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Serwer needs to go
Andy Serwer interviews like he’s a retail investor. It’s embarrassing. Asking John Stankey how he will turnaround direct tv. Nothing can turn that around! Or does he think Trump tried to stop the AT&T time Warner merger? You think a COO is going to talk rumors and gossip?
EBITDA is ridiculous
Not worth your time
If the hosts can’t spend a few minutes researching the topics discussed, don’t waste yours listening to the garbage they put out.
Best Sounding Podcast I've heard
The audio quality on this podcast is amazing. Except cut the coughing out and the dead air out of the "new high-tech hotel" episode. I like the brief stories to get a story about someone I wouldn't have known about.
Boring and/or uninformed
Overall, the interviews are boring and uninteresting. But the Suze Orman interview was flat out uninformed. I had enough and unsubscribed mid interview after she said to cash out the Roth IRA to pay off your mortgage at retirement, then went on to say that reason interest is front loaded on a mortgage is that banks expect you to sell your house within 7 years. SMH.
Inconsistent at best.
I enjoyed a few of the episodes, but found others lacking. The last episode I listened to, "Who is the face of baseball", was awful and helped me realize what was wrong with the show. To start, the show dismisses any player who is not a Red Sox or Yankee as being ineligible to hold the title, simply because they are in the wrong market. Open your minds, I think a lot of people recently realized not to dismiss the parts of the country that are not major markets. And teher is prejudice against teams. When citing the revenue each team brought in in 2016, they say, “Mets 332 (million) and they stunk.” Well, the Mets made the playoffs in 2016, so were that really that bad? And could you do your research in advance? One person says that he thought Mike Trout was making 800K and they look it up, in the middle of the podcast they look it up and find that it makes 15M. Reminded me of bad sports radio.
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Brit B
Hit or Miss
Some episodes were a solid four stars with good ideas and information. Rick Newman seems to at least prepare a little bit before recording. "China verses the world" about the smart phone companies may be the very worst podcast I have ever heard. Dan Howley probably not prepare at all. I had it on while out running and I listened to the entire thing and the female guest knew a few things and spoke in complete sentences but Dan sounded like he was filling time and had nothing prepared to talk about. Like he didn't even research the topic, he just spoke off the top of his head and it was AWFUL. It's a shame because some of the other episodes are solid. The Trump Regretters episode is good.
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Shallow Analysis
If you're looking for a serious, analytical podcast, keep looking. I was really interested in their take on ESPN's dwindling ratings, and while they did spend time on cord-cutting, the cost of TV rights, and the shifting media landscape, one of the primary conclusions which received serious air time was that people are racist and transphobic against their programming personnel. An easy out and an easy way to throw a few jokes at Republicans in "Trump's America". Give me a break. Very hard to take them seriously following that shallow, unoriginal thought.
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