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Of course I like it I wrote this!
Best Podcast ever! Addicted to WhyohWhy Please comeback
Extremly refreshing! Listening to Andrea get so real on her show. The best podcast by far. After the first episode I couldn't wait for more. I am addicted to WhyohWhy. PLEASE COMEBACK!!!!!!
Come baaaack!
Love the show and your voice.
Andrea I have kept this show in my library after you announced leaving just so I didn’t miss an update, hoping for your return!!!! I just love your voice !!!!! It’s so calming. PLEASE COME BACK LOL 😢
Great podcaster
This show is really amazing, the host a podcasting force. I highly recommend searching the internet for the first season which aint here folks. I think I saw it on SoundCloud or somewhere. No that is some good stuff.
Ashley D Mashley
Where did you go? :(
Such a good show, wish it would continue. Great for navigating life, relationships, and everything in between.
Weep for the Culture
Oh brother. Just tried to get through the Bad w Money show. A group of whiny girls who hate men, play the victim , and just don’t get to the point. Save your money. Pay cash as much as possible. And my own personal advice, don’t go to college. You’ll end up brainwashed with Leftist views, play the victim card, and straddled with tons and tons of debt. Impossible to get ahead . How about discussing how to write to Senators about the Federal take over of student loans which occurred in, 2010, or thereabouts, and is basically predatory lending. Stop bashing men. We need them. Expand your horizons, girls. Think for yourself. And quit whining, for Pete’s sake. - Love, an educated , independent woman who loves men. And is good with money.
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Host whines a lot
I really wanted to like this podcast. But over time the whining by the host really got to me and I stopped listening...
Not sure what the point of this podcast is. It was recommended to me, but I didn’t get through two episodes before Ifelt disrespected. The non-‘talent’ was very rude and disrespectful to our President. It was uncalled for and had NOTHING to do with the subject of the podcast. No thank you!
Podcast is good except for Randy and fake content
Some of the episodes are really great. I like Andrea. I relate to her and the topic. But the episodes with Randy (real or fake) are super annoying. His character is disgusting and when she’s nice to him it’s a huge eye roll. I would have really loved this podcast without the fake content/interviews.
It’s ok
It’s entertaining, but I wasn’t happy to know that most of the guests are just actors
This show is really, really straight
Fully aware that heterosexuality is the dominant lifestyle choice in our culture, I’m consistently surprised at how little self awareness this show has of its extreme normativity. Queer people are in conversation about many of these topics and tend to navigate them quite differently. I challenge the host to find more queer writers, critics, and story tellers to add greater depth to her show.
queer person in search of more
Just another sad love song.
UGHHH this episode just made me have all the feels. Literally made me hysterical. I was in a 2 year relationship and he said the same stupid cop out excuse. It’s just so sad.
More ads than content
I’m in the middle of listening to my first episode and the content sounds great which is why I haven’t just moved on to a different podcast BUT the ratio of ads to content feels like 3:1. I’m trying to listen to the story and it keeps getting broken up by ads :(. I understand you guys use ads to make money and get paid for the content you’re producing but I don’t want to listen to mostly ads...
Rand is toxic
This podcast has a lot of good episodes, but it also has some really messed up stuff. They keep bringing on this guy randy, and I’m not sure if he’s real or a bit, but he’s super toxic. He’s got the classic behaviors of an abuser, and they shouldn’t humor him the way they do. In like the second episode they have him talk about his first kiss and they all pretend it’s a sweet story, but it’s terrifying. He harassed this girl wrote stories about her doing sex acts with him. This clearly caused her real harm, but it gets laughed off and they published and made a website for the stories Randy wrote, which is so messed up. I have a hard time looking past these episodes, even though the other episodes are pretty good. Without Randy this show is probably a 5 start show. I can’t believe how much they humor and enable him.
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Could have been so much better
I liked this episode initially, but Andrea seems so disingenuous. She’s one way with her guests, and then she says something completely different in the voiceover later. I hated the fake ad thing in the fourth episode or so.
