WILOSOPHY with Wil Anderson
WILOSOPHY with Wil Anderson
Wil Anderson
Wil Anderson asks smart people stupid questions and tries to find out the meaning of life. Or something...
WILOSOPHY with Jan Fran (Part 4)
Getting Wilosophical with Jan Fran... for the FOURTH time! Jan Fran is an award winning journalist who can be seen on Channel 10's "The Project," heard of Listnr's "The Briefing," as well as seen on the ABC's "Question Everything" alongside Wil.
Dec 5
1 hr 30 min
WILOSOPHY with Simon Kennedy
Getting Wilosophical with Simon Kennedy. Simon Kennedy is Australian comedian, author and dad.
Dec 2
1 hr 20 min
WILOSOPHY with Jimmy Carr
Getting Wilosophical with Jimmy Carr Jimmy Carr is a British comedian known for his work on shows such as '8 out of 10 Cats,' and his stand-up comedy shows. His new book, 'Before & Laughter' is a story of Jimmy turning it all around after being bored in his 20s. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: WILOSOPHY with Dara O'Briain WILOSOPHY with Aisling Bea
Nov 28
1 hr 20 min
WILOSOPHY with Eddie Perfect (Part 2)
Getting Wilosophical with Eddie Perfect... again. Eddie Perfect is an Australian musician, writer and actor who has written music for Broadway musicals like Beetlejuice and King Kong: The Musical, as well as working with Kylie Minogue on an Australian tourism advertising campaign for British audiences. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE WILOSOPHY with Eddie Perfect WILOSOPHY with Gyton Grantley
Nov 25
1 hr 52 min
WILOSOPHY with Laurie Kilmartin
Getting Wilosophical with Laurie Kilmartin. Laurie Kilmartin is an American comedian and writer. Her brand new comedy album, "Corset" is now available to stream on Spotfiy and other music streaming services. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: WILOSOPHY with Aisling Bea WILOSOPHY with Beth Stelling
Nov 21
1 hr 15 min
WILOSOPHY with Andy Griffiths
Getting Wilosophical with Andy Griffiths. Andy Griffiths is an author of kids book such as the "Just" series, The Day My Bum Went Psycho, and more recently, the "Treehouse" series. Andy tells the story of his journey from being in a punk rock band, to making goofy, comedy books for kids. Plus, advice as to how to get kids interested in reading. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: WILOSOPHY with Max Barry WILOSOPHY with Christian O'Connell
Nov 14
1 hr 21 min
WILOSOPHY with Kaz Cooke
Getting Wilosophical with Kaz Cooke. Kaz Cooke is an author and cartoonist from Australia known for her advice and self-help books for girls and women, such as 'The Modern Girl's Guide to Safe Sex,' and 'Girl Stuff.' Her new book, 'You're Doing It Wrong,' discusses the substantial amount of bad advice that has been given out to women throughout time! YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: WILOSOPHY with Clare Bowditch WILOSOPHY with Clementine Ford
Nov 7
1 hr 18 min
WILOSOPHY with Tosh Greenslade
Getting Wilosophical with Tosh Greenslade. Tosh Greenslade is an Australian actor and author best known for his work on Shaun Micallef's 'Mad as Hell.' In 2020, he published a satirical comedy book, 'The Scomo Diaries.' YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: WILOSOPHY with Shaun Micallef WILOSOPHY with Michelle Brasier
Oct 31
1 hr 28 min
WILOSOPHY with Declan Fay
Getting Wilosophical with Declan Fay. Declan Fay is a comedy writer, director and podcaster who has worked on shows such as Rove & Ronny Chieng: International Student. He is also the creator of the narrative podcast, "Crossbread," which has garnered critical acclaim. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE WILOSOPHY with Ronny Chieng WILOSOPHY with Damien Power
Oct 28
2 hr 2 min
WILOSOPHY with Christiaan Van Vuuren
Getting Wilosophical with Christiaan Van Vuuren. Christiaan Van Vuuren is an actor, writer and director from Sydney who is known for his web series "Bondi Hipsters." His new miniseries, "Big Deal," sees him investigate Australia's political donation system and how it influences democracy. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: WILOSOPHY with Craig Reucassel WILOSOPHY with Charles Firth
Oct 24
1 hr 26 min
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