Who's Your God? A Comedy and Religion Podcast!
Who's Your God? A Comedy and Religion Podcast!
Amy Miller
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Comedy and substance
One of my top podcasts….both amy and porducer Steve are great, and have introduced me to some other great comedians/guests I may not have ever stumbled upon. It’s great to hear insight on people’s views and experiences on life and religion. The wyg community and Patreon events like book club, comedy shows and religious media reviews are also quite enjoyable.
Desprtly Seeking Spirituality
Funny People Who Make Me Laugh
I love this podcast! Amy & Steve are both super funny, and the guests are great, too! If you're in recovery from religion, this podcast will help you laugh about it. Even if you're not, this podcast will still make you laugh.
Not In My Mid-to-late-27s
My favorite pod
This podcast has been one of my saving graces during the pandemic. I get my me time driving and listening to WYG conversations that make me laugh out loud think about all kinds of spiritual, creative, philosophical, social, and emotional things. Basically it’s everything! The guests are always amazing, and it’s so cool to hear all the different views and experiences with religion and spirituality. And listening to Amy and Steve chat in the intro feels like I’m right there in the room hanging with extra funny and charismatic friends. Love Amy, love Steve, love this pod. 5 million stars!
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Makes my weekend
I really like this pod and look forward to it for my weekend walk. Amy & Steve are hilarious
Interesting topics and funny banter. The intros are fun and I feel like Amy and Steve are my friends. Keep being awesome😊
Emmy Lynne 12
I've lost faith in this podcast
Please just get to the point!!! lI really enjoyed this podcast but lately the pre-interview banter between Amy Miller and the producer is just unbearable. PLEASE STOP!!! Just play the interview and not tell us in endless banter about the upcoming interview. Mr. Porducer, you are just not that interesting. Stop talking.
manayunk wall
That ritualized complicity episode though!
I am in love with both Amy and Steve
What a wonderful, insightful and hilarious podcast. It’s full of the conversations you wish you could sit down with all your friends and have. Always so so so so good.
I grew up in a really extreme Brazilian evangelical community. I always felt like a misfit both in my community and in the “secular world”. This podcast is so cathartic. Thank you!
Fantastic Podcast!
Insightful, deep and hilarious!
Amy Miller is the Love of Your Life
This podcast is the best thing you've never heard, and Amy Miller is a gd queen.
I used to really love this show. Then Amy just couldn’t stop doing shows in the middle of a pandemic. Sad when the people you look up to are part of the problem :(
Great insights, love the TOP 3 tenets.
Listen to this podcast if you want to laugh while reimagining what spirituality/faith could be.
Carl Thomas Gladstone
Great God Pod!
The podcast is great. Amy is funny and thoughtful. Full disclosure: she is my friend and I have been a guest on the show, but I wanted to be BECAUSE the podcast is great and Amy is funny and thoughtful. Please enjoy!
Myq Kaplan
Jesus who else
Dumb question, because like everyone I bone Jesus every night and he is the ultimate bottom. Some people just don’t realize it’s only Jesus that takes your sweet loads he comes in every forms it’s Jesus Jesus Jesus!
Jesus Thong
Amy’s great.
I’m into it. Amy please do some shows in Phoenix.
Bronti Wanlass
Binge listener
I found you in August and wanted to start from the beginning so as not to miss out on anything. I just caught up today!!!! I am so excited. I am a mental health specialist, and former LIcensed Christian Counselor. After seeing clients who were so broken because of what their family and/or church had taught them was an eye opener. I no longer align myself with "Christians" however I"m still not sure where I stand on that. This podcast has been fun and enlightening. Lots of laugh out loud moments. I like the duo and feel like i't's a better flow than when you were 3. Plus, MIchael always seemed to need to clear his throat which was annoying. :) Amy i wanted to see you in Spokane last weekend but got snowed in here in North Idaho. Next time!!! Thanks for the great podcast.
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Great personalities and content
Love this podcast! I lost my faith in 2018, and I’ve been slowly discovering others who have been through something similar. Amy and Steve have a great rapport, fun personalities, and interview really well. They’re a delight.
choosing words
4 out of 5, but feedback included!
I know that nearly each episode you ask for only 5 stars, but that actually encouraged me to think through my feedback. This is an awesome concept and a mostly awesome podcast. At times the hosts opinions are polarizing and I don’t always feel that you two think deeply on the array of folks that comprise your audience. I have a masters degree and hope you choose to pursue further studies if you decide that is the way you’d like to go. There’s a few other topics that I cringe at when they come up. Lately, I find that you lose sight on the topic you’re tackling (whatever the hell people believe in) and I hope that you can continue to dig deeper on that with your guests. I still miss your 3rd host (will he ever drop in??) but do really appreciate this podcast. Hoping that you take this as honest appreciation for the topic and hopefully I can catch you guys on a tour to Austin. Thank you for all that you do.
