Yarkshire Gamers Reet Big Wargames Podcast
Yarkshire Gamers Reet Big Wargames Podcast
Episode 11 - Stephen Wold - @OldWargamer
2 hour 11 minutes Posted Jul 23, 2021 at 8:37 am.
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Show notes

Episode 11 sees me refueling the Yarkshire Airlines Pigeon and going Hey Up and Away to Adelaide Australia to talk with Steve Wold.

Better known by many as Old Wargamer from the Twitters, Stephen was one of the first wargaming trailblazers on that social media format and his following today is over 6,000.

We cover many topics during the two hours we chatted, from the Wargames Scene in Australia to the Yarkshire Gamer Quiz.

We even find time to talk about Contrast Paints, yes those things, as well as the joy that is wargaming twitter.

A great fun chat, I hope you enjoy it on your journey to work, during your painting session or as my friend Stephen Barker uses it it, during his morning run (coming soon a Yarkshire Gamer fitness video !).

I will see you all in the second week of August for the next episode.

Until then, Sithee..

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer