Women of Marvel
Women of Marvel
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Librarian approved
Excellent overview of some of my favorite characters, and runs of various books. I’ll be recommending it to my patrons!
This is amazing. The girls in marvel are pushed back and it makes me mad. This is like a movie, but better. You guys are doing great. Girls need to stand up.
As a queer male, this podcast brightens my day 💞
Colin Jayyy
Wanna know who Marvel Comics is failing?
Sama Amanat is a huge part of the problem at Marvel Comics. From her talk of “the boy problem” in comics to political and ideological hiring choice right down to pushing uninteresting characters on the fans over and over agian her time as political commissar of Marvel Comics has been a disaster. It’s great that this podcast allows readers to hear from the writers fitting themselves into the fiction suits of beloved heroes with decades of character development and story to preach their own politics through these characters. Sexism, racism and identity politics abound in this podcast. It’s sad and disgusting.
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Great podcast but can’t handle the background music
I love the title of this podcast and what it has to offer. I was really excited to get into it however I get really distracted by the background music that is running when the hosts are talking. It sounds a little bit like a timer or bomb ticking. If not for that this would be one of my new favorite podcasts!!!!! For now I will have to give it a pass.
Great for ALL GENDERS!
I'm a feminist, female, and comic book lover. This podcast is addictive and fantastic!
Fun and Superb
Love listening to the women exploits in the Marvel universe! Keep up the honest, great work and telling those stories. As the dad of two young women, I love hearing the different opportunities available in today's world!
This podcast is such a pleasure to listen to compared to "This Week (better yet WEAK) in Marvel". Production is professional and wonderfully entertaining. Joyful to the ears! Thank you for actually putting effort into your craft.
Love it
Love all of the great information about the Women of Marvel. Every podcast is interesting and fun. I have learned so much about one of my favorite things, the Marvel Universe! Keep it up. I dream of one day attending a panel.
Women of Marvel
Talk comics, movies, clothes with fabulous women who share your geek tendencies!
The Marvel podcast that's not just for women
Get inside scoop from the gals at Marvel and laugh at the banter between the hosts.
Great insights!
This podcast is a fantastic look into all aspects of comic-making from many of the awesome women working for Marvel today. Highly recommend.
Fun and informative. And it's short run time makes it easy to fit into my day
An excellent look behind the scenes
As a comics fan in general and a Marvel fan in particular, I enjoy listening to these people who work behind the scenes as they describe the highs and lows of producing the comics I enjoy. They have very good guests, from writers to artists to even top-level cosplayers. And most importantly, this podcast is fun to listen to. They are clearly enjoying their jobs and getting together to share that with us.
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Great show
Love the podcast! It is great to hear from creators and hearing educated women discuss comics. If I had one suggestion it would be to up the volume a bit but other then that great show keep it up 👍
Phillip Broyles
Love this podcast! A must for comic fans
Great Fun!
I really like this podcast and like learning more about marvel. I really like the hosts and the guests. I hope more reading circle about a comic book issue happen.
women of marvel
I have been a Marvel comics fan since the 60's. I bought everything Marvel in the early 60s from Amazing Spiderman (for 10cents!). I love hearing people talk comics. May I suggest not only interviewing women in comics, but also male writers in comics. Have them explain/defend how they have treated their female characters in comics? Very good show. thanks
Eddie Ginsburg
Interesting hosts with unique perspectives and witty humor. Really enjoying it so far.
I have had the pleasure of attending a few of the Women of marvel convention panels and thoroughly enjoyed them. This new iteration is even more enjoyable because it is clearly geared to give newer Marvel fans an easy way to engage in a fandom that has thousands of characters and 50+ years of storytelling. I could not be more excited and the first podcast was a great intro to what I hope is a long-running podcast.
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