X Factor Roping Podcast
X Factor Roping Podcast
X Factor Roping: Pace Freed
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Are there more episodes coming
Great podcast.
Rhen Y
Very informative and interesting!
Loved the podcast!!! Just waiting for more content....
Awesome information
Keep up the good work! Great content and information.
#53 Episode
Absolutely one of the best podcast I have listened to. Filled with Life lessons from Ken Bray! Keep up the Great Work!
I really enjoy your podcast!! I’m a big fan of the sport of Breakaway Roping and loved listening to Kelsie Chace. I’m also a member of XFactor and the training videos are awesome!!
Hunter Koch episode was awesome!
Thanks for the effort to bring great content & elite interviews-
X factor
I loved your last episode. I feel that I understand more of what X factor is all about. Not just roping, but something that is truly extra. Thank you
X Factor is the “Slick Horns” or podcasts
I love this podcast so much, as a newer roper and someone who is in love with the sport- X Factor is my go to, not just for roping but for personal growth. They bridge the gap between the growth we all make over time as ropers into better people. For the last year and a half I’ve been roping this podcast has not only given me second to none information from both the top men AND women in the roping industry, but it’s given me so many opportunities to learn from so many different angles. Grateful for this podcast!
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Taylor Balzano
Love this podcast! Pace is so well spoken and asks questions that we want the answers to! Definitely one of my favorites out there!
5 star team roping podcast
Pace does a great job getting guest that people want to hear from toppers to trainers and producers. Thankful for X factor and these podcasts.
Nice handle
You guys turned a nice one here. I appreciate having team roping content to listen while I drive. Thanks
Inside Story
Excellent questions, insight, motivation and education.
Road roping
Awesome team roping content! The perfect thing to listen to when your making a long trip on the road and looking for a good roping conversation. Keep up the great work xfactor!!
Great deal!
This is outstanding! Filling a market that had the need!! Thanks for the ear food!
A dawg 123
Hope to have more!
I appreciate that the interviewer asks questions and does well to say to many statements throughout the podcast. I know that can be hard to do in conversational podcast. Appreciate the time and work put into providing this. Thank you guys!
Love it
Absolutely love this podcast it’s very inspirational and has helped me with my fundamentals in life and in the arena
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