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X22 Report
Ep. 2336 - Extreme Panic In [DC], We Are At A Crossroads In The History Of Our Civilization
1 hour 6 minutes Posted Nov 23, 2020 at 3:37 pm.
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The elite [CB] are moving forward with their reset, this has nothing to do with covid, it has everything to do with their new world order. This has been in the works for a long time but Trump made it impossible for them to carry it out using a war. Trump is now countering their plan. The [DS]/[CB] are panicking, Trump and the patriots are ready to produce the evidence of voter fraud, this is going to rock the nation and give Trump the leverage he needs. This about bringing down their system, enacting a system which allows free transparent elections and allowing the people to decide who their leader is going to be. The dictators are being exposed, the leaders around the globe are being exposed. The entire system is about to come down around them.