YogaHacks - Using Yoga to Make Your Real Life More Awesome
YogaHacks - Using Yoga to Make Your Real Life More Awesome
Brett Larkin Yoga
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Such a Gift
Brett gives insightful, informative and genuine input/information into every single episode. Her episodes alone are great, as well as her interviews.
Um no thanks
If you want a watered down version of yoga and superficial happiness- this will give you that. I listened to one episode and her examples of affirmations for listeners to relate to were about money...seriously? Also, another episode as an advocate for teacher training online? No. Please, no. You are not offering teacher training online because it honors the sacred practice or is the most beneficial to students. You do it because then you can make more money. It sounds like she’s yelling all the time.
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Life changing!
I’m 33 and 3 months ago I had what I’ve come to learn was a kundalini awakening. It was odd, I had an insatiable need to stretch my back an my thoughts were completely different. I was the stereotypical southern male. Hardcore Conservative, alpha male, close minded racist, and a ironically enough a devout bible believing Christian and had a degree in biblical studies. Due to this unknown desire to stretch my back I looked up yoga on YouTube. That’s where I discovered Brett. At the start it was awkward for me because I had been under the belief that a man is not to be taught by a woman but I fought through that engrained stereotype and In 3 months times I’ve changed so much. I’m a better father, husband, healthier, and my quality of life and freedom is through the roof. now I’m more of an open minded liberal feminist non-Christian. I’m proud to say I’ve lost all my friends as they do not like the new me, I hate it for them because there is so much freedom in taking yoga seriously. Don’t be afraid to embrace it fully. You will get called names, and if you have an awakening like me you’ll get called Schitzo, bipolar, idiot, hippy, etc... but don’t let the negative energy of others deter you from living life to the fullest. I’ve still got a long way to go but Thank you Brett for being a conduit for such a monumental change in my life! I want to add Brett doesn’t bash any religion in any way. Me not being a Christian anymore is my own process. For me it brought too much negativity and it just didn’t ring solace to me. It may work for you and that’s great. Didn’t want anyone to think I’m bashing another religion or faith.
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Love it!!!
This has been so great to listen to and “ignite my destiny”. Love Brett!!!
Practical Yoga Hacks
Brett offers practical insights into a variety of aspect of a yoga lifestyle. She provides tips and tricks and mindset shifts so that shift the yoga practice from mat to lifestyle isn’t so intimidating or confusing. If you want to take your yoga to the next level this podcast is truly helpful.
The Yoga Hacks podcast is truly a gift!
I love how clear and concise these episodes are. Brett cuts through the fluff and gives real, applicable, meaningful tips on all things yoga. Every episode you walk away having not only learned something, but with another tool in your belt. This podcast was a miracle to find while I was going through teacher training and I continue to revisit past episodes as a way to refresh what I have learned. Thank you Brett, I eagerly await what you have planned next.
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Make life more peaceful
Brett has a unique way of bringing yoga to us. She is the perfect balance of exercise, meditation, and spirituality. Brett Larkin's Uplifted is amazing also which is what brought me to the podcasts.
It's great!
Lots of fun tips and perspectives to bring yoga into all areas of your life
Great podcast😘
I enjoy the topics covered
I'm an Uplifted member and am so grateful to have Brett as a resource in my world.
Amazing Podcasts!
Thanks Brett, for creating content with such in depth knowledge. I learnt so much from your podcast regarding yoga, meditation, handling challenges in day to day life in easy practical ways. You are truly amazing and inspiring. Wish you all the best and would love to hear more from you! Thanks a million!
exactly what i was looking for
I love getting physical yoga tips in yoga class and many of the yoga podcasts are either sequences or info about poses. i was specifically looking for how to take my yoga practice into my daily life and this podcast is perfect!! great job :)
I just love you! I found you on Sivana and I love our voice and the way you speak and it's like listening to a friend! Grateful for all your knowledge and thank you for helping me grow!
One of the best
The enrichment Brett has brought to my life goes beyond words. These podcasts just bring the yoga practice full circle. Thank you Brett for all your hard work!!
Always fresh & balanced!
I love listening to Brett's podcasts because they always seem to resonate with relevant chords in my life. She is honest, inspiring, *heartful* and overall someone you would want to be friends with. I fins it very energizing to listen to her on my way to and from work. There is also replay value because sometimes the second time around, I absorb something that I did not receive the first time. Thank you for what you do, Brett. Namaste <3
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Enjoy the podcast a lot
Like talking to a friend and very practical
Sarah smith 1985
Couldn't listen all the way through
I love Brett's yoga videos and was so excited when I found her podcast. I was not able to listen to the entire podcast. It was too annoying to hear her ending almost every sentence with "right?" I think she has really great information and presents it in an easy to understand way but the mannerisms of repeatedly saying "so" and "right" were unfortunately too annoying for me.
Chakra Podcast
I learned SOOOO much in this half an hour. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to dive into each individual chakra. Keep up the awesome job; you are such a well-rounded yogi/yogini and your wisdom is very much appreciated.
Yogi Heaven
Brett's podcast is the perfect blend of physical and spiritual yoga. She puts her heart into it and I learn so much from her.
Bonnie Bowman
Great overview!
As always Brett delivers a wonderful overview of the 7 chakras and how they work in our daily lives. I could (and sometimes do) listen to Brett for hours! Thank you for all you bring to the yoga world!
Love this podcast!
This podcast is great for seasoned yogis and beginners alike. Brett has great insights on not only yoga but how to have a better more simple life. Brett is honest and genuine! Love the podcast! Great life and yoga hacks both!
Jen Nation Yogi
Love this podcast!!
Brett is an amazing yoga teacher! Her insights are so inspirational!
Best yoga inspiration on-the-go
No one teaches or talks about yoga like Brett. She's simply the best. Raw, honest, inspiration.
Thanks for all you do and all you share! And thanks for keepin it real!! #sittinprettystill
Kristi Sittin Pretty Still