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Sunshine Seen
This podcast is amazing the combination of religion and comedy is perfect!! I now want to be a stand up comedian and also a preacher?! 🧐 anyways awesome show y’all keep up the great work!!
One of my favorites!
Who’s Your God? has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Whether you believe in something or nothing you will find that there is a lot to love about this podcast. I found this podcast through the episode with Jeremy Bolm and through Steve’s other excellent pod “Views from the Vista”. The god squad always explore a variety of interesting topics, and always find ways to make me laugh while I’m thinking about life’s biggest questions. A must listen!!!
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Mike M. 1995
I love the show.
I don’t know what to say. Love the theme song and chemistry. Big fan of the inside-baseball about comedy. 🐇
Soothing listen
I enjoy the hosts and guests. It’s great to hear people discuss this topic openly. It’s odd more people don’t. It religion is a very sensitive thing. Only thing I dislike is the theme song. Starts and ends each episode with slightly annoyed vibes but it goes away quickly. Highly recommended
WYG? is my new nightly ritual
I’m a nonbeliever recovering from a New Agey childhood and can’t get enough of the Who’s Your God? hosts, guests, and conversations. My three tenants: 1) everyone completes a year of service 2) we worship volcanoes or space or anything else that makes us feel small 3) don’t look to Jenny McCarthy for medical advice.
Just found this podcast and I'm starting from the first episode on... THANK GOD and Amy Miller for this honest discussion of all things God!
Love it
I love you guys. Also, Steve has the BEST laugh!!
cutie maccy
This is one of the few podcasts I keep up with weekly. Love the comedy to wash down ideologies, and the inside look at the stand up comedy world. Good job WYG! Give them tips via Amy’s tip jar at ko-fi .com/amymiller.
Cool theme song
Found this via another great podcast (Views from the Vista), funny discussions about interesting topics, the Steph Tolev episode is hilarious, love it!
One of my fave comedy podcasts
Love the premise of this podcast. Steve, Amy, and their guests always have interesting discussions that make you think—plus they're super funny and entertaining. Great stuff.
Katy from the Coven
Heck of a Good Time!
This is definitely a weekly hoot! Met Steve at a Santa Ana comedy night, took the wifey and family down for a good time. Chilled for a bit and he is super nice and charming. Amy is so awesome on the show and I can’t wait to meet her next. This will open your mind no matter what you believe in, while taking you on a twisted hilarious ride with a dash of dark humor. Thanks for making my commute to work so awesome!
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Thanks, Amy!
I discovered this podcast because Amy is a regular guest on Doug Loves Movies, and I wanted to check it out. I love Amy’s voice and laugh. Amy is a great interviewer, and Steve has a unique perspective, so I appreciate him, too.
This is what I need right now, I’ve lost my way and this is helping act as a compass to get me back on the way to recovery through spiritualism. I hope everyone who loves comedy finds this pod
Fantastic podcast!!
Binge worthy goodness! Love this show, so we’ll done. Makes you think, laugh and feel better. The world is tough and listening to the struggles of the hosts and the guests makes me feel better. We are all just doing our best and we should be able to laugh at the ridiculousness, this helps.
Smarmy skeptic’s review
I’m not a believer in much more than laughing at the absurdity of all the meaningless. That said, this podcast is great for anyone interested in exploring the relationship between the comfort of belief, the dread of realization, and how funny it can all be. Who’s Your God proves it’s much better to hang with cool, open believers than with smarmy skeptics any day of the week.
buh, hrrrmgh?
Love Amy Miller and this is a really thoughtful lusteb
I first hear Amy on DLM and enjoy her a lot. This is not a comedy podcast, but the conversations are extremely interesting. I love hearing about people’s experiences with religion and reflections. The chat can be surprisingly insightful given the light vibe.
A Joy
The conversations are interesting, the guests are diverse, and the hosts bring so much perspective to faith, lapsed faith, and abandoned faith. Amy Miller is a goddess.
A Hilarious Exploration of Spirituality
Please listen if you are unsure of your current spirituality. The levity and sincerity of Amy and Steve help to make a difficult discussion topic more accessible to people who have been force fed religion or neglected their own spiritual self. As a Christian, raised in the Baptist church, this has been incredibly helpful in changing perceptions of other beliefs and opening a somewhat closed mindset. Thank you Amy for creating this podcast.
