The Yishai Fleisher Israel Podcast
The Yishai Fleisher Israel Podcast
Yishai Fleisher
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Sharing the struggle and the miracle of Israel. The Yishai Fleisher show is a popular English-language podcast exploring Israeli life, politics, and Jewish thought. Drawing on his experience as a journalist, legal and biblical scholar, IDF soldier, and spokesman for the Jewish Community of Hebron, Yishai sheds light on everything from global and Middle East news to weekly Bible/Torah study, health, family, and of course, the amazing rebirth of Israel.
Those That Bless You
SEASON 2024 EPISODE 21: Yishai is in Tennessee at a pro-Israel summit of gentiles who know that Judea and Samaria must stay Jewish - will America hear their voice? Then, Malkah Fleisher goes on ILTV to defend fighting in Gaza until total victory and Jewish resettlement. Finally, Ben Bresky on the birth of Israeli civilian aviation. Plus: Table Torah on the Biblical holiday of Pesach Sheini.SPONSOR LINKS:The Israel Bible Pickle
May 23
1 hr 10 min
SEASON 2024 EPISODE 20: Yishai and Malkah discuss the pain of Israel Memorial Day and the majesty of Israel Independence Day - which reflect the struggle and the miracle of Israel's rebirth. Then, Yishai goes into the lion's den to tackle known Israel-hater Norman Finkelstein on the Piers Morgan Uncensored show.SPONSOR LINKS:The Israel Bible Pickle Fund Jewish Press https://www....
May 16
1 hr 12 min
SEASON 2024 EPISODE 19: Yishai and Malkah Fleisher discuss the Biden weapons embargo and hear from Israel-defenders Senator Lindsey Graham and Congressman Brian Mast. Then, Yishai speaks with Knesset Member Ohad Tal, who sits on the Foreign Relations and Defense Committee, about the real war: the fight for Jewish identity! Finally, Ben Bresky on the story of the founding of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Plus: Table Torah on Parshat Kedoshim.SPONSOR LINKS:The Israel Bible https://theisrae...
May 10
1 hr 16 min
SEASON 2024 EPISODE 18: Yishai and Malkah Fleisher return to discuss post-Pesach and the pro-Hamas protests on the Columbia campus. Then, Yishai speaks with the father of Omer Wenkert, one of the October 7th abductees. Also, Yishai does a deep dive on how the Narrative War on Twitter (X) is fought. And finally, Ben Bresky on Pinhas Rutenberg and the founding of the Israel Electric Corporation. SPONSOR LINKS:The Israel Bible Pickle
May 2
1 hr 17 min
SEASON 2024 EPISODE 16: In preparation of Pesach, Yishai bakes the Matzah and remembers the righteous fallen. Then, reporter Lucy Watson of British ITV interviews Yishai about Israel's response to Iran's missile attack. Finally, Ben Bresky on the story of Europe's last Blood Libel. SPONSOR LINKS:The Israel Bible Pickle Fund Jewish Press https...
Apr 21
45 min
SEASON 2024 EPISODE 15: All kind of folks wish to shrink and destroy Israel - but we won't let them! Yishai Fleisher comments on the Pope's latest pronouncements, Queen Rania rants on CNN, and Nir Barkat on Joe Scarborough. Then, Ben Bresky on the life and times of Mordechai Manuel Noah, a Jewish-American who attempted to to establish a Jewish City of Refuge in New York State. And Table Torah on birth and rebirth!SPONSOR LINKS:The Israel Bible Pickle htt...
Apr 11
52 min
SEASON 2024 EPISODE 14: Yishai and Malkah Fleisher get ready for Passover with a discussion about Matzah and Kosher. Yishai speaks with Josh Waller about why people support Minister Ben Gvir. Yisrael Hayom interviews Donald Trump - and Yishai comments. And finally, Ben Bresky on the amazing story of Warder Cresson, the first US Consul to Israel.SPONSOR LINKS:The Israel Bible Pickle Fund https://hebronfund...
Apr 4
1 hr 21 min
SEASON 2024 EPISODE 13: Yishai Fleisher is at top of Hebron and prays for strength in this challenging period. Rabbi Shmuely Boteach joins Yishai to discuss his appearance on Piers Morgan's show and to understand Senator Chuck Schumer's and President Biden's motivations. Then, Yishai comments on CNN's interview with Minister Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu. Finally, Ben Bresky on the history of Shaarei Tzedek Hospital, and Table Torah about the Eternal Flame.SPONSOR LINKS:The Israel Bible https://theis...
Mar 28
1 hr 8 min
SEASON 2024 EPISODE 12: Yishai and Malkah Fleisher laugh at the state of affairs in Israel and discuss Biden's State of the Union address in the US. Then, Yishai spars with a CBS journalist about the "settlements". Also, PM Netanyahu dishes it it out on FOX News. And finally, Ben Bresky on the Gulf War which ended on Purim.SPONSOR LINKS:The Israel Bible Pickle Fund Jewish Press ...
Mar 21
1 hr 18 min
SEASON 2024 EPISODE 11: Yishai and Malkah Fleisher discuss the state of antisemitism around the world and the pro-Hamas rallies that blocked an Israel real-estate expo. Then, Yishai speaks at the Shalom Hartman Institute to young Jewish students who need to hear TRUTH. Finally, Ben Bresky on the story of the little girl who was sent down into the bowels of the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hebron.SPONSOR LINKS:The Israel Bible Pickle https://w...
Mar 14
2 hr 4 min
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