Wizards After Dark: A Washington Wizards Podcast
Wizards After Dark: A Washington Wizards Podcast
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Few of the Real Left
Fred and Standig are two of the only DC based people left that give honest thoughts about the Wizards. Most people now are just puppets of Ted and NBC Sports. I listen every week !
Best Wizards Pod
Have been listening to the pod religiously for two years now. Best Wizards talk out there. I have so much trust in Fred now that I even get notifications for all of his tweets lol. 10/10, would recommend the pod
Keep it up
The only consistent thing related to wizards is how good Fred is when discussing them! 10/10
Best Wizards podcast
It’s hard enough being a fan of this team, but if you (like me) want to spend even more time thinking about the Washington Wizards, this is the pod for you. Fred and his guests always have something interesting to say. I don’t always agree with the analysis, but I do think it’s objective and reasonable. I’ve listened to most of the podcasts that cover the Wizards, and this one is the most consistently worthwhile.
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It's Always After Dark Somewhere
This podcast is my favorite source for Wizards talk. Fred is always insightful and balanced in his coverage of the team, and his stories are interesting and creative. Always look forward to the episodes where Ben Standig stops by.
Yikes, guys
Great pod, Fred!
timbo slyce
I’m not even a Wizards fan (I’m a thunder fan btw), but I just love hearing Fred Katz discuss stuff. Something about it is just soothing😂😂😂
More Standig
I’m gonna need Ben “Known around Town” Standig to be a permanent co-host
I like it!
Keep the content coming.
Lewis Morganthau
Fred Katz is a very sharp, thoughtful beat writer and this is a very good podcast. It is sometimes much more interesting than the actual games.
Too objective. Why not take wizards out the title and just be Fred Katz talking mess. No optimistic outlook for team and players unless they’re nice to him obviously. Pretty annoying to Washingtonians. I’m assuming because the viewership for our franchises content is smaller than other markets, Fred and guest have decided to say anything at all, a lot of flimsy opinions and giggles. Lame.
Thank you for always keeping it light and informative. I love the self-deprecation and your subtle humor. I have learned so many in depth pieces of information about the Wizards. I am interested in sports journalism and this has helped me generate ideas for stories! LOVED the episode where you enlisted the help of your colleagues to find trades for John Wall.
Amazing show, a must for any Zards fan
My main man Fred Katz kills it. Not much else to say.
Boy Genius (of Lab fame)
One of my favorites
Fred is really good and has amazing, insightful guests
Great pod
My go-to podcast for insightful analysis of Hawks-Pelicans trade hypotheticals
Good podcast
I thought I was the only one besides The GM trying to figure out how to improve this Wizards roster. Been fun and sad listening because there isn’t a lot of ways to improve the roster without trading the backcourt.
Great pod
This is the Davis Bertans of podcasts.
Love Fred
This podcast is great I love Fred Katz and I always e joy listening to the pod. Every episode is fantastic.
ben standing
Not sure why I’m here, but it’s good!
I’m not even a Wizards fan and I subscribe to this because Fred Katz is so funny and insightful. pssst... Fred, move to Minnesota. The KAT/Katz pun potential demands it.
Expendable Crewman
A Must for Wiz Fans
If you're a big Wizards fans, reading Katz's articles on The Athletic and listening to Wizards After Dark is a no-brainer. He understands basketball very well and has learned the in's and out's of the Wizards about as well as one can in two years. He keeps the episodes light and they are never longer than needed.
An Unexpected Joy
Even better than the smutty Harry Potter Fanfic I thought this was! Fred provides unparalleled insight into our boys in red, white, and blue.
Wizards After Dark Review
I really enjoyed the episode where Fred informed me about how to change a tire and how to oil my door hinge. This is just a very practical podcast that teaches real life skills. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
Great podcast for a bad Wizards season
Fred makes bad puns and randomly brings up Jan Vesely, which is all I’m really looking for in a Wizards podcast. Also good analysis and stuff but mostly the puns.
