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James Gavsie
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Only one issue;
The judges tend to be biased against ray, which honestly makes some episodes almost pointless to watch. BAN STEPHAN THOMAS!!!
The DEFINITIVE Zelda fan
Amazing Show!!!
lots of amazing battles and so much fun great job both of you
Harris -----
Awkward Ally 🤪😜 Caden
All the judges are biased(for James) But still love the show. Whenever James loses he goes directly home to see if Stephan Thomas or Delvin Cox can come and give him the win. That being said the Luffy decision was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Also miss the old intro music soooo much. #bringitback
Fun, geeky pop culture battles
Hosts are swell and they have a great comedic rapport between them, tight editing, I enjoy this a lot
Been listening since day 1
This show taught me about debate and led me to win a debate championship utmost respect for this show Also I have been listening since half way through season 1
Shaan Khurana
I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS PODCAST!!!!!!! II RANDOMLY LISTEN TO IT OUTOF NO WEAR AND ITS ALWAYS SO FUNNY. JAMES AND RAY ARE SO FUNNY!!! one battle I would love tho is Jinx(arcane or league of legends I dont care) vs. Shiggeraki (My hero academia) or anyone against shiggeraki. ANY WAY, KEEP IT UP !!!
Rainbow friends
Ray need to rap for the rainbow friends against the sinister six
josiah podhajser
Great matchup
Please do Captain Marvel versus Superman if you haven’t already. I think it would be a very exiting matchup. You guys are the best.
Please do Luffy from One Pice vs. Goku
Please please please please please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#RAY IS …………………………………wrong
So I have a few suggestions for you to consider if you wanted to do a battle of some LEGENDS you could try:The Avengers vs The Justice League. Or if that doesn’t suit ya fancy you could try some of the following:Emmet (from the Lego movie) The Power Puff Girls,Sun Wukong (journey to the west),Goku Black (Dragon Ball Super).or if you want to do a TOONFORCE battle I would recommend:Tom and Jerry vs SpongeBob SquarePants. But hey is you don’t use any of them that’s ok 👍 (also ray you are awesome) and James you are the warrior with victory on you side.
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Ytxo film z
Do Drizzt Do’Urden vs. Batman
I whole heartedly disagree with the last post the judges are always right Ray is just a drama queen and blows up because his arguments are just sad. As a student in Law School (talking about me not Ray) it is absolutely sad that Ray can’t form a good argument on why he should win and I agree with some of his points but he never includes the best powers. Love ya’ll but Ray your wrong buddy.
Ray is right
I wholeheartedly disagree with 90% of the judges. Dr robotnik should have beat captain america, bizarro should have beaten the powerpuff girls, link should have beaten Luke skywalker. Ray Stakenas, if your reading this, I think your right and you deserve more wins than James.
Dr Robotnik should have won
I think that Dr Robotnik should have defeated Captain America. He could have squished cap with the Death egg robot. And for some reason Ray didn’t mention the army Eggman had, or the robot Sonic’s, or the metal virus, or Time eater, or the Phantom ruby. Instead Ray talked about his physical abilities, the Eggmobile, and the death egg robot. But Ray did do a good job representing Robotnik.
hulk hoard
Battle suggestion
We need the TICK vs CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS please??? This isn’t a bot and or spam account by the way I just really want to see this battle.
My favorite podcast
This is such a good podcast, I listen to it all the time. My only request is PLEASE do something with One Piece
Leavenworth Smedry
Ray needs help
Top 10 podcast for geeks and nerds. James is a polished and funny host. Ray yells really loud. Somehow this works! Love the podcast
You know007
James knows
just binged all seasons of who would win. Ray is good but James knows his stuff like no one else.
Elroy’s hot dog
Geek culture masters
The weirdest battles between comic book characters come to life in this funny podcast of geek knowledge and debating skills. I don’t always agree with the judge but I always love the battle. Happy James is team America
Lucky goes happy
Why do I love who would win so much?
Started listening after seeing a post on x and my life has never been the same. Winner of best host and best villain team
Why James why?
More Batman!
When is Batman coming back? Love the show! James for potus
Inspires Great Debate
I’ve been listening since the beginning and haven’t missed many episodes. It’s equally fun to listen when I know a bit about characters as it is to discover new ones. I’ve had some fun conversations with family and friends based on the matchups. It’s a nearly perfect show if only they could find judges that always appreciate Ray for the genius he is and award him every victory. I’d love to see how Caesar from The Planet of the Apes movies would do in a matchup. He’s a tactical genius and compelling leader.
