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Wild & Holy Radio | Grounded Wisdom For Business Growth
Megan Hale
Honest conversations, love notes, and strategies to grow your business while building a life grounded in deep integrity. Join me, Megan Hale, for mindset & energetic wisdom as we dive into life, business, & personal leadership with a good dose of spirituality mixed in. Wild & Holy is YOUR permission slip to unapologetically honor your inner knowing & do life, love, & business your own way!
Ep 62: CEO Mindset & Money Mastery with Jackie McDonald
Hello friends!   I literally can't believe it's almost the end of the year!  It's wild how much has happened, but the thing I'm most proud of EASILY is truly honoring my energy and my needs this year after the bigness 2018 asked of me.  Restoration has been the name of the game and I'm so grateful for that as it's been instrumental for me replenishing and gathering all my wisdom into a potent 9 step framework for sustainable business growth that I now get to pass onto you!   This week, I'm joined by the resident tapping coach inside The CEO Shift, Jackie McDonald as we dive into her results of going through this 9-step framework with me.   I loved all of this conversation, but the pieces I loved the most were:  How confident Jackie feels with her money How the worry she’s felt around money has started to disippitate How she went to Mexico guilt free because she knew she could afford it and where her next revenue was coming from How she feels much more self-sufficient as a business woman to not only step into her next level, but to be a stable financial provider for her daughter as a single mom How she launched her tapping certification, something she’s been wanting to do for years, and did it within a week to a sold out launch How she just announced her first live event for 2020 that she’s also been dreaming of for years And how for the first time, she’s starting to think so much bigger of what’s truly possible for her to create because her business has the structure & systems to support her, which is freeing up her creative energy, y’all. The CEO Shift will be starting a new cohort in January so if this is the work you want to do: business leadership, money mastery, CEO mindset, and the structural, strategic, and systemic business pieces that create massive momentum - definitely book a call with me here!  Our next group gets started January 6th and I would love to have you!  LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: 21 Days of Tapping with Jackie McDonald The CEO Shift - my new 5-month program that delivers a powerful 9-step framework to help you make the shift to CEO.
Dec 11, 2019
30 min
Ep 61: Loving Your Business with Boundaries & Compassion
Hello, friends! Oh my goodness - do you ever have those moments where you see your previous life journey with your current life journey and you're just amazed at how you've connected the dots?  This was life this week as I had a "Love Lesson" pop up in my FB feed from 3 years ago when I was deep in writing mode for my unpublished book, Learning to Love. I got about 30,000 words into it before I realized this wasn't a book I was writing for anyone else. I was a book I was writing for me.  But as I was reflecting on these love lessons that I have been popping up in my FB memories, I realized that every single piece of sustainability I've built into my business - all my money mastery, all of my leadership, every single strategy, structure, and system I've built - it's all been grounded in love.  So, this week, I wanted to dive into how we can leverage love for business success, the biggest roadblocks I see along the way between entrepreneurs and their businesses, and how we can bring more intention to how we're loving our businesses and more importantly, how we can structure our businesses to more deeply love you back.   LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:  Brené Brown's Talk on Empathy The CEO Shift - my new 5-month program that delivers a powerful 9-step framework to help you make the shift to CEO.   Apply here! Our first cohort is getting started soon!
