World vs Virus
World vs Virus
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A weekly podcast breaking down the latest news, research, and analysis of the COVID-19 coronavirus, from the World Economic Forum
Seeking a cure for the infodemic
Misinformation about COVID-19 has spread as fast as the virus itself. So is there a cure? UN communications chief Melissa Fleming and journalism entrepreneur Mark Little have some answers.
Nov 26
31 min
Did COVID kill our cities?
COVID caused people to snub or even flee cities and the New York Post even suggested “NYC is dead forever”. Two experts tell World Vs Virus why cities will survive but will be changed forever.
Nov 12
25 min
Lockdown’s back - psychologist Adam Grant has tips on how to cope
As much of Europe returns to lockdown, we listen again to author, podcaster and psychologist Adam Grant on how to survive - and even thrive. This interview was first posted in episode 5.
Nov 5
28 min
Economist Nariman Behravesh on the havoc caused by COVID-19
Nariman Behravesh, IHS Markit Chief Economist, says the worst may be behind us, but the economic crisis caused by the pandemic will be with us for at least another year.
Oct 1
13 min
Antivaxxers vs vaccines
False rumours and conspiracy theories pose a real threat to the rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine. Professors Paul Offit and Heidi Larson tell us how we can fight back.
Sep 17
30 min
World Vs Virus: Coming Soon
News of upcoming episodes of World Vs Virus in which we look at a global effort to counter anti-vax myths and find out how the characters from Sesame Street are helping children around the world survive the pandemic.
Sep 9
3 min
Summer Break
World Vs Virus is taking a short summer break. We'll see you again next month. If you think you're going to miss us, don't forget to subscribe to our program on your chosen podcast platform so you find out when we're back. Meanwhile, listen back to all previous episodes and check out our sister podcast The Great Reset.
Jul 16
1 min
The story so far
A look back on the pandemic to date, featuring interviews with, among others, Gita Gopinath and David Miliband. What have we learned and what’s next?
Jul 9
16 min
Nico Rosberg: driving towards a cleaner post-COVID world
The world champion racing driver-turned green investor tells us how the pandemic should be an opportunity to accelerate zero-emissions transport. And find out what he thinks of the armchair athletes of esports.
Jul 2
20 min
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