White Coat Investor Podcast
White Coat Investor Podcast
Dr. Jim Dahle of the White Coat Investor
Host, Dr. James Dahle, is a practicing emergency physician and founder of the White Coat Investor Blog. Like the blog, the White Coat Investor Podcast, is dedicated to educating medical students, residents, physicians, dentists, and similar high-income professionals about personal finance and building wealth, so they can ultimately be their own financial advisor—or, at least know enough to not get ripped off by a financial advisor! We tackle the hard topics like the best ways to pay off student loans, how to create your own personal financial plan, retirement planning, how to save money, investing in real estate, side hustles, and how everyone can be a millionaire by living WCI principles. Learn more at http://whitecoatinvestor.com/
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5 stars for a reason
Not many podcasts are an average of 5 stars, but the WCI podcast is and well deserved. He clearly spells out lessons and happily helps all who ask. He says his target audience is high earners, but I would say all could benefit and those at $80k or more definitely will fit right in. If you want to be financially secure, Jim is one heck of a good way to get smart on how to do it.
FIREed Surgeon
Dahle for president!
Dr. Dahle deserves credit for the financial education of this generation of medical professionals. He’s opened the hood on topics for me and has illuminated an avenue to approach my lifetime goals. I listen weekly, and owe him a debt of gratitude.
Beyond expectations!
I have learned a lot from this Podcast. I emailed Jim today with a question about Roth. He responded within one hour on a Saturday Morning! The answer to my question was already addressed in one of his great blogs. I just needed to look harder. Thank you Jim for all you do.
Great show
Listen to Jim..... this guy will help add a couple of commas to your net worth. One tip listen on 1.5 speed as he talks a little slow (this will make him sound normal and his guests sound slightly manic).
So Much Valuable Content
Jim’s podcast is really outstanding and I have learned so much by being a listener. I can’t recommend it highly enough. The WCI blog is also outstanding, and I’m amazed that most of the questions I’ve had along the way have already been answered in one of his blog posts.
Damp Mung Beans
Avoid the financial pitfalls
Jim gives excellent advice on the major aspects that affect physician finances. It’s info you need to make an informed decision on your financial future.
Great education across many levels
WCI has done so much for so many professionals. There are pointers for newer investors and those early in their career and more advanced topics mixed in for those that want to get into the weeds. I look forward to this podcast weekly and have a better understanding and vision of my financial future thanks to the WCI network. Forever grateful.
Must listen-even if you don’t care about “The Game”
MS4 here, I got the white coat investor from a friend for Xmas last year. Said friend is not in the medical field, but he likes finance and wanted to help me out I guess. I kind of turned my nose up to it at first, but then I decided to give it a read. Since then I’ve read all of your books and several you recommend for beginners from your page. I’ve opened a Roth IRA and have some savings. You’ve helped change my life around and I feel as if I have a head start because I was able to get your information in medical school. You always bring down the “financial speak” to a beginner’s level and the topics of your podcasts are always interesting. Thank you WCI for all you and your team does.
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Financial well-being
Look forward to this every Thursday. Dr. Dahle is thorough and informative. In an era of accelerating physician burnout financial literacy is one of the keys to a fulfilling career.
Helpful Advice from Dr. Dahle!
Must listen for those who want to build wealth!
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
Great podcast
WCI should be required reading & listening in medical school and residency. I listen to every podcast and have learned so much from listening. Jim, thanks for the great work and helping us docs get our finances on track.
You need a budget
Episode 167, best yet. Great place to start in the WCI world! Get hooked, get free!
Dr Pedro V.
He changed my life when it comes to managing money as a high income professional. HIGHLY recommend this!
Keep up the good work!
Love this podcast! It has changed my investing life. I highly recommend it.
Thank you WCI!
Wonderful podcast that should be required for any high income individuals. Dr. Dahle and his team does wonderful work.
Dr. Shehab Imam
Essential knowledge for high earners
White Coat Investor and their podcast provide foundational knowledge on how to achieve financial stability and growth toward financial independence on your personal timeline for all high earning professionals. This is an excellent podcast from episode 1 to present with regard to high yield content and expert opinions. The topics are broad. And it’s one of the only podcasts that delves into markets, real estate investing, debt, budgeting, financial advisors, asset protection, taxes, and behavioral finance all in one place with a core philosophy on prudence and intention. Thank you so much!!
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Should be required for residents!
Hopefully one day financial education can make it into residents education. Even the basic knowledge would make a huge difference. Keep up the great work. Really appreciate it.
Amazing. Just awesome.
I’m not sure how anyone could give less than a 5 star review. Jim has single handedly saved so many from foolishly squandering their money. Advertising is a necessity of podcasts to stay afloat. The 30 seconds you spend listening to an ad is well worth this important information.
