Woofin Pawsome Podcast
Woofin Pawsome Podcast
Greg Pattison
A podcast for the pooch parent, the doggy daft or the canine professionals of the world.
Episode 11 - Expectations
One of the biggest challenges to learning and fun with our pooch is the "BIG E" we all have! In this episode we talk about this topic in a little detail to see if expectations are the thing hindering your progress! 
Aug 27
15 min
Episode 10 - Dog Walks
How many types of dog walks can you think of?  In this episode I cover off different types of walks and how to get the best from them for your pooch! 
Jul 29
18 min
Episode 9 - Leads
Once of the key pieces of equipment nearly every dog owner has but it can be a mine field. So in this episode I talk to the 4 main lead types available and the things to consider with them.  Enjoy!
Jul 9
35 min
Episode 8 - Barks From The Bookshelf
WOW! In this episode I get to talk to the amazing Nat and Steve who host one of my favourite podcasts "Barks From The Bookshelf". If you like podcasts, love dogs, love or hate books.. this is the podcast you need to listen to (after the Woofin Pawsome Podcast of course)! So sit back and enjoy! You can find more about the Podcast, Steve, Nat, Drax, Penny and the Giant Peaches on the links below: https://www.facebook.com/barksandbooks/ https://www.facebook.com/Draxthewolfhound/ https://www.facebook.com/TeachesOfPeachesAndPenny/ https://www.natdogs.com http://www.goodalldogtraining.com
Jun 24
50 min
Episode 7 - Pet Service Advice with Benn of Pud Puds Pet Services
Hey everyone, in this episode we have the amazing Benn of Pud Puds Pet Services joining us to tell us not only to share some insight into him and his business, but share some top tips that I think are perfect for any dog owner looking to take on a Pet Professional (dog walker, home visits, doggy day care etc) for their pooch!  So if you are wanting to ensure you are looking for the right things in your potential new professional.... this is the episode for you!  You can find Benn via the following links: https://pudpudspetservices.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/PudPudsPetServices/
Jun 10
43 min
Episode 6 - The Power Of Sleep
Back to my dulcet tones this week folks (don't worry amazing guests will be joining us again soon).  In this episode we talk about the power of sleep and how to start to promote relaxing and snoozing time for your pooch! I also want to know what is the best compliment you have ever received in regard to your dog(s)!  Enjoy!
May 27
20 min
Episode 5 - Rachel Bean RVN
Another amazing guest - this time the wonderful Rachel Bean RVN. Rachel not only provides unbelievable canine first aid courses but has a wealth of experience across a number of specialised fields including being a registered Veterinary Nurse.  In this podcast we talk about her professional work, her dogs and her amazing charity work to date.  Apologies for the poor audio on my part during this episode.  Below are some of the links mentioned throughout the show: Canine First Aid Courses: https://www.facebook.com/Canine-First-Aid-Workshops-UK-Rachel-Bean-RVN-556030481086785/ Street Paws: https://streetpaws.co.uk
May 14
28 min
Episode 4 - Canine Hoopers World
Canine Hoopers World! In a Woofin Pawsome Podcast 1st, we have a guest! Carrie-Anne, the lady behind this amazing organisation joins us to discuss Hoopers, CHW, training, podcasts and more!  Hoopers is an amazing activity you can undertake with your pooch with lots of benefits! But, I'm not going to spoil all the fun here, get listening to find out more.  Links mentioned in the show include: https://www.caninehoopersworld.com https://www.facebook.com/caninehoopersworld/ https://www.hoopersequipment.co.uk
Apr 29
43 min
Episode 3 - Body Language, does a wagging tail mean a happy dog?
In this episode I talk about why its a perfect time to study your dogs body language and learn all their subtle little gestures which will allow you to understand and communicate with them better. Don't forget to head on over to greatpawsgang.co.uk and join for FREE to get access to your free "Know Your Dog" PDF download, a perfect document to complete whilst studying your dogs body language. Created by – Great Paws / Music By – Daddy Long Legs
Apr 19
22 min
Episode 2 - Covid-19 and your Dog
In this crazy time of Covid-19 so many lives and routines have been disrupted. Many of us are now spending a lot more time in the home with our dogs and also having reduced time outdoors. Although this extra time with pooch can be amazing, new routines and extended time together can have some pitfalls further down the line. So in this episode I give you some tips on things to think whilst in lockdown and social isolation.  Stay safe everyone! Location of infographic - http://www.cfsg.org.uk/coronavirus
Apr 2
14 min
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