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Daniel Tew
This juicy, boatload of comics and pop culture is just what any fan of Marvel, DC, and literally anything else needs. Legion of Audience, prepare to be amazed. 🫡 Oh, and most of the time, Ray is wrong, not robbed XD but we love you both
we jdjwdkld
Love it great podcast
U all r amazing love the great work ur so great that ur the only non Godzilla based podcast I listen to but any ways keep up the great work Ps plz do predator vs terminator
W show
I love this show but I also have a battle idea, Book Percy Jackson ( to celebrate the show) Vs Tears of the kingdom link/any link.
lollipop 🐓
Nerd accredited, Nerd approved
Take a moment to expand your nerd cred with this entertaining little gem of a show. James and Ray are great litigators of fantasy lore and childhood legends, and the show is just really fun to listen to. I hear if you don’t like it for any reason, you get a full refund, but it’s paid in Canadian ‘money’, so you'd actual owe me ;)
Great Show!!!!
Ray is God!
The River Bear
#ray is right
We need captain underpants vs the tick on the show!!!
The raniac
Greatest podcast ever
This podcast is great but can you do Agent p V S. Darth Vader
clarke dad mom
~ Meh~~
It would be a better show if they put a little more effort; I feel like it’s phone in :/
Francis J Fox
Intro too long
Good show but takes 20 minutes to start the debate
abraham barnes
Tell me ray doesn’t sound like J Jonah Jameson from spider man when he is yelling, also do one for Ferb or agent P from phineas and Ferb.
I love the show. Please do a Christmas Showdown.
I’ve been listening to the show for years and it’s always entertaining. I’ve gotten some of my friends to listen and they love the show. Can we please get a Christmas showdown. I would love to see The Grinch on the show? Maybe Grinch be. Jack Skeleton or Krampus.
Hi there
I have watched at least every episode 2-3 times and tbh ray should have won most battles like master chief vs blue beetle. Anyways I would really appreciate if you could do Naruto vs blue beetle or just have Naruto on the show again.
Love the show
Haven’t missed a show since I started listening. James is great but Ray is the real star here! Gives me something to look forward to every week. #raniacs #rayisright
Ray should of won at 80% of the battles he lost
poggers 21
Great show
Why does literally every judge only pick on ray this show is awesome keep making them#raywasright #rainiacs
Please read my review on air I’m begging you 🥺
Could y’all use dio Brando from jojo’s bizarre adventure please if not keep making great content you guys 😉
Please read this review
Hey guys! I love the show because it always makes me feel better. Though, I don’t understand how James is constantly the nicer, more polite human yet I also end up routing for Ray. Why do you think this is? Keep creating great content!
I eat potatoes66
Gotta love this podcast
I doubt james or ray will see this but I have a weird match. Composite Samuel L Jackson vs Composite Arnold Swarzaneger
#nobody wins
Please read my review live I fixed my review
I love this podcast. It’s my number me fav podcast. Also 99% Ray is the rightful winner. I got your message and I fixed my review for you ray. #rayisright
Levi Norcross
Rubber battle Please read!!!!!!
Please for the winner of plastic man and Mr Fantastic have them battle Monkey D Luffy from One piece please I love this show
Top of the tier list
I love listening to these kind of battles, and no one does it better than who would win. It’s not close. These guys keep it witty and fun while drilling deep into these characters. They are willing to hit battles I didn’t even know I wanted. Ray’s initial encounter setups and the introduction with the bell are amazing. Please narrate my life Ray! Looking forward to future battles. No suggestions because the battles I get are better than my suggestions anyway! Keep it up.
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King horatio
A Possible Arcade Showdown
In one side we have Dirk the Daring from Dragons Lair, and in the other we have Lathan Kandor from Kingdom The Far Reaches & Shadoan,While both characters are from the age of magic and monsters,Only one adventurer will run out of lives…Good Luck
I love this just because James seems to have all the power and gets to always promote his fan base and never lets ray promote his! Only downside is that you even give ray the benefit of the doubt that he even has fans!!😝😉
Nathan_Void slayer
I don’t look at the episode title’s before playing them
Do a gauntlet match between the X-men and the creations of junji ito you cowards!
Read my review on air
Love your guys’ podcast! I listen to it daily, whether it’s a new episode or old one. Every episode makes me laugh (especially Ronald McDonald vs The Burgerking). Your guys’ show is super awesome, and I try to share it everywhere. Please read my review in your next episode.
Owen from Bellingham
Doctor Strange and Iron Man vs Captain America and Nick Siri
m eel chdjd
Fun and entertaining
These guys deliver thought provoking fun that both me and my teenage grandson can enjoy on a road trip!
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