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Fantastic Mix of blasphemous and sacred
Listen and laugh and learn.
Beautiful balance of honest truth and humor. I seriously adore this pod!
My fave!
Listening is like hanging with my friends if my friends were funny! Jk my friends rule. Also I loooove Steve’s laugh!!!! 🤣🤣😎😎
DD~ Beauty Lounge
New Fan
Had never heard of this podcast, but was excited, as an avid fan of what’s your sign, that my third fav host Lisa Chanoux would be on. Checked out the ep, and thought it was great. Keep up the good work!
Doing the Lord's Work - No Matter if One Believes or Not
This episode solidified my opinion that the "Who's Your God?" podcast is doing God's work. I have received so much more out of this particular episode with Rev. Bill Bond then I have out of 30 years of attending church. You guys are doing an expectional job at keeping it real and asking the questions that are taboo to ask at church or to my southern african-american grandma. No matter if you are a skeptic or a dyed-in-the-wool deep southern baptist (from the dirty-dirty south); this Podcast is exceptional and a piece of art. Stay encouraged Amy, Steve, and John Michael !
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If I Die Before I Wake
Look, if my Cancer comes back with a vengeance, I slip on a banana peel in the shower and break my neck, a serial killer decides I'm the one, or I just go peacefully in my sleep, I want my soul to be guided to the other side by Amy Miller, Steve Hernandez, and John Michael Bond. This is not your momma's evangelical dogma sundae, or a hatefest of Biblical diarrhea. This is an honest conversation about The Thing that simultaneously brings people together while tearing them apart. And to answer the theme song's question, "You tryin' to tell me Jesus Christ can't hit a curve ball?" Not if Durga is the pitcher, or that's at least what I heard on Twitter.
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Ruthie Fudge
A lot of podcasts I have to “be in the mood for”, but I’m always “in the mood” for Who’s your God 👌🏻
bless this pod 🙏
As a Catholic school reject, I love the discussions these 3 have on religion and all the mysticism of the world. They continually have great guests and Amy Miller is my new crush. ☺️
WYG Every Week. Fresh, Funny, Necessary
I have been listenting to WYG since the beginning. Any Christian needs to hear this fresh critique of our faith. Everyone needs a chance to laugh, cry, and groan as these three remarkable hosts coax the best, funniest, and pure insights from a wide range of hosts. Sort of of like listnening to Thanksgiving after-dinner give and take without the thrown biscuits. Seriously, WYG has affected how I do ministry. John-Michael is my favorite, but don't ask me to pick the funniest of Amy, Steve, and John-Michael. I do thing we are due for a Julia, Adam, and Emily "Our Side of the Story" show.
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The only non-murder podcast I like
When I was eight, one of the teachers at my weird church cult school made us write on an index card and then turn into her a few lines about when we had accepted Jesus. Don’t remember what I wrote. Do remember she gave it to my dad who loved it. He shouldn’t have, cuz it was lies. Religion has always seemed so bonkers to me! Still, or maybe because of that childhood, I find it highly enjoyable to talk about religion, to think about religion, to listen to people talk about religion. I really like these three smart and funny and thoughtful people and their guests talking about religion and life. This podcast is great.
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My Official New Favorite Podcast
I was raised Christian, going to church, praise team, youth group, VBS, etc., so I had an immediate connection with this podcast as the hosts come from similar backgrounds. It’s a great mix of funny banter and substantive conversation. Some podcasts by comedians that have comedians as guests get a little too “inside baseball” but not this one. I love Amy Miller she’s a great listener, asks great questions, and she’s also super funny and smart. The guys are great too. I admit, I was in it for Amy, but I just finished the ep where Steve and John hosted without Amy and it was great too. 👍👍👍
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A trio of comedians who come from church backgrounds interview other comedians about religion in this perfect combination of laughter, ribaldry, and earnestness. In each episode, they ask their guests to identify the three requirements or tenets of the hypothetical church they would found. An entertaining window into the lives of stand-up comedians as well as into America’s complicated relationship with religion.
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Can’t get enough
I found this cast through another one of my favorites Savage Love with Dan Savage when Amy was a guest. Since then I’ve listened to every episode and saw Amy when she was last in PDX. This podcast makes me laugh, cry and think a lot. After being raised very religiously and stepping away from my faith I’ve been tryin to figure out where I stand spiritually ever since and this podcast has really helped me process a lot of feelings and thoughts. Thank you all so much! My three rules would be: 1. Dance party or yoga at least once a week 2. Psychedelics once a year 3. Everyone must adopt a pet
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