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Where Hollywood Hides: Television | Movies | Music | Show Business | Writing | Producing | Directing | Acting
Bob McCullough & Suzanne Herrera McCullough: Hollywood Film and Television
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Great podcast
Enjoyed it!
Travis..Riverside CA
Awesome Podcast!!!
Bob & Suzanne, hosts of the Where Hollywood Hides podcast, highlight all aspects of performance arts, acting and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
A great inside look at show business!! Need more episodes please!
Mark. Galassini
This is a favorite! Bob and Suzanne are so pleasant to each other, and bring back a lot of memories, and business insights.
Great Interviews
Bob and Suzanne's backgrounds in the biz make them excellent interviewers. Each show is delightful and the guests they interview are immediately at ease. The anecdotes give a wonderful overview of Hollywood as it was ( and as it probably still is).
Ana Alicia
Loved the interview w/ Ms. Alicia. Much humor and interesting stories. Please have her back! 😊
Pull Back the Curtain
Two great hosts, awesome guests, and the backdrop of Hollywood. It sounds almost like a movie itself. Take a listen and see how it's done and how you can do it.
New listener
Enjoying the look into Hollywood and the adventures and what it's really like. Thank you both for a great and enjoyable podcast! You've got a new subscriber.
Madame KDF
Fun and insightful
This podcast is a joy to listen to. A well-told insider's experience and opinions of Hollywood-made TV. Bob and Suzanne clearly have to be diplomatic, but they are neither bland nor fawning in the tales they share: they let you know what they think of who they worked with or for . Bob is a charmer : smart yet modest, courteous yet honest, and blessed with a smile in his voice. Suzanne asks the right questions, and sneaks the right observations. They keep a lovely pace in their conversation/banter.
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the wife
Bob and Suzanne are wonderful facilitators at getting to the heart of the story. Great entertainment! so much fun!
Great insights.
Tremendous stuff!
Pretty amazing to hear an insiders view of Hollywood. Bob and Suzanne give a very cool and insightful look inside the industry that outsiders like myself might not know... I highly recommend this podcast. After all, it's not every day you find a podcast worth listening to!
Like finding a nice wine
Found this podcast while researching another. Easy to listen to and highly fascinating. I'd recommend this!
Daryl McCullough
Bob and Suzanne bring us a rare opportunity to look behind the scenes of the happenings of Hollywood. Their wonderful insights into TV series, movies and actors are candid, funny, refreshing and always highly entertaining. Where Hollywood Hides offers entertainment value that is priceless.
Where Hollywood Hides is Great
Awesome !
Very clever, enlightening. Cheryl D. Ford
Where Hollywood Hides
This is a refreshingly candid and funny insider's view of how the entertainment business really functions. Articulate, open and engaging, Bob and Suzanne McCullough offer an impressive array of personal anecdotes and revealing insights into movies and series television. Bottom line: listening to this show is addictive. A great way to spend a little time and learn a lot. In the interest of full disclosure, Bob and I first met when I was a freelance writer and he hired me to write for Falcon Crest where I spent the first three seasons. An invaluable learning experience. So I can honestly say that he is as generous here with his time and knowledge as he was then. Definitely a podcast worth your time.
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Garner Simmons
#12 Suzanne The Actress
It was indeed a pleasure to hear Bob's interview with his wife Suzanne speaking about her experiences when she was first auditioning for a variety of roles in different productions, and what it took for her to progress to becoming successful in show business. Her stories are from the heart, with honest sharing of her trials & tribulations. There is much humor & useful advice for anyone who is seeking a career in acting. And, to hear about the famous & familiar show biz names she eventually was able to work with, leaves one thinking that all things are possible for those who believe in themselves, and have the tenacity, will & heart to never give up their dream.
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Phil Steinberg
where hollywood hides is Amazing!
Where Hollywood Hides is an awesome group to work with. I definitely recommend to anyone!
True Fiends Entertainment
Good Stuff here....
Good Stuff here...
The Trials of Becoming an Actor
I understand these things happen to guys, too. But the gals get the worst of it. Suzanne McCullough had the kind of experience a young actress, fresh out of drama school, doesn't want to have. But unless somebody is there to tell her she doesn't have to put up with bad behavior and unnerving requests, how is she to know? Even Mama couldn't warn her. This tape is worth a serious listen.
Great stuff
Real stories from people who have obviously been there. Gives us non-insiders a rare opportunity to see how things really work at every level of "the business." You don't learn this stuff in school.
Looking forward to the next podcasts - these are fascinating!
I love when I discover a (GOOD) podcast that already has a few episodes so I can listen to several in a row, so finding this one w/ 10 episodes was wonderful!! I'm quite impressed with this podcast, even if you didn't watch one of the shows or whatever it's still super fun to listen to the backstory. I hope this doesn't sound weird but I find Bob & his wife Suzanne to have very soothing voices - so while it's highly entertaining & it's also very relaxing, I only wish there were MORE episodes! :):)
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Quality podcast
Insightful and entertaining. Great podcast about the entertainment business. Looking forward to future episodes!
Benny Affleck
incredible insiders look at Hollywood. It's the truth us "outsiders" love to learn about. Keep them coming.