Wood Talk | Woodworking
Wood Talk | Woodworking
Wood Talk | Woodworking
A woodworking show for modern woodworkers and makers. Join Marc Spagnuolo, Shannon Rogers, and Matt Cremona for a light-hearted look at the latest news, tips, and tricks from the world of woodworking.
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Car listening
I listen to the guys in my car on the way to work or home. Always learn from them.
Great podcast
Well, everyone knows these three. Thank you for one of the best/funny/none-boring podcast. You guys are great!!! #havenwoodcrafts
Simply the best...
I listened to about a year’s worth of shows before I went back and started at the beginning. Over the last year, I can say I have received a reasonably formal education from these 4 guys who are all amazing woodworkers. My projects are better start to finish. Thanks Guys.
A must have--for woodworkers
My go-to podcast while I'm working in the shop or traveling. So glad the 'boys are back!!
so glad to hear the show is back
a couple of my favorite woodworkers back at it again. So refreshing
Just one thing...
Second favorite wood talk show. Really great guys, thank you. can you three please add Jason Hibbs on your show, please.
Thank you for quitting
Everyone always says thank you for not quitting, but I’m the opposite. Had you not quit, I would have seen the mass hysteria that followed which led me directly to you podcast. So, thank you for quitting, and for coming back. Great podcast, really enjoy it.
They’re baaaaack!
Best podcast trio ever
Excellence in failure
Very glad these guys failed to quit well. Topping the comeback with one of the very best Woodworking sponsors, Rockler. We all need more dad jokes, chortles and obscure references in our lives. Seriously, entertaining and informative every show. Thank you for all you do for the community.
I knew y’all couldn’t handle being called quitters!! All the goodness of wood talk doesn’t seem to have missed a beat! Let’s bend some toast and get Matt giggling again! So happy y’all are back because I was getting to the point of feeling like I was watching reruns of the Golden Girls as I listened to the previous episodes.
Brent Jarvis
I dare you to not enjoy this podcast. 😀
Thanks for coming back.
Thank you Rockler for making this show possible. Great return show.
mr zeder
Oh Happy Day!
It’s like getting back with an old girlfriend that broke your heart and realized she made a big mistake. Thank you fellas so much..... I’m so excited.
Troy Hiller
Hi, you are dearly missed.
time machine buddy
The boys are back!!!
Hey boys, I hope by tooting Marc’s horn big and loud first that I’ll get my comments and question read on a future show. So here goes.... Marc, you are great! I learn a ton from your knowledge of finishing and share your love to buy BIG and flashy or go home. I also think people who like home theatre and comics while picking on young-ens who don’t know why Back to the Future is awesome. Shannon, love the lumber update and your horse butt. MVL...the Taco King: always great when you stop by the show. Matt C.........sup? Question: Marc and Shannon who are your top 3 favorite super heroes villains? DC or Marvel and including Star Wars if you chose. Matt C, when are we doing an all Twin Cities woodworker meet-and-greet?? -Lundy’s Woodcrease
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Lundy's Woodcrease
Any podcast recommendations?
I was wondering if Matt, Shannon, or Yoko would recommend some good podcasts?
The best of them all!
You will not find better information on woodworking presented in a more entertaining way than WoodTalk. Sure, there are other great people in the industry passing on their knowledge in the same format. Sorry, they are all really dry after listening to this. If your new, they don’t do many shows anymore. However, the archive is full of fantastic episodes. Listen to them all!
ALL Lives Matter Idiots!
Great Show!
This is a great show to listen to. Check it out.
So Sad😥
The best podcast of all time!! You’ve made a huge impact on my woodworking journey and Wood Talk will truly be missed!!!
Sad day!
Marc, Matt, Matt, and Shannon gave woodworkers many years of entertainment with a touch of insight. Known by many to be an addition to morning and evening commutes, these woodworkers will be missed. With this ending, there will be a new beginning. I will begin listening from episode 1 to stay off the stench of this death of a podcast. No other podcast can capture the attention of its listeners like these guys did. We have seen their families grow and dogs come and go. Thank you gentlemen. Thank you for all your talent you shared with us. Feels like I’m losing a friend!
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Minni's Woods (Carmen)
Like Hanging Out With Friends
Listening to this podcast is like hanging out with woodworking friends. Lots of great information, different points of view and always some laughs. Keep up the great work!
Very entertaining and informative
I have been getting into wood working and watching the Wood Whisper YouTube channel. When I found out he had a podcast, I couldn’t wait to listen. Thank you for the great content and snark.
Apple convert82
Why include Marc?
Matt = someone I would want to call my friend, super nice, does great work, the kind of guy you hope your daughter marries one day. Shannon = calm, focused, knowledge beyond his years. Someone you would love to spend time with in his shop. When he speaks you listen! Marc = slightly arrogant, mildly annoying, humor is just bearable...I tolerate him so I can hear Matt and Shannon. Someone you think must be better in person because so many people seem to like him and you want to like him but he makes it so dang difficult to do so. I don’t understand why Matt and Shannon tolerate Marc, if those two ever did a show on their own it would be the ultimate standard in woodworking podcast. And...I feel like half the show is needless pointless laughter. I love to laugh and have a good time like anyone but I get tired of all the laughter just waiting for some woodworking knowledge to pop up. Thank you Matt and Shannon for all you do!!
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Ed the Woodworker
Love the show
Glad you 3 didn’t quit this show. But why did Shannon quit his own podcast? Is he a solo quitter? Does he not know how to work on his own anymore? Or are hand tools just not that interesting?
Great Podcast
Great podcast. Remember less is more. Take breaks like you are during the holidays and deliver quality.
Just don’t quite already
Fantastic show! Love the humor, lessons learned and advice given.
