Who? Weekly
Who? Weekly
Who? Weekly
Jessica Simpson, Michael Polansky & Natalie?
1 hour 3 minutes Posted Feb 3, 2020 at 10:00 pm.
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Show notes

TGIT(uesday)! Sure, it's not Friday but you do get a brand new Who? Weekly episode, so how could it be that bad? It's not as bad as Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters' 12 day marriage, or as bad as "Rachel Lindsay and LaLa Anthony indulge in fast food treats at Bootsy On The Water Party With McDonald's And Post Malone"? The Super Bowl brings us a plethora of Wholeb events, so thank you sports!) It also brought us Lady Gaga's new lover—who may or may not cure cancer. Jessica Simpson's got a new memoir, Zac Efron's back with an old flame, Princess Love & Ray J are NOT together as of publishing and Gavin Rossdale won't give Natalie a blender. WHY NOT, GAVIN?

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