Darryl Fetz
Freddy Five Stars
Great pod. Great man. A five star man. A five star man who made a five star podcast. A five star podcast that changed the course of a franchise and single-handedly convinced Bradley Beal to extend! What — Wizards melted down in humiliating fashion to start Fred’s stewardship? I don’t remember that. What — John Wall slipped in the shower and ruptured his Achilles on Fred’s watch? Never happened. One day KD will return and Fred will be transferred back to NY to the big show. But until then?!!! Five goddamn stars.
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Great Pod
Fred has got great perspective on the game and is a funny dude, which helps with the absolute depths of mediocrity the Wizards are in right now. Hope he is around long enough to cover them in brighter days, but those will probably come along long after time has passed us all.
Must Follow for Wizards Fans
I can look past the fact that Fred is a ‘cuse guy and say that his podcast is great. Really enjoy when my man Ben Standig is on as a guest as well. Keep up the good work!
I am very impressed by Fred’s podcast... never listened to him before but I will now
Fred is our King
What an excellent draft preview. Fred cares so much about the pod, and it shows every episode. Wiz fans are lucky to have him.
Great podcast
Fred always does a great podcast. Super knowledgeable and entertaining.
Great host, great show
Fred is a fun host and does a great job of providing insight and detail while keeping things fun and interesting. Highly recommend.
Icarus Adam
Best wizards pod
Fred is an excellent host who gives an intelligently informed “non-homer” take on the Wiz. As a homer his take makes me feel sane and love the level of reporting he brings to dc b-ball
Something to be happy about
Being a lifelong wizards fan is difficult. Sometimes I wonder why my parents did this to me. Getting Fred Katz as our best writer was one of the best things that’s happened to the Wizards in a long time. Love his podcasts, love his Twitter. Great stuff.
Great Wizards Coverage
Fred is awesome! I love that you don’t sugar coat anything and you tell it like it is. Keep up the great work!
Good pod
I commend Fred for being good about putting these out after every game. Even though rooting for this team has become a lifelong exploration into my own self loathing.
the monster inside me
Pods are consistent, good guests, analysis. Fred’s writing is very insightful as well on the athletic.
wos fan boy
Honest and Insightful
Fred’s post-game analysis of the Wizards have proven to be some of the best reporting done on the Wizards all year. I love listening to this podcast on the way into work after every game.
Great wizards pod!
Fred does a great job. I love it when he brings on Ben Standig!!! It’s great. Maybe invite Joe House from the ringer??!!
Great Podcast
Like how Fred blends in plenty of statistics. Keep up the great work! Free Sato!
Excellent Wizards coverage
I enjoy Fred’s Wizards post game coverage on the pod. It is a nice replacement for Ben Standig who I relied on for most my Wizards needs.
Jahh lit
Love Fred's Podcast!
I love the fresh look fred brings to the Wizards reporting and media. He has yet to officially talk about the many scandelous moves I have made and the way i've run the team into the ground, but I'm sure when he eventually does, I will enjoy listening to it the same way I do every WAD pod!
I always enjoy listening to Fred Katz and have been following his podcasts since OKC
La vie est une fleur dont Wizards After Dark est le miel
Everyone knows Fred Katz as the greatest NBA mind of this generation but what you should also know is that he is quite possibly the most superbly adequate podcaster this world can/will ever produce. Don’t miss this one people. You don’t know what peake life is until after you’ve experienced a Fred Katz podcast.
Excellent Post Game Avalysis
Saw this podcast pop up on wizards bleacher reports team stream since the season started. Gave it a try and love the breakdown/analysis of the games with advanced metrics. Great stuff.
Unbiased Wizards coverage
This podcast tells the honest truth about the Wizards
Keels keep
Another Thunder fan considering becoming a part time Wizards fan
Really dug Fred when he was covering the Thunder, and have been tuning in for his Wizards coverage as well. High level NBA content, for sure.
I was tempted to give this podcast a 1 star after I found out fred isn’t his real name, but I’m not a jerk. I’m just a left over Katz fan from the thunder, I miss him covering my team and wizards fans will soon find out how great he is, best of luck Matthew.
great listen for wizards fan
After dark
After dark is usually when things go down and that doesn’t stop when this pod starts. ;) haha it’s a great pod for post game commentary with guests and it’s always good stuff. Fred is energetic and never feels dull or awkward. Coming from Thunder after dark because Fred is money.
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