Women Inspiring Women
Women Inspiring Women
Melanie Mitro
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So inspiring and helpful. I love this podcast and share it with my team all the time! Thank you for giving such an wonderful source for women to use in their business journey ❤️💪🏻🙌🏻💯
Just what I needed
Holy smokes- found this podcast and had my life changed within 30 minutes. I love the way Melanie thinks and clearly communicates. So passionate and full of LOVE.
Stop what you’re doing and listen!
Melanie is the go-to expert for all things NWM. So if you want to grow quickly yet sustainably without burning out, listen closely and pay attention bc these episodes are packed with tips you can use right away!
The EffortLESS Life®
Best NWM Training!!
I can’t say enough about this podcast! I stumbled on it just a week ago and I have listened and re-listened and listened and re-listened over and over again! I filled a tablet with notes, I’ve shared with my leaders, I’ve shared with my downline and my up line! Excellent content, easily applicable and brutally honest which we also need! Way to go Melanie!!
So grateful for this podcast
I’m just blown away by this amazing woman!! I stumbled upon her podcast and when I say her advice and mentorship is by far the best I’ve hear after being in the NWM industry since 2022. Often you get off trainings with r podcasts and still leave with the thought but how in the world do I do it. A lot people in our industry say just do the do and you have not one clue what the do is!! Listening to this podcast if in a rut or just trying to navigate how to become great or one of the top people in your company because your WHY is just that big then do yourself a favor and just subscribe. Listen. Listen again. Take notes. Implement and be grateful for here knowledge and just being flat out real!! Especially for us wives and mommy’s who husbands want to see results. -@hautehousewife
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Love this podcast!!!
I just found this podcast… and I’m loving it!!! This is a great podcast for women who are building a business and looking for very practical tips and mindset advice.
Carla Jo Howard
Easy to listen and relate to
I love how Melanie is so easy to listen to. She is easy to relate to so it helps me see that it is truly possible to make it in my business. She does this by using clear examples of her life and how it relates to you and the current situation you may be in. I haven’t had much time to sit down and read my personal development so I have been listening to her to pump me up and give me a little extra push with my business. I also follow her on IG to get ideas of fun content to post. I appreciate her confidence in all women to be the best we can be in whatever Avenue we chose.
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c rye16
Awesome podcast!
Melanie, host of the Women Inspiring Women podcast, highlights all aspects of business, growth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice, provide motivation and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Part 2?
Is there a part 2 for the time blocking?
Love these tips!
Thanks to Melanie for creating such an awesome business-focused show :)
Delia Folk
No one inspires me like Melanie Mitro!
Seriously, if I am feeling tired or unmotivated in the morning, I just pop on a “Woman Inspiring Woman” podcast & witching a few minutes I’m good to go! ♥️ Thank you Melanie!
Love it!
Melanie gives great practical advice for growing a business, discipline, and prioritizing what will move the ball down the field to see the growth you are wanting.
Episode 168
Hey Melanie ! I submitted a question on your story & you answered it ! Then , in this episode you gave a more in depth answer of how to time block business while working shift work as a nurse ! Thank you sooo much! I am hard on myself when I feel like I am doing it all wrong but you have me hope & a plan of how to do better ! Thank you love you! - Lauren Wiley
Episode 162
Perfect podcast. Exactly what I was needing. Anytime I’m feeling lost or needing encouragement, Woman Inspiring Woman is always my go to and I leave feeling so much better! Thank you Melanie and Katy!
Awesome podcast empowering women!
I love thse short, sweet and get to the point podcast! She hits some real situations on her podcast and they are so real and motivating! I would recommended this to ANY business women to listen to this podcast, I promise you will LOVE this!!! NOW do it go listen!!! ❤️
Stop playing small.
I need to hear this with all the ish going on in the world and around us. Thank You for inspiring
mary huffman
Feeling more free
This podcast hit home with #1. I even had my husband listen to it after I listened to it 3 times. Your podcasts are always so eye opening to my life. Thank you for sharing.
Resetting my mind
Listened for the first time today. Very clear, positive, and relatable
Talk about MOTIVATION!
This podcast will get you in the right headspace, so that you can tackle anything your business throws at you. From small tips that make a huge difference to hard truths you need to recognize in your business, I cannot recommend this podcast enough.
It is like she knows what we need to hear!
