Who Would Win
Who Would Win
James Gavsie
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Winter soldier vs zena bullets are much faster than arrows
Slacker Jake
You guys are goated. Best podcast out there. I wish I could be a member. Also I feel bad when I root against ray cause I always feel like he should win. Maybe do like John McClane vs John wick? That would be good, or like something else awesome. Keep it coming. #raywasrobbed
I ❤️ u guys
Favorite podcast of all time !!!!!! You guys debate so well I’m so sad my review wasn’t read😿 you guys won’t know how much it think you guys are great
Escapism at its best
If you’re looking for roughly an hour a week of putting aside whatever else is going on, this is your show. The information the guys give about each character is great and their Heel vs Baby face debates are hilarious and perfect for the show style. P.s. When the guys are making their points, I like to imagine they are cutting wrestling promos with James as “The Million Dollar Man Ted Debiase” and Ray as “The Sandman” from ECW.
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Cheers and Jeers
Boo James! Let’s go Ray!
slow feed
Awesome idea
Use shovel knight in a battle
hulk hoard
Cal Kestis?
I think u guys should do Mickey Mouse versus sponge bob!!!
Nathan_Void slayer
Best Debate podcast out there !!
Don’t watch anything posted on a holiday made to make you feel like a fool
Josiah the Messiah
Character suggestions
Hi im a huge fan of your podcast and here are characters I think you should use for future episodes. Archie sonic, phineas and ferb, perry the platypus, Anne boonchuy from Amphibia and Finn the human from adventure time. Love your show, keep up the good work!
Great podcast!
Love hearing the arguments and unique characters! Obscure shows, but Shawn Spencer from psych vs. Abed Nadir from community
jupiter patel
Amazing show!!!!
Absolutely love this show. From the knowledge that James and Ray bring to the debate on each character used…to the outrageous takes given to bolster their argument.(I’m talking to you Mr Gavsie😏). Only critique or criticism that I would give would be that sometimes the judges seem a bit too biased, therefore making it seem like they never even listened to the debate and already had the victor in mind before the battle even started. That being said…KEEP IT UP GUYS!!! Can’t wait till the next show!!!!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
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Would be Epic
Avengers VS Justice League
lollipop 🐓
I have a good idea
Why don’t you guys do justice society vs. justice league.
Broski Doski
Hey guys love your podcasts. I just started listening! Maybe you should do the Minecraft warden against Hulk
Time For Another Change
I’ve loved the show since the original format. But the more it has become the “Ray Show”, the farther it strays from what made it great.
Jeremiah Sidles
Suggestion please do it
Randy marsh vs. hank hill (battle of the dads)
Best. Podcast. Around.
James and Ray knock it out of the park week in and week out. Pure delight for my kids and ai for FOUR PLUS YEARS!
Jim Ingratta
Wonderful it’s so funny to hear two random people or things fighting each other I would really love to see some ganondorf action
Love the show
You should do huggy wuggy vs comic book version of scorpion
Asher 123456789
the wastelander lover
Who will win
A great battle would be Chevy Chase VS Bill Murray. Don’t know if this is possible. To me both these guys are superheroes.
Do Darkseid versus Santa Claus!!
Superpro gamer06
Please do this
Will you please for shocktober use slappy from goosebumps. I think you should do Katniss Everdeen (hunger games) vs Percy Jackson (gods of Olympus series) Or you can do Donkey Kong vs gorilla grodd -Thomas #Ray is rad
Love the show!!
You should do the Mandalorian vs. Percy Jackson!!! James is 10 times better!!!!!
Fish's Mama
Great show
This is a truly fantastic show, the attention to detail is extraordinary and they clearly do their research. Just a though use mcu daredevil versus Nolanverse Batman, the two are both street level and competent, and their grounded in reality and don’t use major superpowers. Also for another match up Arthur Morgan (red dead redemption) versus Aloy (horizon zero dawn) both are video game characters, resourceful and use more primitive technology. Also just an idea, I know that the point of the show is to use characters that never interact in their universes but you guys could try to redo some very controversial battles in universe, like a wolverine v hulk battle just to settle debates that have been going on for years. Also for a team battle have ray rep the new 52 justice league against either the avengers (Jonathan Hickman run) or the seven from the boys universe, just because James hates the new 52 so much. Also while I agree with most decisions ray is right most of the time, the majority of battles could go either way but a handful are incredibly one sided and yet ray somehow loses. James needs to stop bribing judges.
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Love the show!
How about Morbius, the living vampire Vs. Ted Kord, the second blue beetle?
Thanos WILL snap you
Absolutely love this show
This is a fun show, probably the most interactive show out there. I really enjoy when the host and judges respond to you on social media. Seriously an awesome show!!!
Ray is right!
I love this podcast! It is extremely entertaining and educational. There is one fatal flaw though… Ray shockingly doesn’t win every single one! Ray clearly has the best arguments so I don’t know why he has any losses. RAY IS RIGHT!