I started listening to this podcast when it was on a different network and liked it so much I waited for Andrea to re-start it here on Panoply. It’s not only funny and informative but sometime I feel like a friend is reassuring me it’s ok to be single. I’m on team Randy despite his crazy opinions because he adds so serious spice to the show. Keep up the great work!
Well produced; thought out; annoying voice
Really love how well the show is produced and how the music and sounds transport you - and also the open-mindedness of the show. For some of us, the female voice is a little high and annoying with the extreme ‘s’ articulation and way words are pronounced ‘sk oooo l’ (school), as well as the up and down in the voice - it’s a bit sterotypical and cutesy. This could make Andrea not be taken as seriously by some, particularly older listeners.
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Oh jeez
Wow this was so annoying
I love podcasts the lead and develop different perspectives into the human mind and interactions, how any innuendo can be perceived a million different ways regardless of intent
Great for binging
A funny and clever collection of dating anecdotes and discussions of modern predicaments about dating. I’ve been binging since the first episode!
Can’t stop listening
This is exactly what i need in my life right now. Currently trying to figure out how to be single and the subtle humor is amazing.
Sad to see it go...
Andrea going to LST is great for her, but very sad for my entertainment choices! Good luck, Andrea. “See” you at LST.
Love you Andrea!!
Fun but waaaayyy too many
Commercials! Hard to keep the thread when it's interrupted every few minutes.
Cry baby
Utter garbage! I thought it was going to be a show about dating with practical advice on how to juice up your profile or great first date ideas. It’s just some Ivy League, Lena Dunham worshipping, Millennial crying about Trump becoming president and how the world as we know it is over. Save your time and just call your 15 year old niece if you want to listen to something that will make you want to give up hope on future generations.
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love this podcast and excited for future episodes!
I love hearing from Danielle beyond snapchat and instastories. Funny and informational
Okay, well...
I discovered this podcast in June, and quickly devoured it. I listened to the entire back catalog. It was fascinating, addicting, and really hooked me. Over the last month or so I’ve felt like the same concepts are being talked about over and over (Trump’s election being the biggest one). It’s fine to express your opinion, but it just became boring and annoying. Wanted to love it for a lot longer, but unfortunately, couldn’t.
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Great Podcast!
I love this podcast. Super insightful and funny. But I miss the old episodes and bring back Holly Wood!
One of my favorites.
A must for anyone - single or not. Incredibly insightful and thought provoking. It'll make you laugh one second and crying the next. Much like dating these days.
An interesting podcast unfortunately slipping not politics
As a multi year listener,I have found “why oh why” to be an interesting podcast. The program has given interesting viewpoints into human interactions and expectations. It is with great dismay I have found the last several episodes ( after President Trumps election) to be slipping into the new trend of political bashing. It’s my hope that this podcast will return to a observation based program that can be enjoyed by both sides of the political spectrum.
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The best
Favorite find of 2017 - LOVE this show!!!
Good post break up listening
Awesome to listen and take your mind off even the most horrible break up. Like what I’m going through. Thanks for distracting me Andrea 💜
I like
I love this show a lot...
Kinda irresponsible
For episodes about tinder dates the whole 'blurring the lines between documentary, memoir, and fiction' feels self indulgent but doesn't bother me too much. My problem is that the listeners aren't informed when content is documentary and when it is fiction which is troubling when they are doing entire episodes about birth control and having 'doctors' (or possibly actors?) giving women medical advice. Of course women need to research options on their own but their concerns and ideas can be shaped by the content of this type of show. There are some episodes that I find interesting and entertaining but there is a 'boy who cried wolf' thing going on and as a listener it's tedious to feel like I have to double check all of their information because Andrea won't tell her audience when something is or isn't fiction.
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This podcast is dead to me now.
“Horrible Anonymous” episode was where I threw in towel. Leave “April Fool”-style pranks out of Halloween. This was not amusing, and was an incredible waste of time for listeners. This podcast had some interesting material in the past, that I could put up with the host’s whiny voice and continual lamenting over being dumped by her boyfriend (I get it now, Mike... and support your decision), but when the shows devolve into bad live show schtick and then a new segment listening to people on a skype first date, I’m done.