I have been looking towards Melanie since I began my direct sales business 6 year ago. Not having a strong upline when I joined, she was the first relatable coach I stumbled upon and started following to understand how to effectively work my business. She has been through the up’s and down’s as a business owner so her thoughts, tips and processes are so relatable and incredibly helpful, especially since she is a mom too! She reminds you it is ok to be human, but also that we are resilient and can accomplish what we truly believe we are capable of. She doesn’t talk down to you, but provides a sense that she is chatting with you to help you be better in what you do so any obstacle does not stop you.
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Love this
I just started listening to the podcast in August (Team Cup month). I love how you are straight to the point and you don’t sugarcoat this IS A BUSINESS. Granted I am in my own way, but listening to your podcast I recognize that and I am working on it! Thank you Melanie Mitro and keep it up!!
Melanie is relatable, educational & inspiring! I love everything she has to offer. Thanks for sharing your heart & secrets to success with us!
So glad I found this podcast
Your podcast is awesome, so glad I found you. For a long time I been wanting to create mine but because of insecurities I never did. Your podcast has inspired me and help me a bunch ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
It's Glen
Fantastic podcast! Love it!
Melanie Mitro, host of the Women Inspiring Women podcast, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Stacey Shapiro
Much needed
Hello, my name is Steph. I recently found Melanie’s podcast (Women inspiring Women) about 4 weeks ago. I’m not in any business or looking to be. The massive goal in front of me is to lose 60lbs. It’s wonderful how Melanie’s topics can apply to ALL areas of life. I’ve learned to drill down and create monthly & daily goals that will, for sure, get me to that bigger goal that I WILL achieve in 1 year. I listen to 2 podcasts of hers on my walk. One starting & the 2nd (podcast) on the walk home. Time flies while listening. Give this podcast a try. YOU. WILL. NOT. REGRET. IT.
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Simple steps to follow
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this podcast! Melanie gives super simple actions to follow to help your business! The tough love is what I need. I listen to some of the recordings multiple times. This helps as I find new things I missed the previous time I listened. I am so excited and grateful that we have someone who has gone through literally every piece of what is being recommended! I appreciate that, even with a super busy schedule, Melanie truly wants to help the rest of us! Thanks for all you do!!!
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Coach Teri Lee
This has helped with my confidence tremendously!!!!
Subscribe Now!
I get so much helpful info from Melanie! She does not sugar-coat anything, which is exactly what someone just starting out in their business needs. She is extremely knowledgeable and gives great & solid tips on how to run a business!
I have listened to Melanie’s podcast for over a year now. After each episode, I am left feeling very confident in my reasons for wanting to help others. Melanie gives real life tips and suggestions on how to make network marketing work. Although we are not in the same circle in real life, Melanie is definitely on my list of people I surround myself with to make me level up. She always reminds me to STOP PLAYING SMALL! Thank you Melanie for sharing your wisdom and experience with us!
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I am loving the Women Inspiring Women podcast. Melanie is inspiring, entertaining, and full of wisdom. Her story, guests, and interviews, empower women to stop making excuses and start taking action and create a business that you love. Thanks Melanie!
Tuesday is my new fav day of the week
I love this podcast so much. Love that you break down what you are saying so your listeners can understand it better. Listened to you and am reading The Slight Edge, Compound Effect is next, leaving a review and checking out Chic Influencer!!! Recommendation for future episode: I like my up line, they’re really great women, but I don’t really vibe with them. I try not to be rude and still talk in the chat, but majority of the time it’s not business related. And I’m more focused on the business. They also don’t do the business for money??? And that’s not the main focus, which I get, but money has to be part of the equation, right?? I know this community is close and we will likely see each other at future events, but I stopped going to the team calls because they’re just sitting around chatting about their day and I can use the hour to work. I tried to leave the group chat once, but went back when they messaged me. I felt bad and don’t want to offend anyone. I am finding myself learning from other leaders and I’m okay with that, but I don’t want to have a bad vibe in the network. I guess what I’m trying to say is how do I gracefully pull away or do I just straight up tell them hey I’m on my own, good luck. 🤷🏻‍♀️😬
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Thank you!
I always feel like you are talking to me. Thank you, I love all your podcast!!!!
