Worth The Calories - A Great British Bake Off Podcast
Worth The Calories - A Great British Bake Off Podcast
Matthew Vose and Cathryn Vose
Talking about the latest episodes and bakes of Love Production’s The Great British Bake Off. We talk about the star baker, who left, favourite moments, best tie-in advertising, and our attempts at the recipes.
2020 Episode 10 - Final and Walnut Whirls
We come to the Great British Bake Off final. Vose parents are in luck as the bakes are very much in their flavours, plus we have good discussion on decisions for bakes and the quality of challenges in the final. #WorthTheCalories
Nov 29
41 min
2020 Episode 9 - Pâtisserie and Cornucopia
Tempers are stretched this week as we watch chocolate cooling, burn ourselves on caramel, and build more cakes than we've ever had in the house before! The Great British Bake Off semi final also brings some intense discussion about the judging of each episode. #WorthTheCalories
Nov 23
43 min
2020 Episode 8 - Desserts and Sussex Pond Puddings
Things get steamy in the tent and the Vose household on dessert week. The Great British Bake Off Quarter Finals produce a shocking technical, and a group of bakers who cannot be separated. #WorthTheCalories
Nov 16
29 min
2020 Episode 7 - 80s and Doughnuts
80s week brings quiche and doughnuts. Thankfully not at the same time. It also brings one of the hottest days of the year. What a lovely day to make ice cream cake. #WorthTheCalories
Nov 8
30 min
2020 Episode 6 - Japanese and Matche Mille Crêpe
In Japanese week we may be a little down on or wanting to replace one of the judges, and the theme. But we also have our own ideas for what we would make in the challenges, and a lot of time for the remaining bakers. #WorthTheCalories
Nov 1
38 min
2020 Episode 5 - Pastry and Eclairs
In pastry week some people struggle with the brief for a pasty, a tart, and generally for choux pastry in eclairs. Cathryn makes a beautiful blackberry and lemon tart, Matthew gets to eat it! #WorthTheCalories
Oct 25
41 min
2020 Episode 4 - Chocolate and Babka
Chocolate week is here which traditionally means things heating up. The latest Great British Bake Off is not exception with a myriad of failures for brownies, beautiful babkas, and white chocolate done a million ways! #WorthTheCalories
Oct 18
39 min
2020 Episode 3 - Bread and Rainbow Bagels
Bread week is also a difficult one to get excited for, but we're tasting the rainbow in the bagels, and standing straight for stout and chocolate soda bread. #WorthTheCalories
Oct 11
32 min
2020 Episode 2 - Biscuits and Coconut Macaroons
Biscuit week is a difficult one to have grandstand bakes for. But they tried. With place settings for memorable meals. Come for the Florentines, stay for complaints about ingredients and how they test bakes between filming. #WorthTheCalories
Oct 4
24 min
2020 Episode 1 - Cakes and Pineapple Upside Down Cake
The Great British Bake Off is back. We just want to know the logistics of this series, but instead we'll talk about Battenberg, pineapple, and art vs skill in baking challenges. Find our baking photos on Instagram (@eloquentgushing). Make sure you tag us to share your bakes if you're attempting these, and tell us what you're doing with the excess cake these days! #WorthTheCalories
Sep 26
49 min
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