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Who? Weekly
Who? Weekly
Bishop Briggs, Marlee Matlin & Ronald Reagan?
1 hour 8 minutes Posted Aug 15, 2019 at 11:00 pm.
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Show notes

Today's episode of Who's There is incredibly special to us, and not only because it features an extensive conversation about the trailers for Little Women and Last Christmas (hey! we had a call!) -- it features a detailed and hilarious call about one of cinema's most iconic former Whos, Ronald Reagan, from none other than Karina Longworth! You know we love You Must Remember This, so it was an actual dream to have her answer a question when we found ourselves drawing a blank. (P.S. she has a BOOK coming out that you can pre-order here!) But enough about us being starstruck! Today's episode also features calls about Geena Davis's ongoing "divorce" mess, Mike Posner's rattlesnake bite, Gossip Cop's recent miscarriage of justice, Marlee Matlin, and someone named Sarah McLachlan, but not that Sarah McLachlan.

As always, call 619-WHO-THEM to leave a question, comment, or concern and we might answer it on a future episode! 

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