Motivation central
Melanie you are my person! You always fire me up and encourage me in unique ways. I listen on Spotify but this podcast is one of my absolute favorites. I take something away every time I listen. Thank you for all of the content you create through your podcast and on your instagram. I enjoy following you! Keep doing you- it’s inspiring others!
I wish I could show you the amount of notes I just took! Amazed with how helpful this podcast episode was in just 25 minutes! Love it. I’ll be listening every week from here on out! So helpful. So inspiring. So game changing!
On repeat!
Growing on social medial has been a struggle for me. The simple tips that you share in episode #132 and #137 are so good I have them saved so that I can listen over and over. Thank you for making social media not so intimidating!
Word bird!
Podcast #138 was so amazing. I need to just sit down and write each item out. I am listening on my way to & from work. I hear a suggestion, start thinking how I can do this then have to go back because I have missed the next point. Can I just say WOW
One of the best out there!
I was so excited when Melanie said she was going to start doing a podcast. She is such a wonderful speaker, very inspiring and love the topics she talks about. Since growing a business can be stressful, overwhelming and frustrating at times, she has this way about helping you ease the pain, yet being very straighforward. She won't sugar coat things, but also has a heart to understand struggles. Good job Melanie!!
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The Podcast For Everyone!
Awesome Podcast
I started listening to this after being introduced to Melanie through a workout group. Her information is helpful and encouraging. Looking forward to hearing more!
Mama Friese
Great information
Such great information and no BS just real! Thank you for always providing value!
I got 15 minutes into this and the audio is awful and echos and won’t stop. I can’t stand it in my headphones. She also tends to over annunciate. I can’t even comment on the content because everything else is so distracting.
I love this podcast so much! She always says exactly what I need to hear at the most perfect time! Keep killin’ it!
Not giving up
I have been meaning to write this for a long time. I listen to your podcasts daily. They keep my head in the right place, tough love when I need it and inspires me every day to be better. I’m a half marathon runner and find myself listening even while running so I’m always learning from you. From the pods about feeling guilty for taking time from your kids to build a biz to not giving up I love them all. Thank you for your pods. ❤️
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Women inspiring women
I have been hooked to your podcast since day 1 when my dear friend suggested it. I love your truth bombs, the encouragement you give to us women that have big dreams and of course all your business tips for anyone looking to grow personally and professionally. Your amazing ! Jessica Larson @jessica_ak on Ig
Seriously Amazing
This podcast is truly amazing to listen to, and the information that Melanie shares is both invaluable and inspiring. I am a corporate employee, mom of 5, wife and entrepreneur and let me just say it’s no easy task. When you truly take notes from her podcasts and begin practicing/implementing the strategies, you will certainly see results. It doesn’t happen overnight, but consistency is key! Thank you for sharing so much of you with us! Randi - IG: @kasandklostyle
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Randi @kasandklostyle
One of my favorites!
Melanie, thank you so much for being raw and vulnerable about your goals and your struggles. I have listened for about a year and have always appreciated your truth-bombs! You’ve helped me aspire to new heights in my life and business. Thank you for being real.
Shine Your Brightest With Beth
Great Podcast
Love this podcast and the motivation that she gives
Sha Sha J
The Mindset Shift
This podcast has rocked my world. I started my business in May 2019 and have been listening to these episodes weekly since then! I cannot say enough about how the tough love gut checks, easy to apply tips, and real life experience stories that Melanie uses have changed my mindset about myself, my goals, and my business. I have listened to every single episode and look forward to the new episode release every week! No matter where you are in your business this podcast is essential to helping you move your business forward and rising to your potential. Thank you, Melanie!!
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Maddy Sons
One of my faves!!
I get so excited when I see Melanie has dropped another episode! I’ve followed her advice forever it seems and she’s helped me grow my biz so much. Thanks for the motivation!!
Lindsay Dollingef
So inspirational!!!!!
Sophia Lebano
Melanie’s vision and tough love give me life!
I can’t overstate now much this podcast helps me cut down on my excuses and get moving on my business. Since having my second son, I’ve been procrastinating on my business in the form of wasting time and not being intentional. But when I listen to Melanie on Women Inspiring Women before I sit down to work, it’s like the fog lifts. I’m focused and clear-minded and ready to slay! Thank you Melanie for showing up every week and sharing your tips and for being our COACH, not just a cheerleader on the sidelines!
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