5 stars
I’m an early career physician and learned tons listening to this podcast. Highly recommended. Thanks, Jim.
Biased information
Conflict of interest. Over monetized
San Antonio Doc
Good info in early episodes, bogged down with adds after
Jim does a good job (especially in the early episodes) going over topics that are on everyone’s mind when getting out of residency. He certainly knows his stuff. Over the course of listening to his show I’ve noticed it has really ramped up the monetization. The info is still solid, but takes time to sift through the adds to get it.
Philll McCavity
Used to love this podcast, Jim is a great resource for financial education with issues specific to the high-income earner. Unfortunately, it’s become hyper-monetized with far too many ads, guests who are merely on because they pay Jim advertising dollars and topics which are heavily biased toward paid services. Some of his prior guests include some highly suspect characters, one of which was subsequently outed for financial fraud activities. Too much biased advise and advertisements.
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Awesome Podcast!!!
Dr. Dahle, host of the White Coat Investor Podcast, highlight all aspects of investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Good podcast but Dahle needs to take a break
I like the podcast and it is informative. However, the information rolls out fairly slowly given his sponsors pitches, the speak pipe, the listener questions. You really don’t know what you are going to get in his podcast other than the title of the podcast which is usually one of the listener questions. This format strikes me as a default setting for laziness on his part. Maybe he should turn this over to his new COO to set the table for him each week? The most glaring thing about his podcast is his condescending manner in which he treats listener questions which he probably finds stupid or uninformed. Example: criticizing a listener for mispronunciation of John Bogle’s name (sorry dude, he’s not Jesus!). Or his exasperating tone when he is clearly annoyed with someone’s question. All this seems to indicate to me that this guy needs to take a break from podcasting for a while and recharge the batteries.
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Doctor Fuego
Episode 146
In general really great podcast and I direct a lot of people in your direction when they have financial questions or issues. This episode (146) seemed to have a lot more advertisements compared to previous episodes, which was a bit off putting. I understand that this is a business for you and you have sponsors to keep happy but this was a bit excessive in my opinion. Would you be able to cut back a little on future episodes or save them to the end of the episode? Thanks for everything you do
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Empowering, insightful and actionable! 🙌
Whether you’ve already got your portfolio strategy dialed in and on autopilot, or are just getting started investing as a professional - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Dr. Jim does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving financial strategy - and life you can be proud of - from leaders who’ve actually walked the path. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Private practice doc
Appreciate the efforts of Dr. Dahle. However, I feel that he talks as if he knows it all and he seems to preach his lifestyle. His approach is good for beginners but he creates a scarcity mindset rather than a growth or abundance mindset. I feel some of his guests who started their own podcasts are much better. When this info first came out he was a big fish in a small pond or puddle. Now with podcast medium being so popular, there are many better options elsewhere. I recommend this podcast to those health care providers with the most basic financial background who know little about personal finance.
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95% good advice
I’m a financial advisor, wife is an MD. I’ll often listen to the podcast to stay up to date on niche items that affect her financial situation. I’ve come across a few things that I simply wouldn’t have known about if I didn’t listen to this podcast! So why four stars instead of five? There have been a few occasions where I will listen to podcast and think, “Somethings not quite right here...” for example, I just finished listening to the podcast about deductions on pass-through income as it applies to physicians. I’ve talked to about 10 CPAs about this topic; all of them have said the same thing - “The verbiage of the tax law in this area is still ambiguous and the IRS has yet to provide clarity on who this law applies to and who it does not.” But, when you listen to the podcast, it sounds like the host has some sort of insider information on tax law that all of these CPAs are missing out on. What concerns me is that someone will listen to the podcast, take it as gospel, and go forth changing their employment expecting a huge tax break at the end of the year, only to get to April 2019 and realized that they made all these changes for no reason. Or, worse, they made their tax situation more burdensome. That said, there of only been two or three occasions where in issue like this has come up on the show. I imagine this is what physicians feel like when a patient looks something up on WebMD and thinks they all of the sudden know everything. So, I think of this podcast a lot like Dave Ramsey. It’s a great starting point, and it’s good general advice. Just make sure to do your own due diligence with any of the topics discussed on the show. It could save you some hassle down the road.
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C Dias
Wife of Dr learning a lot !
My husband is just about to finish up training and his attending gifted him the White Coat Investor book. After reading it I have started listening to these podcasts as well. I felt very overwhelmed by the financial world but these podcasts have been helping me feel competent . So thankful for this amazing resource.
Great resource for busy professionals
Jeremy Boroff, PA-C
Great podcast. Thank you for everything you do.
