Wheels On Fire : An Absolutely Fabulous Podcast
Wheels On Fire : An Absolutely Fabulous Podcast
Cooper, Leo & Peter
The world's FIRST AND ONLY Absolutely Fabulous podcast! Join Cooper, Peter and Leo for a glass of champagne as we look back at every iconic episode of AbFab and discuss what's really going on with Edina, Patsy & Saffron.
S2E6: Birth, Lies & Bombay Mix
Saffron's plans for some 'Netflix and chill' with a cagoule-wearing boy 'friend' get ruined after Patsy nearly burns down the house and along with Eddy they all get 'accidentally' locked in the living room by Gran, forcing the trio to face their trauma!...
Oct 9
1 hr 27 min
S2E5: Poor?! That's rich, b*tch!
Edina's feeling the pinch as Saffy insists on cut-backs. A spot of (supermarket) shopping, lunch at Harvey Nic's and a quick trip to Car Clamp Club are on the "Shopping list for Mum" as Patsy and Eddy learn what it's like to be Poor!
Sep 19
1 hr 16 min
S2 SPECIAL: Guest starring Harriet Thorpe
Star of Ab Fab, darling of the West End, friend of the pod and all-round glamour-puss Harriet Thorpe is here on Wheels On Fire! We CAN'T believe it! So pour yourself a glass of something delicious and join Harriet, Leo, Peter and Cooper for a laugh as...
Aug 28
25 min
S2E4: My Smug New Best Friend
Tired of your poor old, sad old bestie? Well it's time to give her the elbow as your cool new BFF is coming to stay! So dust off your pusswag and get that Bolli on ice, sweetie, as Peter, Cooper and Leo get smug with a New Best Friend.
Aug 10
1 hr 19 min
S2E3: Morocco no she better don't!
Tickets, money, passport at the ready, sweetie! We're off to Marrakech for the Popspecs shoot. So let your hair down and have a little smoke of something local (it's legal here, darling so you can't disapprove!) as Cooper, Leo and Peter try a local...
Jul 16
1 hr 12 min
S2E2: Death...but is it art?
It's impossible! It just can't have happened, darling! Eddy's gained 12 inches all over her body...oh and grandad's dead. What more could go wrong as Eddy stares death in the face and blows Saffy's inheritance? Join Peter, Cooper and Leo for a bottle of...
Jun 22
1 hr 29 min
S2E1: Hospital: FASH MAG SLAG
A face-peel for 4-letter Patsy and toe surgery for Eddy are in order as Patsy's hounded by the gutter-press after a scandalous romp with an MP but will it be enough to pass for her 'real' age in the Hello Magazine kiss-and-tell? Join Leo, Peter and...
Jun 1
1 hr 6 min
S1E7: It's a Revival!
In this end-of-season 'revival' we're sharing some out-takes, new thoughts and bonus content as we wrap-up the first fabulous season of Ab Fab. Join Peter, Cooper and Leo for a bottle of bubbles in this bonus episode.
May 4
23 min
S1E6: Some Bloody Birthday!
Life begins at 40 but for Edina it feels like the end! Can Saffron's gift of Lacroix earrings, vegetable mousse lunch and assembly of family & friends put a smile on Eddi's face? Join Peter, Cooper & Leo for a glass of bubbles on Edina's...
Apr 20
56 min
S1E5: Hello, Magazine!
Patsy is moving from magazine to TV as Magda gets her a slot on TVAM giving makeovers but she'll need to use every trick in the book to get Saffron to wear the dress! Join Cooper, Leo & Peter for a glass of bubbles and a flick through Patsy's Magazine!
Apr 6
1 hr 4 min
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