CEO Pants" with Andrea and Jason
56 minutes Posted Aug 24, 2020 at 6:39 pm.
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Show notes
Helping yoga teachers make a decent living is something Jason and I are both passionate about. So in this episode, Jason and I have a candid conversation about what it takes to have a successful yoga business--particularly, how to get noticed by potential students online. 
The big takeaways: Yes, it takes time and energy to grow a following online, but it is very doable, too. And there’s more good news! You don’t need as many “followers” as you might think in order to do what you love and grow a thriving business as a yoga teacher. 
Here’s a few other points we make in the episode:
* Why Andrea says it’s time to shush any voices of self-doubt and put your “CEO pants” on so you can start making the online content your students want and need
* One of the biggest misconceptions about yoga influencer teachers on social media -- their income might not be coming from teaching yoga classes
* Advice on how to make authentic, genuine connections online with potential students.
* A few do’s and don’ts for online content creation. For example DO define your content scope and DO create a content calendar. But don’t expect overnight results.
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