Whine Down with Jana Kramer
Whine Down with Jana Kramer
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I am highly concerned after Ian gave an interview that I am listening to someone that maybe highly toxic and feeding a narrative to the audience that is convenient.
PLEASE STOP PRONOUNCING IT AS “EXPRESSO” IN EVERY AD. IT SOUNDS RIDICULOUS. How have the editors/producers not corrected Jana on this yet?!?!
She's a narcissist.....
I have been trying to peg exactly what's up with Jana's personality and why she acts the way she does. I do believe she is a narcissist or at least has a form of narcissism. It's always about her. If she ever talks about someone else or their problems she will always, always bring it back to herself in some form. She always plays the victim. Even when she is actually a victim of something she will exploit it and milk it for all it's worth to bring the most attention to herself over it(i.e deliberately holding her cell phone to take pics of herself crying over some drama in her life then posting it in sm). Textbook example...literally. She is a piece of work that's for sure.
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Pot Calling Kettle Black
Jana needs to step away from the victim of infidelity act, since it’s allegedly been revealed she slept with a MARRIED MAN. How delusional do you have to be to convince yourself you’re always the victim? Especially when you have DONE the exact same thing you chastised Mike for, FOR YEARS. Helpful tip, find a new topic to be a victim about because you are the LAST person that should be giving advice on infidelity AND relationships
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Hones T Ruth
Does Kristen know this is NOT her podcast?! She goes on and on and on and doesn’t let the guests finish talking! Even jana had to reel her back in this last episode. If she’s gonna be a regular, then I won’t be listening.
Message for Katherine
Katherine I just wanted to say that you are not alone in how you are feeling, I am also a woman who deeply struggles with typically feminine things like vulnerability affection and even pregnancy. I know that divorcing Nick is not an easy decision for you and we are all so proud of you and accept you and love you the wonderful way that you are. I hope you never feel that there is something wrong with you, at the end of the day we are all just people trying to mush ourpriorities together. Sometimes they fit sometimes they don’t.
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this is my actual review
Go do you
Jana- just take a break from social media and the podcast until you find better friends (JJD is not helping you in the public eye and that seems like it’s all you care about) and you are stable. No idea why you have to film yourself telling your kids you love them. It’s awkward and such a show. Stop acting like people don’t have the right to know things about your life when your ENTIRE life is on IG. You do that to yourself. None of your exes have felt the need to publicly bash you so just stop! You went through Ian’s phone and aren’t in a place to be in a healthy relationship yet. If you were, you wouldn’t have had to snoop. What was on his phone was a guy who was over your need for constant need for reassurance. I get why you would need that but no one is going to spent everyday reassuring you that they aren’t cheating. You clearly have a lot of work to do and I think removing yourself from the dating game and spending time OFF IG and OUT of the tabloids (which you put yourself in) would help you grow. Not sure why your therapist hasn’t told you that but we get it. You’re a victim. But we are also over it. We don’t want to see you filming your one on one time with your kids. It’s too much. You’re trying so hard to convince people that you’re this great mom and Mike is horrible. Move on. Get healthy. Take a break. Put your time into something meaningful that doesn’t involve the constant need for attention. It’s all so exhausting.
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Episode synopses are inaccurate
So tired of Jana putting stuff in the synopsis about the episode that literally isn’t in the episode…. Stop using click bait and actually tell us what you say you’re telling us, or don’t say you’re telling us?!? So confused why honesty is so hard here? Most recent example: episode synopsis says she “shares more details” and she literally says on the episode that she’s not sharing more details…. Ok so then just don’t say that you are? Learn a lesson from being lied to by Mike and don’t continue the cycle by lying to your fans!
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Carly Hines
Double standard
Okay- I’m an avid lister and genuinely invested in Jana’s happiness and relationship success after a whirlwind divorce (x2). I do NOT agree with what Katherine said… I do not feel ‘entitled’ or that I have a ‘right to know’ what happened with her relationship, more so just bummed for her because it seemed like it was going well. It’s also really unfair to caption your videos ‘Jana goes more in depth on her recent break up’ just to tell us we don’t get to know everything.. okay so then don’t entice us with that caption? Makes no sense.
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I enjoy your podcast. As a middle age male, I can’t figure out what women want, both emotionally and sexually. I wish you would do a podcast covering those topics.
Whiney Down
This podcast died when Mike got the boot. He brought so much normalcy and relatability to the audience. The content is just not there anymore.