Micah Brueckner
You should do the Sanderson Sisters vs the Ghostbusters -Mac PS #RayIsSometimesRight
Maceroni n cheese
Best matchup
You should do Toph (Avatar the Last Airbender) Vs Ghost (Marvel cinematic universe)
Best show
Ray doesn’t get the wins he should. Bad judges. Otherwise it is good
Sir David Gabriel Joseph
Ding ding ding
It’s back
Burfder the blob
Great pod
Do One-Punch man be reverse flash
You guys should have an argue part at the end where you make a point and take turns un-proving them
Amazing show! A must-watch!
This show is insane! I love it! I don’t always agree with the outcome, but the battles are always fun. Ray and James go deeper into the characters than I thought was possible, and I learn a lot about both characters that are brought to the table.
Best Podcast Ever
This is the best podcast ever! I listen every week. Also I think Minecraft Steve should have won because he could just do /kill Superman and he would instantly die.
You gotta do this fight you just have to.
Saitama vs Goku
SoMeGuY |:
Ray is usually right
Kazuya vs sentator steven armstrong
ray is. right
Minecraft Steve should have won because you can’t kill Steve in creative mode lol 😂
Jordan is right
This podcast is so cool! I think that both James and ray are awesome, and the battles they do are really thought out. I just started listening but I instantly loved it. I now listen to this in any spare time I have. I know you e already done Batman a few times but I would love to see another iteration of him face up against another opponent. Thank you guys for giving all of us fans quality entertainment. You guys are so awesome keep up the good work!!!
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Bruh this podcast is good
How did the Mandalorian lose to an elf eared Yabo who doesn’t even throw swords that far
#nobody wins
So... I had written a review earlier, you can read it below, but I have had to change my mind and review. My new one runs as so: I have been listening to this for a good 1-2 months now and have gotten to about 2 years ago in how far back I’ve listened. I’ve heard a lot of podcast episodes and with a debater personality I can’t help but dissect them. The result is that I’ve completely switched camps and become an #awkwardally #raywasrobbed #ihatejamessintoxicatingmindfog person. I do think that a good many episodes could have been won if I had repped characters instead of Ray as I would have used slightly different techniques, and noticed that several times he would barely touch on something I thought was quite big and when I got to the end realised prob would have swayed the judge. I’m not an all-Rayer but I do think over half the ones he’s lost should have been won. I hope you guys keep on the good work and I really feel your pain Ray. I hope you win 5 in a row soon. I have never really been into comics, movies, or video games like the ones they discuss here. I just found it, started listening, and it’s AMAZING! I hope Ray loses EVERY SINGLE TIME bc it’s absolutely hilarious to hear him rant about how the judges are cheating and how he fully won. If I did a similar podcast I can fully see myself debating like James and if I lose complaining like Ray. Which just makes it even more fun. #pacmankotheriddler #keeponlosingray #goodjobjudgingall Can’t wait for the next one! Great job James! Keep up the good work at losing Ray! Also you should try something like Elasta-Girl vs Catwoman or any of the girls from the gothem villains.
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The Assassin of Doom
oh yeah
i have listened to this podcast for a VERY LONG TIME, i would listen to every episode whenever i was cleaning or doing my online school thx so much for doing this and putting countless hours into providing countless entertainment for the people at home 😁 keep up the good work guys 👌👍🙌
Raven vs Bowser
This decision was completely wrong based on the points. #JamesGotJacked
Who would win
Please do anakin vs Captain America or Dead pool vs wolverine or try both doctors, Dr who vs Dr strange
Simply outrageous
I truly believe that ray the great should be winning every battle ever he is superior to this james we all know I’m a real fight ray the great would pile drive james 486 days to Sunday is he had to. A guys all PayPal’s all of u 100000000$ if u listen to knowing is half the podcast it’s great Ray I hope u don't read this cuz that means u haft to read it and that is more work 4 u so please don’t I LOVE U RAY I LOVE U RAY O O I LOVE U RAY …………… //////////// _______
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follower of ray the great.
I *might* be the biggest fan
I love this podcast. You guys are awesome! You guys are exactly what I what I want to be like when I grow up. I mean, not ray, but still. I’ve listened to every episode and re listen to them everyday. Every night as I fall asleep I ask my Alexa to play the latest episode and fall asleep listening to it. I slip my AirPods in during school and listen to a episode. Pretty much saying I live and breathe greatness. 👢
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Albert Artsz
Great show
Hi you guys have just the coolest ideas for episode (and for the show itself) but, I think it could be really cool to see Minecraft steve have a chance to show his worth. He is super strong, he can carry 2,368 1x1 meter block of gold (and that’s not talking about shalker boxes). he is basically 9 feet tall and his arms are thigh sized slabs of muscle. And last but not least he can sprint 18.3727 feet per second (without jumping). So I think you guys should give him a chance.😜
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