Dec 4, 2019
19 min
Ep 60: Cracking the Confidence Code for Visibility with Susan Young
Hello, friends! I am so excited to be joined today by a good friend and an award-winning visibility strategist, Susan Young, founder of Get in Front Communications, Inc.  For 19 years, my friends, Susan has been using online coaching and in-person workshops to teach professionals how to maximize publicity and increase their visibility and credibility—and make a greater impact. I wanted to have Susan on to talk about visibility because it’s such a key piece of growing your business and your brand. She’s doing a phenomenal 2 week deep dive into cracking the confidence code for women who are ready to get VISIBLE, own their message, & get media attention to grow their businesses.   I can attest to the power of visibility – it’s been a key cornerstone to how I’ve grown my business over the years starting with guest blogging on sites like Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, and Rebelle Society to being on podcasts and a couple tv appearances back in the day. Now, in 2020 – I have my eyes set on writing for a few key publications again as well as focusing on being a guest on more podcasts.   If more visibility is on your goal sheet for 2020, friends, it is paramount you get out of your own way & generate ideas that the media will love. After all – one powerful pitch could put you in front of thousands and with Susan’s background and wisdom, you’ll definitely be in good hands to get more PR for your business and expand your impact and reach.   Susan is a sought-after speaker and trainer, a former radio news reporter and on-air anchor, and has interviewed everyone from homeless people to presidents. She has been a member of the National Speakers Association and teaches professional women about public speaking, self-confidence, storytelling in business and reading body language. Susan is also a certified practitioner in NeuroLingusitic Programming (NLP).   Susan’s favorite accomplishment: Being named “One of the Top 75 Badass Women on Twitter.” You can connect with her in her FB Group Communication Nation.   Definitely check out this 2 week deep dive that’s getting started next week on Tuesday, December 3rd!  Also mentioned in this episode: The CEO Shift - my new 5-month program that delivers a powerful 9-step framework to help you make the shift to CEO. ENROLLING NOW!
Nov 27, 2019
37 min
Ep 59: The Money Mindset Myth
Hello, friends! I am so pumped for our episode today as we're diving into the Intentional Money Model and busting the myth that money mindset is the only thing that's needed to fix your revenue gaps!   If you missed the masterclass this past Monday on the 5 Agreements for Sustainable Money Grounded in Spaciousness & Ease, do not fear!  >>> I'm doing an encore presentation this coming Monday at 2:30 pm CT and you absolutely have to be there!  We're diving into:  The 5 agreements for sustainable revenue grounded in spaciousness & ease The #1 shift you MUST make to guide your business to more success How to turn consistent money into sustainable money Why money mindset is NOT the issue & what is! And the piece that ties this all together: the Intentional Money Model that will forever alter the way you do business  >>> SIGN UP HERE!
Nov 20, 2019
14 min
Ep 58: Building a Cohesive Brand with India Jackson
Hello, friends! I am so excited for our episode today as we are joined by the amazing India Jackson from Flaunt Your Fire, a Visual Marketing Agency, who is giving us SO many powerful pointers for building a strong brand that is cohesive & converts.  Some of my fave parts of this episode were diving into:   The 6 types of visuals every business should have for a powerful brand The elements of a cohesive brand Why having an outside perspective can be so powerful for creating more cohesion The behind-the-scenes audit of my current brand & the incongruencies Subtle shifts you can make to create a stronger brand right now! And why being more YOU is SO important for EVERYTHING!   Links Mentioned in this Episode:  Hire India Jackson to do an audit for YOUR brand!  Social Media Links:   www.flauntyourfire.com www.instagram.com/flauntyourfire www.linkedin.com/in/theindiajackson www.instagram.com/theindiajackson The CEO Shift - my new 5-month program that delivers a powerful 9-step framework to help you make the shift to CEO.
Nov 13, 2019
51 min
Ep 57: Behind the Scenes of a Rebrand
Hello, friends!  I am so excited for our episode today.  We are being joined by India Jackson next week from Flaunt Your Fire, a Visual Branding Agency, and before we debut that episode, I wanted to do something I've never done and take you behind the scenes of my current rebrand:  The processes I'm moving through Why rebrands are a powerful permission slip Why knowing yourself deeply will help create the most cohesive brand A few sneak peeks of my new brand as it is evolving Why moving in a different direction doesn't take away from where you've been And why integration is SO important for EVERYTHING! These past 2 years have been a wild ride, to say the least.  So much has changed in my external reality, but also internally - as I lay out in this episode.  We talk about understanding your strengths, your personality, and even your astrology as 3 fun pillars to dig into as you reflect upon your brand.   Let's dig in!  I know you'll have so much fun digging into these 3 pillars yourself and reflecting on how much your current brand truly represents you!  