The episode with your ex jonathon was really broken up and kinda boring. Didn’t flow well at all. I’ve been an avid listener from way back when and have to say this podcast needs a reboot. Super tired of hearing about Jana’s divorce and her family ending. Please move on and bring back the fire from what used to be. Hate to say it but it was more interesting with Mike!
Boy was I fooled
She is awful and her podcast is so annoying always about what Mike Did to her. Done with her
jen says ok
Love it
So happy to hear the episode with Lala and have always thought you two should connect having similar situations. Great listen.
Love the podcast BUT...
Love this podcast listen every week, but is there anyway to remove Mike's photo as a host.... I can not stand to look at him!! Keep being real Jana!!!
First time listening
I was so excited for this topic of friendship breakups because I wanted to learn something. But after 15+ minutes of the complaining about Cancun, I couldn’t keep listening. Your friend asked for you to start with the highs and it was just a huge complaining session.
Not a good role model
To say “women can’t be President because we PMS”. No, Jana, you can’t be President because you are unstable, immature & didn’t even start voting until the last election. Do not group all women together. It’s pathetic to know your fan base is mainly young women then to speak like that, you even have a daughter yourself. I really enjoyed this podcast when Mike was on & you had good guests. Now it’s become all about your divorce yet you didn’t even share what happened, which is fine but then don’t make the entire podcast about your divorce.
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Adore the relationship
I adore listening to you and Katherine. You are so honest and t a point it’s like the “real” conversation is taking place directly to me. Thank you! Love my drive to work. Wishing you much success and peaceful relationships.
These are the conversations we need
Best episode yet. These are the conversations we all need to have and to hear. They will bring about a better world and can create real change. So glad to be introduced to the pivot podcast and hope to hear more episodes like this.
Awesome episode w/ The Pivot guys!!!
Absolutely loved the episode with The Pivot guys! After listening to that episode, I went over to The Pivot podcast to listen to the episode Jana was on and loved it! They treated you with respect, understood your story and they truly listened!! I have now downloaded & subscribed to The Pivot podcast and will be starting from the beginning and listening to them every week!!
Stop saying “like” so much!!
We loved the podcast when it first launched. When Jana was so vulnerable before, during, and immediately after the divorce, we could forgive the “likes” after every other word, but now that the podcast is trying to move away from the divorce and to her new boyfriend, the “likes” that she says so much has make listening unbearable. Sorry, Jana, we tried but until you stop saying “like” after every other word, we won’t be able to listen. All the best.
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Oh yeeeaaah
Get to it though
I enjoyed this but I almost stopped listening because 15 minutes of talking about your vacation, husband and what they’re like - before even touching on the subject matter - is not engaging. I don’t mind hearing all that but personally think getting into the topic within the first 4/5 minutes is more engaging.
How unappreciative and hurtful to Ian!
Your recent podcast about Cancun is so ungrateful to your new boyfriend. I’m so disappointed in your lack of perspective. Ian- you deserve better.
It’s getting tired
I used to love this podcast, but honeslty all it is now is Jana whining about her divorce. How annoying it must be for your new boyfriend to cons
Stop crying over your ex
I have to say Ian is a trooper hearing you cry over your ex all the time. You were absolutely miserable with everything you did with Mike. You’re taking your kids & Ian on vacation but crying over Mike not being there? OMg starting to think Ian deserves better.
Super disappointed ..
I really used to enjoy this podcast, but I was blown away with the recent episode where Jana dimed out the teacher and then spoke negatively of a child! What the heck… her co-host should have jumped in. Confront the crap talking mama all you want, but maybe leave the kid out of it.
Love this podcast. Jana and Kathryn are hilarious and fun to listen too. Also Shawn, Andrew and Ian episode was amazing. I couldn’t quite smiling or laughing while listening!!!
Great ep with Ian - we want to hear more seal info!!!
Want to hear more about the navy seal training and experiences that can be shared - it’s fascinating hearing him talk about it!!! Also great chemistry between the two it’s so light hearted, sweet and happy
Love seeing Jana happy
I have been a listener from the very beginning and a fab from Jana’s for years. I have seen her grow so much and listening to this last episode with Ian and Shawn and Andrew brought tears to my eyes because you can tell that Jana is truly happy and at peace finally. I LOVED this episode and felt like I was listening to friends. Love you all and Jana I am so genuinely happy for your happiness. You are so very deserving ❤️ Love, Julia
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Down hill spiral!!!