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Entertaining, Educational & Oddly Therapeutic
As a 45 year old two time loser at marriage thrown into app dating, Why oh Why has been an unexpected blessing. Andrea’s personal experiences provide a nice launch pad for educating men on how women view the process. At first I was merely entertained, but as the show dug deeper I found topics really relating to my app dating experience. If you are a man, you need to listen. And laugh. At yourself.
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Finally unsubscribing.
So tired of this podcast. I’ve been following since it began and I was a huge fan of the concept and I love Andrea’s voice, but I can’t deal with the BS anymore. The commercial breaks are long and annoying, half the content is written ahead or “made-up” or skits (which wasn’t in the original pitch I guess?), and when she has someone worth listening to on, there are constant interruptions and weird ad-libs. Andrea, you’re an amazing writer, and I think you’ll really succeed in where you’re going. Idk I’ve just fallen out of love with it. Best of luck though.
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Andrea is delightful!
I listened to hours of the podcast this weekend, Andrea was lovely to listen to.
She just is appealing to my hearing
I am not single. I have been, have not had best relationships in past.. so this is like reliving my past relationships. Her voice makes me feel like a friend is telling me her trials an tribulations while I am “doing dishes, cleaning up after 2 year old..) feel connected to real world. Stay at home mom I should mention an this is my vacay from all the needs an wants that this most important job has me doing so yes u say give listen an don’t like a episode try another promise she begins to grow an grow until she becomes a “friend” of sorts. She is great at storytelling. She is completely obsessively awesome an I am rooting for her!
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Pixie kiss
Real life and in depth POVs on dating etc.
I heard episode 50 and I was hooked. Andrea and all other guest/contributors allows you to listen to different people and experiences and leaves me feeling a little less weird. I am reminded of the people I regret meeting but it didn't leave me feeling bad! I laugh out loud at work while listening. Andrea is personal and brings in different perspectives. She reminds me of myself at times. I get a bit personal but it is stuff all us 20-30 somethings have felt or did but fail to go in depth about.
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Sherine isme
This podcast has quickly rose to one of my favorite podcasts. Andrea is insightful and hilarious. It's the perfect balance of informational but also entertaining. Everyone and their mother should be listening to this podcast.
Skye Fly
Entertaining but a little hollow
I enjoy the show and tune in regularly, but something is missing. It seems like the show avoids getting to the meat of the issues sometimes. I’m not being helpful, I know.
Why oh why is this a show!
I was onboard at first. Thought it was an interesting and honest take on dating today. But it wasn’t long before it was obvious that this was an Andrea pity party. It was basically her creating a narcissistic reality that justifies her jacked up and privilege filled relationships. I had to unsubscribe.
Got halfway through a fifteen minute episode and already had three two-minute long ads.
All you need is Love
I heard about his show from the longest shortest time, a podcast about parenting with this American life contributor Hilary frank, and this podcast feels like it learned the ropes of how to tell a story from her (which it did). The subject matter for someone like me, who hasn’t dated since I asked my now husband to the rainforest cafe when we were 19, is endlessly fascinating... I didn’t even get a flip phone until 3 years after I met him so every topic is like a dive into a crazy, funny, foreign world. It feels like the Brooklyn podcaster-girl version of Aziz anzari’s book modern romance. Funny, really well produced, and kind of walks and chews gum at the same time in that it tells these individual stories, Andrea’s personal story, but also asks important questions about our culture and how to be a person in on who wants to find love. The bros on a boat episode has to be one of my favorites.
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Wonderful & Engaging
Challenging, personal, idiosyncratic work with killer production design. It's a gem and consistently one of the best and most surprising shows out there.
Mark from OMNH
LOVE this show
I like how honest and well thought out the show is. Andrea is also very endearing. I think being in her target audience as a single female does help me relate more but it's great content too. Can't wait for more to come!
More shows please!
More shows please! Love this.
My first time
Essential listening
As a 26 year old single straight man, this podcast makes me a better dater by showing an authentic and personal perspective from the other side of the swipe. (And seriously, how is Andrea still single? 😍)
Sleepy Underscore Gary
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