My advisor
I like to think of the White Coat Investor as my personal white coat advisor. It’s amazing how many times he gets some of the same questions but he is kind to spell it out in lay terms. I really appreciate all he does for all the naive white coats who want to know where their money is going and how not to be dumb with our money
Mike vand
not enough words
I started listening this podcast having minimal knowledge about investment, stocks and managing money. Great resource for all the professionals to understand the importance of money and how to utilize it in best possible way Thanks Dr Dahle
U Rehman
Well rounded financial podcast for high income professionals
I think it’s a great starting point that is well followed with plenty of active discussion reg all elements of finances. Don’t forgot to do your homework and read the fundamentals!
The best financial podcast
Dr. Dahle provides detailed, yet easy to understand financial advice for the high income professional. I have been listening to his podcast for years. I appreciated episode nos. 137 and 139 (tutorials of those paying off their student loans and others who have achieved financial success) so much that they finally motivated me to write this 5* review. I hope Dr. Dahle will make these podcasts an end of the year tradition. Thanks for all you do.
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Meg G1
Really useful and straightforward
So many interesting episodes
Soccer striker97x
I cannot recommend this enough. I have listened to almost every podcast by now, and has definitely helped many people. 5 star.
The Best
Absolutely the best physician finance podcast out there. Has transformed my approach to finances and by extension my life. A++++
I’ll drink the kool-aid.
Jim gives reasonable advice. Great for novice, intermediate, or beginning investor. His advice applies to any income level but ideal advice for docs and other high income professionals. Follow his guidance and you will not have to worry about money. He does not mince words and is one of the few good guys in the personal finance space. I’ve followed his advice for the past three years. I have paid off my loans, bought a house, and save almost 50% of my income. I’ve been able to cut back at work and spend more time with my friends and family. This is life changing advice. Take control of you financial life and your real life will follow!
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Wonderful informative podcast. I do not agree with the reviews Jim cites that he is boring. I enjoy it thoroughly
Essential Resource for Physicians
Dr. Dahle cares about helping hardworking physicians become financially literate so they can reach their financial goals. His interviews cover a wide range of valuable information from the fundamentals to advanced investment strategies.
Lowly Pediatrician who just wants to help people
Episode 119. Absolutely absurd. “Pediatricians treat colds and ear infections and refer out to specialists and that’s why they don’t earn very much.” 1. I don’t treat colds. Like most of my families you seem to be confused about viral illness. I will spend the time to be an advocate for antibiotic stewardship. 2. I also diagnose and treat failure to thrive, congenital heart disease, genetic syndromes, cystic fibrosis and CF exacerbations, cerebral palsy, among many others. What do all these things have in common? They have all been treated so well (by pediatricians) that these patients now live into adulthood. And guess what happens? No one wants to take them, so we end up seeing these patients well into adulthood. 3. I won’t be subscribing to this podcast.
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Dr. Dahle skillfully and simply presents some of the most important information you never learned. An absolute must-listen for high income professionals (especially doctors)!
Informative and strangely entertaining
I caught up on all 100+ episodes in a month or so. I read the WCI book but this podcast seems to make subjects more approachable. I highly recommend it too many, if not all, of my peers.
Excellent podcast for all high earners. Have definitely learned a lot in the last year by listening to him. Highly recommend.
Don’t miss this!
If you are a six figure earner (or will be after school), you should listen to this. Jim very clearly and succinctly help you become financially literate so you can decide what you want to spend, save or give away and achieve your life goals. This is no simplified “cut up all your credit cards” advice and it won’t help you get rich quick, but if you follow even some of the advice, you will become financially independent. The more advice you follow, the sooner you hit FI. Great workJim - thanks!
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J Scott C
This is one of the few podcasts that I make sure I listen to every single week. It is chock-full of indispensable financial information that will make your life so much easier. Sure, maybe it’s not as “fun” as some other podcasts out there, but you need this information one way or another, and this format is excellent.
Great podcast!
Thanks so much for the great podcast. I love that I can continue my financial literacy while listening on my way to work. I love the variety of guest interviews as well as the listener questions. Thanks for all you do Dr. Dahle!
Thank you WCI. I discovered the podcast about 2 months ago and have listened to almost all episodes. Some, if not all, the episodes worth listening more than once and taking notes. You will not be disappointed listening to this one! I promise! - BAHAR
Love the podcast - minor comment
Hi- love the podcast. One minor comment - in a recent episode you mentioned that there are commissions and fees for many mutual funds at E*TRADE including vanguard, and recommended Vanguard ETFs. I have a solo 401k at E*TRADE and most vanguard index funds have no trading fees ... it’s great as it’s the only place outside vanguard that I could find that offers this!
Adeem Fenster
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