Nov 6, 2019
27 min
Ep 56: Marriage & Entrepreneurship with Anna Osborn
Hi, friends! Today, I'm joined by Anna Osborn – a LMFT based out of Sacramento who specializes working with entrepreneurial women and couples to help them reconnect and deepen their intimacy as she believes your primary relationship can be your greatest tool or greatest barrier to success.   I am so excited to be diving into this topic this week as this has been a huge piece of growth for me personally this past year. I’ve briefly alluded to my marriage going through a rocky season in 2018 as we went through a deployment, navigating the preliminary stages of a pervasive medical diagnosis for one our children, having a second child, and becoming acutely aware that the agreements in which we has built our marriage drastically needed to shift. What were originally created from a place of love we understood at the time had become toxic that were preventing both my husband and I from truly thriving – as individuals and together.   The past year has been about redefining our agreements and updating our expectations, needs, communication, and boundaries that better support us as a couple, but also make space for us to reconnect to our souls on an individual level. Life has gotten immensely busier and fuller in this season, which means we’re needing more from each other and just in general than ever before. This has led to vulnerable conversations around what we need, how we need it, and how we need the other person to step up so we consistently get our needs met.   And I can say too that going through a growth phase of business while also going through a growth phase of marriage isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of presence, hard conversations, and a willingness to embrace the suck for a little while until you come out the other side. I’ll never forget having a conversation with my husband about a year ago in which I shared I was angry we were going through this after all we’d just endured. I was angry that it would likely be awhile before this felt easier as I knew we needed to rebuild our marriage from the ground up. And I also knew if we could show up and stay committed to who we wanted to be, we’d come out the other side stronger than we’d ever been before. I anticipated this would take us 6 months to do, but nope – we’re still very much in the rebuilding phase of our marriage a whole year later and likely have at least 6 more months to go before we feel like we’ve arrived to a new normal.   I wanted to bring Anna on to talk about entrepreneurship & mar&iage because one – both of these things are so complex and challenging and two - I often see business success come at the detriment of successful marriages. Entrepreneurship asks a lot of you as the CEO, but it can also ask a lot of our partnerships and I know from a personal level how much stress it puts on every area of your life when marital issues and rough patches pop up. It shifts the foundation in which you walk and can make you re-examine everything. Today, Anna is going to be giving us some tips and tools for maintaining intimacy and how to reconnect when we’re not really "feeling the love".   She’s offering an amazing 7-day challenge for couples to reconnect intentionally which you can find right here. Some of my favorite parts of this conversation were when she distinguished between being busy &&being productive, how we can leverage our entrepreneurial strengths for relationship success, why it’s so important to...
Oct 30, 2019
51 min
Ep 55: The Being of Earning
Hi, friends! Exciting news today :) At this very moment, I'm up in Kelowna, BC speaking at Shine Live - an annual conference hosted by Chantelle Adams. In fact, the day this episode goes live, I will have already led a powerful meditation on facing the pieces of yourself that are keeping you stuck and giving them the love & reassurance they need and today, I’ll be taking the stage to deliver a keynote titled “Embrace the & to Expand”.   I'm so excited to share my takeaways with you from the event when I get back.   This week on the podcast, we're diving into one of the most potent pieces of stepping into more earning that doesn't require more doing. It requires more YOU. And more specifically - owning your YOU-ness! This is one hell of an episode. I can't wait to dive in :)  Some of my fave parts of this episode were diving into:   The transition from transformational coach, helper, or healer to intentional CEO Allowing yourself to be both Good & Growing, especially in regards to DEI The process of creating more potency in your work & your revenue The 4-part framework for creating powerful transformational experiences Introducing the waitlist for my next program: The CEO Shift (join the waitlist below 🙌🏼) How to leverage more being for more earning How we become our BIGGEST selves (** hint, Embrace the & to Expand)  And why it's absolutely necessary to see yourself as a BIG DEAL and to jump on our own bandwagon!   Links Mentioned in this Episode:   Hire Erica Courdae, DEI Coach & Consultant Shine Live with Chantelle Adams The Grounded CEO Masterclass: Now The Money Map The CEO Shift Waitlist