Woodworking & Entertainment
I started this podcast a few weeks ago and have worked my way back into 2017 already. Great lessons, easy to understand, and provide entertainment during it all. Highly recommend!
Not even good at quitting!
These guys are very enjoyable to listen to. I haven't even done any woodworking but they have inspired...or should I say infected me...with TAS (tool acquisition syndrome) and so if the mood ever strikes I am glad to know that "I could build that too" because I actually do have those tools. If you can get over Shannon being kind of a jerk, Matt constantly giggling like a schoolgirl in the background and the fact that you will never own half the tools that Spagnolo does, it will be an excellent part of your week to tune in and listen. In all sincerity though, this show really does bring a lot to the table, which is good because they built the table! I would say it's single biggest draw is not even the woodworking information but more the dynamic of interplay amongst the hosts, they really make you feel like you're just hanging out with some friends. If you have even the slightest interest in woodworking, give this show a listen. You won't regret it, and luckily they're not even good at quitting so they should be around for a long time!
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Duncan of the clan MacLeod
Laugh and learn
Excellent production. A classic. Great personalities that “integrate” perfectly with each other to create the right level of knowledge and entertainment. Been listening for many years.
Great woodworking podcast!
Love listening to these guys take shots at each other! They also give pretty good advice about woodworking I guess. Definitely worth a listen!
Monday highlight
Best part of my Monday’s by far (except MNF when the pats are playing). Thanks for not knitting guys!
Click and clack of woodwork
The trio is the Click n Clack of woodworking.
You guys are great....all four of you!
PUT me ON the SHOW!!!!!!! Seriously, I had no idea that a podcast about woodworking could be good. But I have been furiously listening to this podcast this past summer, from the beginning, probably about halfway through now, and I can’t wait to hear this review read on the show next year when I get to that episode LOL. Each perspective offered brings something unique to the conversation, and even though I started my woodworking journey in 2009 with Mr. The Wood Whisperer, I am SO glad I have now discovered Matt and Shannon and Mat. Great show with great personalities.
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By far....Best WoodWorking Podcast!!
Great podcast with a combination of advice, opinions and comedy. I’ve been listening to about a dozen episodes a day trying to get caught up (I work long hours). Keep up the amazing podcasts guys!!
Came for the Cremona stayed for the lumber industry update
And Marc is ok too. Solid work boys.
Butt joint
I’m just here for the butt jokes and lumber industry update.
They are so famous, they are infamous!
An excellent podcast for the Hybrid Woodworker, or the Lumber lover, or even for the High Boy with an learning disability. Do you think Veritas was the name of one of the three musketeers? Have you bragged about the smell of “rich mahogany”? Has your car never been in your garage? If you answered yes to any of these, you should pull up a chair and sit on the floor. All kidding aside we are all glad you guys didn’t quit. If you did your listeners would be “an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis”. Please don’t make Matt read this, no one has the time.
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Johnny Vagh
They didn’t quit!
If you’re a serious woodworker, this may not be the podcast for you. If you’re a hobbiest who is learning the craft or an unserious professional woodworker, then you’ve come to the right place! Mark, Matt, and Shannon are all very knowledgeable and happy to share their thoughts, ideas, and their mistakes. Each of the hosts has an obvious love of the craft. Mark has the expensive tools, Matt has a giant bandsaw and talks about milling his own lumber and how to turn that into fine furniture, and Shannon has moved almost entirely into the world of hand tools and works in the lumber industry sharing what’s new. Overall, an entertaining podcast that teaches a few things.
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J Kodosky
The woodworking podcast
There are other woodworking podcasts but this is the only one I listen to on a consistent basis. The hosts are both informative and entertaining. Some other woodworking podcasts have hosts that, well, let’s just say that there is a world of difference between be knowledgeable and being knowledgeable and able to share that knowledge in a way that holds peoples interest. If you are a woodworker you should be listening to WoodTalk.
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Can't miss podcast
Helpful, informative and entertaining, the perfect soundtrack while drilling pocketholes.
C Rossman
Best of the best
I subscribe to a lot of podcasts but this one is by far the best! Not to mention it has three of my favorite woodworker/youtubers hosting it.
Where are you guys?
I’m a podcast killer it seems. Spent several months binge listening to April, Jay, and Nick’s podcast and just when I caught up they quit. So now I’ve spent the last 10-11 months doing the same with Wood Talk and here I am… Don’t quit!
Cool B999
The best wood
This is the best Woodworking podcast. If you’re in to Woodworking and don’t listen to Woodtalk, you’re wrong. You will not regret listening to this. The best!
Where did you guys go?
You didn’t quit, did you?
3 guys - nothing but wood!
One of my absolute favorite podcasts. The guys have such a good mix of knowledge, humor, and life that makes it feel like you’re sitting around with your buddies talking. Makes for great listening in the shop, on a road trip, or when you just need wood. Talk.
Freaking awesome
I am still back on episode 179. But this show is freaking awesome. Each show always has that little nugget of info that help me be awesome in my wood working. Keep up the AWESOME show it’s great. TB’s sawdust pile
A must listen
Probally the funniest woodworking podcast. The way the three of them interact makes for a very entertaining podcast keep up the good work.
The best woodworking podcast!
It seems just about anyone who’s ever taken a shop class has a podcast these days. So it’s nice to have solid and entertaining content from Mark, Matt and Shannon each week.
Life changing
These guys are great. As an amateur or a “hobbyist” wood worker, I’ve learned the majority of the behind the scenes stuff from these three amigos. I look forward to new episodes weekly and binge old episodes while I wait for the next episode to come around. Thank you to the Albino Gorilla, Hairy Giggler, and Sweet Tats aka the Italian stallion for all you guys pour out and......thanks for not quitting....seriously
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Cry me a river crotch
Great show guys!
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