WVSA Beyond The Pitch Podcast
WVSA Beyond The Pitch Podcast
WVSA provides information for youth soccer players, parents, referees and coaches to improve their overall development, including nutrition, hydration, mental health, soccer skills, injury prevention, sleep health and so much more. We talk to the experts every week to give you the information your need to be better both on and off the field.
Everything You‘ve Wanted To Know About Supplements For Soccer Players
As a soccer player, are you considering taking a supplement? Protein powder? Creatine? What are these supplements, are they safe and what's the best way to take them? Find out with Derek Lipton, registered dietitian and owner of Full Circle Sports Nutrition. 
Sep 22
17 min
How Young Adult Soccer Players Can Better Handle Depression
What can young adult soccer players do to better handle bouts of depression? Fin out with Dr. Ashley Coker Cranney, psychotherapist from Whole Brain Solutions.
Sep 15
37 min
Sleep Advice & Tips For Youth Soccer Players
Should athletes be taking naps? How much sleep should a youth soccer player get a night? What are some tips on getting a good night's sleep when in a hotel at a tournament? Find out with our sleep expert, Dr. Amy Bender, Director of Clinical Sleep Science at Cerebra. 
Sep 8
22 min
How Soccer Coaches Can Improve Performance With The Words They Use
Can a soccer coach improve the performance of their team with the words they use (or don't use)? Find out from Jenny Rearick, Communication Coach and owner of Fit To Speak.  Find out more about Jenny at her website: https://fit-to-speak.com/.
Sep 1
24 min
What's Next For Injured Soccer Players During The Season
Ankle injury? Concussion? ACL? What's the next step for soccer players that get injured during the season? Find out the thoughts of Christa D'Edigio from Limitless Physical Therapy.    For more information about Limitless Physical Therapy, click here: www.limitlessptwv.com. 
Aug 25
20 min
How Players Can Better Handle The Mental Aspect Of Soccer
What can youth players do to better handle the mental pressures and issues that come with playing soccer? Find out from Shay Haddow, mental performance coach and owner of Alpha Girl Confidence.
Aug 18
20 min
Common Early Soccer Season Injuries &Tips On Treatment
What are some common early soccer season injuries and ailments? How can players treat these problems? Find out from Tom Belmaggio, Marshall Sports Medicine Institute.
Aug 11
19 min
Why Hydration Is So Important For Soccer Players
Why is hydration so important for youth soccer players? Not only does it help with physical performance, it aids in cogitative performance as well. Hear the thoughts of Stephanie May, Registered Dietitian and owner of SM Nutrition. 
Jul 31
24 min
Coaching Youth Soccer Made Easier
Would you like something to make coaching youth soccer easier and less stressful? WVSA talks to John Howe from MOJO Sports about their youth soccer coaching app. Create FREE training sessions with age appropriate and skill level appropriate activities. And, did we mention, it's FREE!   For more information about MOJO: MOJO website: https://www.mojo.sport/   Download MOJO: https://yougotmojo.app.link/getmojo?~campaign=westvirginiapodcast1&~channel=emailfromsate&~medium=email   MOJO Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mojocommunity/   Resource Request for Clubs: https://us19.list-manage.com/survey?u=563d753f9da54fec1a5747067&id=28439b4047&attribution=false  
Jul 27
31 min
Keeping Your Soccer Players Safe While Training & Competing In The Sun And Heat
We are excited to welcome Tom Belmaggio of the Marshall University Sports Medicine Institute on the WVSA Beyond The Pitch Podcast to talk about how we can keep players safe while training and competing this summer. Lots of good information and practical advice. 
Jul 7
14 min
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