I’ve listened to the pod since day 1. Prided Jana in her strength in the early days of her divorce. But ugh… recently the podcast has been awful. I think they need a real cohost. Someone that balanced Jana and doesn’t just agree with everything she says. Better guests too please.
Best Podcast Ever
Love these ladies!! Listening to this week’s podcast, and Kathryn is wonderful on the podcast. Not sure who left the bad comments, but she is REAL! I appreciate and love that kind of personality! These ladies say things most people only think. The podcast is very inspiring for women, but could also help men. Keep doing what you do ladies!! You are badasses! 💗💪🏻 And SO happy for you Jana!
After this last episode of Jana bullying a child I have lost all respect for her. She not only bullied but put the teachers job at risk. She will never learn, all she wants is attention.
Jana needs to stop. Calling a teacher to get dirt on a child’s classmate is beyond gross. Portraying the father of your kids as a physically abusive man is even more disgusting. She spins the truth to make herself look better at the price of other people. Cancel her crap already.
Keep going!
Love the show and love it even more with Katherine on the show!
We love you Jana!!
Jana you are so beautiful and so WORTHY!! Katherine - you are a HUGE UPGRDE!! I love you on the podcast. !!! And I hope you do read this review ☺️. Ignore the haters .
No longer liking it
Not enjoying Katherine at all. I used to love this podcast but she said if you don’t like it don’t listen and I no longer like it so unfortunately I have to unsubscribe. Will check in later to see if there’s different host.
The best
I have listened to this podcast since the beginning and been through it all. I have love every bit of it and the relationship advice and experts that come on are so good. Jana is hilarious and I love watching how far she has come and you can hear her happiness come through.
Revised .. Jana is a joke
**if you’re looking for a binge listen/ wild ride this is for you! But don’t expect to happy with the outcome!** I would like for it to be known that I have listened from day 1… my relationship (that involved 1 child together / infidelity on his end) didn’t last as long her and Mike. It is OBVIOUS she never actually trusted him and used him for their second baby. So don’t play the victim because you got exactly what you bargained for: being with a narcissistic man to have kids. Immediately (1-2 months after leaving him, after a 5-6 year marriage) you start talking on air about how “if the time is right, I don’t give up on love.” You have admitted on air about your daddy issues— and now it’s clear because you started seeing Ian, what 2-4 months after your divorce was finalized? I agree you should be free & have fun but you clearly have a lot of healing to do that you won’t… also you can’t be on Whine Down confidently alone because you have to have your enabling friend there with you :) Good luck sis! But I am scared for you and your children & that’s the honest to God truth: worry about your two small kids before you worry about “yourself” / finding love again. So selfish / unsubscribe.
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Love Jana and Katherine
Love that Jana brought on Katherine! Loving the podcast so much!
Women can’t be president
Really Jana, “women can’t be president because we PMS”.
frind me pls Wild_snake79
Love the podcasts and the variety of her episodes and guests. I love that Kristen has been joining recent podcasts.
A NEEDED podcast
Edit: just wanted to reiterate my original review. I couldn’t imagine what it takes to share your life every week, and thus opening it up for people to speculate/comment/etc. Its so important to have it continue as it helps so many people. You can feel the heart, kindness and compassion in each and every interaction. To share your life’s ups and downs and be vulnerable in front of such a big audience is incredibly courageous. I love the guests and added in humor to the show as well. It’s refreshing to hear such raw and real life stories in this day and age. The amount of people you’re helping is astounding- keep it up!!!
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Brittany Purrty
Love the episode with Jana’s girlfriends! More of those please!
“That’s why women can’t be president”
I turned the podcast off as soon as Jana joked that PMSing was the reason women can’t be president. It was disrespectful and perpetuates sexist stereotypes.
Love it
I am so happy I found Janna‘s podcast! Her podcast is so real and relatable. I look forward to listening to it every single time it appears. Highly recommend.
Jana is so raw - I love her vulnerability!! This is such a great pod
I can’t with the therapy sessions
Love this podcast and have listened since the beginning but for the love of God I cannot listen to another therapist or advice giver come on the show. I know what happened to you was awful and healing takes time, but please stop making the listeners suffer. You’re starting to lose me!
Sometimes so touching, informative and helpful
…other times sometimes too seedy for me. Gotta back away.
Love Jana
I really enjoy listening to the different guests and how open Jana is with her life and experiences. It is really helpful as I am going through a tough breakup as well. Thank you for being a positive light Jana!
So relatable
Thank you for being so open. Hearing the things in your divorce helps me process some things I went thru 10 years ago.
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