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Yeah No Yeah
Molly Kendrick
Yeah No Yeah is the fat brain baby of two very old men trapped in the bodies of easily vexed millennials: Molly Kendrick and Katie Joy. We do deep-ish dives into internet fandoms, the stranger corners of pop culture, and YouTube’s latest unsettling obsessions.
DEATH Becomes Them: Yeah No Yeah Says Goodbye
In the final episode of Yeah No Yeah, Molly and Katie explore death as they celebrate the life of their 5-year-old podcast. They talk Zoom funerals, the experience of dying, embalming, and the funeral industry. Then the film turns grainy and unfocused as a montage of the girls recording in  apartments in New York and Texas plays. They've screamed at 5 and 1-star reviews alike, fought with strangers on Twitter, and made friends on Patreon and Instagram. Yes, it had been a wild ride for the girls, but all good things must come to an end. Better to go out on a high note than wither away slowly and run out of ideas.  Good night and see you on the other side! 
Feb 3, 2021
59 min
Law & Order & Toilet Wine: Yeah No Yeah Goes to the Big House
Find out what Katie meant when she told her elementary school class: "My Dad is on an African safari." On this penultimate episode, the gals talk consequences and life at the Big House.  There's a cottage industry of former inmates who prepare white-collar criminals for their sentences, plus the shining examples set by "Club Fed" stars like Martha Stewart and Lori Loughlin. YouTube and Instagram have their own felonious stars who bring us surprising (and handy!) jailtime hacks.
Jan 20, 2021
50 min
Aging and Botox: Cher Invented Being Over 30
Botox, menopause, the fear of death: Katie and Molly contemplate the aging process with the help of Cher's Tweets. We also discuss a recent age discrimination lawsuit brought by 5 anchorwomen against news corporation NY 1. 
Jan 6, 2021
42 min
Mommies Dearest: Katie and Molly Contemplate Motherhood and Cry It Out
Molly and Katie are staring down the barrel of the baby gun. Together, they unpack some of the most common parenting controversies: Crying it out, attachment parenting, and free-range kids. They're also deciding how they feel about home birth, and its tinfoil hat-wearing cousin free birth.
Dec 22, 2020
57 min
Yeah No Yeah Gets Married
Katie and Andrew are getting married! (And in a beautiful twist, Molly got engaged shortly after this was recorded. To a (very) different Andrew.) So it's a good thing Molly did so much wedding research because it turns out most wedding traditions are based on a.) fear of evil spirits b.) capitalism. Find out what you can do to keep your marriage free of evil spirits and chock full o' Queen Victoria. Also in this episode: Katie reveals why being a bridesmaid made her decide against having any bridesmaids. 
Dec 9, 2020
53 min
No Holes Barred : Tugboat Annie Returns (aka Love and Sex During Covid)
Long-time listeners will remember the legendary Tinder-er "Tugboat Annie" from Season 1 of Yeah No Yeah. We're all considerably more settled down in 2020, and Annie has some hard-earned wisdom to share with modern-day daters. We discuss dating during quarantine and remind our audience that they're probably not missing much.  Outtro by Ted and Liam:
Nov 25, 2020
1 hr 3 min
Harry Potter: Yeah No Yeah and the Chamber of Terfs
Molly and Katie skim the book that got our generation reading: Harry Potter. Our guest and die-hard fan Mariette Dorobis unpacks how she feels about the series now that JK Rowling has made it clear she likes the weather way over there on the wrong side of history. 
Nov 11, 2020
42 min
Hired and Fired: Your First Time is Never Good
Gone are the days of hard labor for teenagers. And you know what? We're certain they're not missing anything. Molly and Katie discuss their first jobs, first bosses, and first times being told to hit the curb!  Song Credit:  Angie K
Oct 28, 2020
59 min
School Scandals & Teen Traumas: DARE and Other Gaps in Our Education
Did you know that your butthole is connected to your ovaries? Neither did our friend Amanda until she attended a public school in Texas. In this episode, we recall the lies our teachers told us, and review some of the school scandals that shaped our educational experiences. 
Oct 14, 2020
58 min
Gender Reveal: Katie and Molly Blow Blue and Pink Smoke Up Your Ass
Molly and Katie kick off Yeah No Yeah Season 5: "From the Womb to the Tomb" with a look at the very beginning of life, more specifically the special moment when mom and dad celebrate their soon-to-arrive infant by setting most of California ablaze. In this episode, Molly gives Katie a rundown on some of the very worst examples of genital reveal disasters. Helicopters, pipe bombs, and an unhappy alligator all make appearances. We also discuss the historical origins of baby showers and tell you the surprising reason the woman who invented baby gender reveal parties wants them to STOP. 
Sep 30, 2020
41 min
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