Oct 23, 2019
23 min
Ep 54: Infusing Impact into Every Layer of Your Business with Erica Courdae
Hello friends! Today, I’m joined by Erica Courdae, an entrepreneur, coach, and consultant who is dedicated to expanding how multicultural professionals, managers, lawyers, coaches, and creative small business owners interact with the world through the lens of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.   This DEI conversation is a big one, which is why I want to get your wheels turning for how you can start leveraging your business and your platform to create more change no matter what phase of business you’re in.  As I mentioned in Episode 51: The Power of Money, which PS if you haven’t tuned in, definitely go have a listen as we talk about what’s really keeping you from stepping into more earning, but in that episode, I started sharing a few big shifts that have been happening over here at Wild & Holy headquarters (aka, my soul) these past 2 years, especially in regards to seeing the opportunity we have as business owners to leverage our platforms for more awareness and change.  If you’re new to me, first of all WELCOME!  I’m so glad you’re here J  But if you’re new, just to catch you up, I think it’s incredibly important that our businesses are an extension of our values and for the most part we might think of this concept in terms of what we choose to be vocal about, what we choose to take a stand on, what organizations we choose to publicly support and so on.  And no doubt, those things are important.  We have such massive opportunity to use our platforms to raise awareness for causes we care about and if you follow me on social, you know that’s a big way of how I continue to challenge myself to use mine, but today, I want to talk about some other ways you can also use your business to love the world forward because chances are, you’re probably overlooking some subtle shifts that can have a huge impact on: serving a more diverse audience,  making your work accessible to more people,  creating an inclusive workplace and company culture as you grow, and  starting to tackle disparities that can help others level up – whether that’s directly through your business’s offerings or ways you choose to give back, create a movement, or put forth energy to create systemic change.    Find the full show notes here!   Connect with Erica on social: Instagram LinkedIn Website Ways to Work with Erica:  DEI In Business Workshop Series Ask All the Things Call
Oct 16, 2019
1 hr 4 min
Ep 53: The Inconvenience of Integrity
Hello friends!  This week, we're talking all about integrity as part of the Earning Series because if you're anything like me or my clients - when you're out of alignment with your values, it's SO easy for our energy to be split between our tasks at hand & our internal conflict.   This week, I walk you through the process of integration to return yourself to center, the importance of doing this work no matter how "inconvenient" to your best laid plans, and why those who master this process show up braver & truer for who they're here to be and in their full power for their next level of growth.  I also leave you with 4 powerful questions to ask yourself during the integration process:  Where am I being called to grow? What’s feeling out of alignment? What are the steps I need to take to feel truer to who I want to be? What can I do differently in the future?  As well as the importance for reaching out for outside perspective.  I know I hold this space for my clients often, especially around BIG topics of leadership and being an agent of change in the world.  If this is work you know you need to do or become more proficient with, I want to point you to Lee Chaix McDonough's Coach with Clarity Membership program that is currently open for enrollment.  Lee teaches coaches how to leverage their intuition for business growth, expand their leadership, and hone their skillsets as intuitive coaches.   It just opened for enrollment, which you can check out here: bit.ly/coachwithclarity_mh. If you missed the Clarity Summit last week, most definitely go check out the last two masterclasses HERE where Lee walks you through 5 Qualities of a Powerful Coach which are all qualities you can leverage for doing your own integration work.   Over the next few weeks, I'll be introducing you to a few people who are helping me ask big questions as I move into my next phase of business growth while staying rooted in my values.  You don't want to miss it!   Until then, here's to the courage to show up braver - whole heart, full self, all in.  We got this! 
Oct 9, 2019
15 min
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