Wisdom of Crowds
Wisdom of Crowds
Shadi Hamid and Damir Marusic
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Biceps televised
The live episode, the revolution may not be televised, couldn’t help focusing on Shadi’s biceps since he kept mentioning them in previous episode 😆
reluctant listener
Great podcast!
Douglas J K
Extremely Refreshing
First and most importantly they talk about interesting things.The dialogue is easy going and not at all contrived. I just think it’s really good.
Ser Berric
Needs a little more focus
Shadi and Damir are fascinating and they are touching on some of the most important subjects that are often not well served by other politics podcasts, but they could use a little more structure so the conversation doesn’t turn into generic banter.
an Archy
Great Podcast
Love everything they have to say; except when they talk about Obama’s legacy on the middle east.
Fantastic and informative.
Love this podcast. If it’s good enough for Pomerantsev, it’s good enough for me
REVIEWER 5739138
Think before you talk
I listened to the episode where they talked about the shootings in El Paso and Dayton. I have liked stuff both Shadi and Damir have written. I found the conversation to be really unfocused and uninteresting. Apparently the worst thing about the two shootings was how it was annoying on Twitter in the aftermath. They talked around the El Paso shooter’s manifesto and dismissed the threat of white terrorism about which even the FBI is sounding the alarm. It was just a completely unserious discussion about the growing problem of violent anti-immigrant and anti-woman rhetoric being acted on by disturbed young men with easy access to guns.
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Worth a subscription and listen
This podcast is worht subscribing and listening to. Shadi and Damir are two interesting and intriguing voices within American public and political discourse. They don't subscribe to conventional thinking about pertinent topics, and push back against typical impulses, reactions and responses that so many unfortunately have today.