Working Women's Wealth: The confidence to grow yourself and your money to achieve your goals and dream retirement
Working Women's Wealth: The confidence to grow yourself and your money to achieve your goals and dream retirement
Lisa Linfield
Whether an entrepreneur or employee, we can all learn from the inspiring stories of other women who've gone before us. Our guests motivate listeners through their stories of success and learning despite fear. They have faced their fears, acted with courage, and their braveness rewarded. Need help making more money? Or investing it? Or saving for retirement? Or getting out of debt? Or do you want to learn how to set up a second income stream, your own business on the side? Or maybe just learn from talented women who are leaders in large corporates, charities or communities. Lisa Linfield is a qualified CFP with a degree in financial planning. She spent 19 years as a leader in large financial institutions before setting up her own Wealth Management business. Her passion lies in helping women navigate their success at work - either in corporate or as business owners - and assist them in managing their money. Find out more on
202 Save for tomorrow, tomorrow
Have you been saving 20% of your earnings every month to go toward your future investments and retirement? Like most of us, probably not. And also like most of us, you KNOW that you need to invest more... But how? Using theories of behavioural finance, in today's episode I offer some practical tools that you can use to save for tomorrow, tomorrow.
Nov 16, 2021
13 min
201 Hard Choices, Easy Life. Easy Choices, Hard Life.
Do you settle for OK rather than rock the boat and make the hard decisions that could change your life? An easier course of action may seem painless in the short term, but hard choices lead to an easy life, whilst easy choices on the other hand... But what if you weren’t afraid? Or despite the fact that you were afraid, you knew that you could handle whatever came your way?  Because you can. Make the hard choices and turn OK into GREAT! Great health, great wealth, great happiness, and great work.
Sep 14, 2021
16 min
200 It's time to change the season in your life
Have you (like me) cried, ‘Enough Now!’ at the seemingly constant onslaught of hard and heavy things that life has been throwing at you? Then it may be time to change the season in your life. As the bleakness of winter melts into an ever-hopeful spring, there are some things you need to KNOW, to SENSE, and to DO if you want to make the transition of the metaphorical seasons of your life smoother and more seamless. In this 200th episode of the Working Women’s Wealth podcast, I’d like to say a GIANT thank you to all of you who have been walking this journey alongside me... Thank you for joining me for 200 episodes.  I am humbled that people still listen!  
Sep 7, 2021
16 min
199 How to reframe your money beliefs
Do you catch yourself telling your children the same disempowering statements about money that your parents taught (or modelled for) you? Then it might be time to reframe your money beliefs. In our house, we talk in the currency of ‘worth it’, and the girls understood this concept from a young age. Money is finite and you can’t have everything you want. But what you can have is everything that’s WORTH IT. In today’s episode I talk about HOW to reframe your money beliefs, so that you can live now AND invest for your future freedom.
Aug 31, 2021
13 min
198 Here's how to set yourself up for financial success - The Five P's
When it comes to your money, do you have a plan? Or are you just hoping for the best? Here’s how you CAN set yourself up for financial success... In today’s episode are the five P’s of a Money Management System that make it doable. Getting a grip on your day-to-day money is the first step towards changing your financial future. Tomorrow night, Thursday 26 August, I’m holding a LIVE workshop where you can join me and I’ll go through what exactly you need to implement to make it happen for YOU. Sign up at, and spend two hours getting your money sorted.
Aug 24, 2021
17 min
197 Five easy steps to hassle-free money management
Are you consistently weighed down by guilty thoughts and ‘shoulds’ around money? You can budget yourself into a coma, OR you can follow this hassle-free system of money management that I’ve spent years simplifying for myself. Whilst there’s a time and place to track every single cent that goes out, when it comes to managing your day-to-day money, it needn’t be overcomplicated.  I’ve just finished preparing a quick 2 hour workshop to help you sort out your everyday money, and it launches next week.  But in the interim, here are 5 easy steps you need to make sure you put into place to manage your money...
Aug 17, 2021
17 min
196 How to find joy even when life knocks you sideways
What brings you joy? If life has knocked you sideways and joy feels JUST out of reach, these Five Signposts to Joy and Purpose may help you find the direction you need to travel. The biggest opportunity to feel joy is to live in congruence with your purpose and your values, and becoming clear on the things you need to include more of in your life going forward, (and what you actively need to do to put boundaries of ‘no’ in place) will help you to make the space and time to do what brings you joy.
Aug 10, 2021
24 min
195 Why you should invest offshore
Debating whether to invest offshore? There are pro’s and con’s of investing offshore so whether you choose to or not, make the decision consciously KNOWING both. More than 90% of the success of building wealth and investing is to do with managing emotions, so when it comes to investing it’s important to put strategies and people in place to prevent us from making big mistakes and not sticking with our plan. And we can only put those in place for things we’re aware of…
Aug 3, 2021
23 min
194 Why creatives are the future… and how to turn that into wealth
Are you a creative who was sold the myth of the starving artist? I’m here to tell you that the creatives are the future. But you need to understand ‘the rules’ for building wealth. There is a reason the demand for creatives is rising massively, and you CAN make money from your craft! In today’s episode I’ll introduce you to the Four Income Streams that will enable you to work on your passion and become financially independent. Things are only going to get better for creatives. Much better.
Jul 27, 2021
22 min
193 Reflections from inside a riot zone
​​Has the chaos of the world around you driven you into survival mode? Here are some reflections from inside a riot zone that may come in handy… It’s like Maslow says, when your survival (but more importantly the survival of your children) is under threat, everything else disappears. And it’s true, amidst the sound of gunshots, the implementation of war time safety measures and worrying about how I was going to feed my children, following dreams was about as far from my radar as flying to the m
Jul 20, 2021
24 min
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