Who? Weekly
Who? Weekly
Who? Weekly
Alexandra Grant, Georgina Rodriguez & the Metric System?
1 hour 18 minutes Posted Nov 7, 2019 at 11:00 pm.
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Show notes

On today's episode of Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we go so long (sorry) that we had to edit down 2.5 hours of recording to one hour and 15 minutes. (To hear the cut segments you'll just have to subscribe to our Patreon.) Why? Because this episode is ALL OVER THE PLACE in the best possible way. There are calls about documentaries! Calls about Chelsea Clinton! Calls about Scott Eastwood! Calls about Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend! Calls about Keanu Reeves's girlfriend! And some of those calls devolve into conversations about Charlie's Angels and the Metric System! A game of Who or Them? even takes us to the best tweet of all time (which I won't spoil here). Look, I don't know how we get where we get, but the journey is always fun for us. (And we hope it is for you.) As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a message and we may play it on a future episode. Crunch crunch, y'all!

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