Worship Guy Tech Guy
Worship Guy Tech Guy
Jeff Smith/Gabe Johannes
Jeff is a Worship Leader at a church. Gabe is a Technical Director at a church. With their powers combined, they discuss all sorts of ways to make worship at their churches sound better, look better, and work better. Get free advice for your church to help spur creativity and reliability in your services. Segments include, "What Did I Do This Week?", "Gear of the Year", "Tales From the Road" and, "Bro, How's Your Sports?"
Emergency Episode:  Tools to Spread the Gospel in a Corona World
In this emergency episode, Jeff and Gabe talk about what their respective churches are doing in light of COVID-19.  This podcast is an encouragement to worship and tech folks alike, meant to provide solutions in case your church can't meet...
Mar 13, 2020
18 min
Episode 7: "What Up, DAW?"
On this, the 7th of episodes, one worship guy and one tech guy bloviate on the particulars of recording software.  They cover, in no particular order, how to record to a computer, the kind of gear you need, how recording your worship band might help...
Mar 10, 2020
36 min
Episode 6: How to do Stage Lighting - Part 1
Our plucky duo, with a fierce and sophisticated demeanor, approach the technical aspects of the stage lighting.  Part 1 is a primer on the basics of lighting in the modern era.  Topics broached are, how a dimmer works, what DMX is, how a DMX light...
Mar 3, 2020
50 min
Episode 5:  How to do Keyboards (Part 1) / Tales From the Road
In this episode, we talk about keyboards!  Workstations, midi controllers, software, firmware, and how to use them with a PA, at church.  Segments include, "What Did I Do Last Week?"  We also do tales from the road, which are stories that happened while...
Jan 23, 2020
50 min
Episode 4: "We; Talking Practice"
Jeff and Gabe talk practice, rehearsal, and how to do it better.1
Dec 19, 2019
39 min
Episode 3: "Real Drums > Electric Drums
Jeff and Gabe talk about drums and how to make them awesome.
Nov 18, 2019
56 min