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Hayden out?
We need Ashley hosting this. She is so much better than Hayden. Hayden is not good. Unprepared, unprofessional, no set release schedule, poor audio quality and editing. For a well done podcast, learn from your colleagues with Orange and Brown Talk. Clean it up Hayden.
Hayden, please stop talking. We’re here for Chris’ insight. Someone please buy Chris a microphone.
It’s the audio equivalent of watching paint dry. A broadcast devoid of inflection, personality and any useful insight much less any inside information.
Leftie Gum
Please get an actual cohost. Hayden doesn’t know anything about the nba landscape or basketball in general. Really holding you back Chris.
Recyled ideas
Content Good, Wish They Were More Frequent
Pretty sure they posted the same POD twice in a row and the posts were 5-6 days apart. Sound/editing isn’t very good.
Sound needs fixed. Every show starts with 10 seconds of awkward sound and Hayden’s audio is always terrible. Sounds like Chris is talking on the phone most shows. Content is great, but sound quality needs improved.
More volume from Chris
Content is always super solid but audio levels are so different. Makes it hard to listen to.
Good pod. Could be better
Good content but I wish that Hayden would push back and stand firm when he did against Chris Fedor more on legitimate issues that fans have. I think since Chris is with the actual players/team he may be removed from the reality or perception of the outside world.
Way too inconsistent
Fedor is really knowledgeable and brings great insight. Hayden seems like a fan who doesn’t know anything. Would be more enjoyable if they could actually get a pod out every week, instead of having to guess when the next will hit.
Great Squats
Content is good and Fedor has good insight and perspective. He needs a better podcast partner. Hayden unfortunately does not offer anything, comments have little insight and actually does not complement Fedor well. The show has potential but not without change.
Cavs? Yes this is the place
Easily the best Cleveland Cavaliers podcast on the market. One thing that is also added is Chris’s insight about what he hears throughout the league as well. This is a weekly must listen for all NBA Fans alike. Hayden does a very good job of keeping the show going. Great chemistry and flow between the two. The show only gets better
Collin sexton
Im just confused as to why Chris fedor thinks collin is incapable of playing point when he showed us he can and if you dont believe it why cant he continue to develop that just like darius ??? lol
Like the show and like getting great Cavs content...
But have trouble with the way it sounds. Does Hayden not know how to use or position a microphone?
Good reboot
Reboot has great content but the audio quality is poor. Chris’s audio is significantly louder than Jayden’s.
make podcasts great again
Excessive background noise
Way too often there is background noise, poor sound quality, interference etc. coming from Vardon.
buckeye dude 89