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What's The Fuzz?!
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What’s The Fuzz?! treads the line between entertainment and education with enlightening personal stories from members of the furry fandom. A large focus goes to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) furs where they freely detail their experiences without getting filtered or silenced. Looking to learn something new about the furry under the suit? Jump right in! Note: That this podcast is 18+ only, and the views expressed here may not represent the furry fandom as a whole.
Interview With Strypz - Gothic Style, Religion, & Media Mastery
Resources, Social Media & Donation LinksFollow Strypz Berry Unusual YoutubeFacebook (Photography)MixcloudFacebook (DJ)Join Rhyner’s Telegram ChannelGuest Application FormBIPOC FURRY EVENTSWife’s Music: YOUTUBE & FACEBOOKThe traumatic experience ( Trigger warning )On March 22nd 2021 I interviewed Strypz, aka Berry Unusual, a darkly inclined individual with his paws all over the set from the lights, the cameras, and the action! He (sometimes she) is a mixture of Christian, goth, black, furry, and more that may have you scratch your head and give him another look. Don't let that distract you though, Strypz proves to be one of the most interesting and down to Earth people I've had the pleasure of speaking with. He goes on to tell me how he came to fall out of his faith, and regain it stronger than ever. The journey he takes us on really opened my eyes to how it can bring us together - pagan, atheist, Christian or whatever. However, this isn't the only side to this talented feline. Since the age of 13 Strypz has been working in media, and his experience shows as he goes on to talk about the passion he has for his Youtube channel. And that's not even the tip of the iceberg. Creating a fursuit from scratch? Check. Creating clothing line? Check. Music producer? Check. Jump in, you won't wanna miss this one!As always. Thanks for listening! Support the show
Jun 22, 2021
1 hr 16 min
Interview With Mandi - Education, History, & Passing Knowledge
Resources, Social Media & Donation LinksFollow Mandi Join Rhyner’s Telegram ChannelGuest Application FormBIPOC FURRY EVENTSOn March 21st 2021 I sat down with Mandi the jumping spider! A black woman who's a soon to be archeologist and history nerd. This energetic, and kind hearted arachnid shares from her wealth of knowledge whether it be about the furry fandom, black culture, or historical events. Though 2021 has been a struggle for all of us, it's important to reflect on how far you've come as well. Mandi's optimism shines through despite shedding light on some bleak aspects of our lives including something that has affected her personally: the education system. How would you like history to be taught in schools? Thanks for listening! Support the show
Jun 15, 2021
1 hr 13 min
Interview With Gram - Fursuit Fanatics, Community, & Creative Drive
Resources, Social Media & Donation LinksFollow Gram Commission GramFurench Toast FursuitsJoin Rhyner’s Telegram ChannelGuest Application FormBIPOC FURRY EVENTSOn March 20th '21 I interviewed Gram a black, non-binary fursuit crafter and artist living their best life! As the co-owner of Furench Toast Fursuits, she's had quite the history with making fursuits and interacting with all kinds of people. It was surprising to learn that her family was supportive of their craft from the start. Not something you hear everyday to say the least. While Gram excels at being creative, outsiders tend to judge them before getting to know them.  Living in various places in the Midwest, you learn harsh realities earlier than others. Being singled out in furmeets and group chats tends to rub someone the wrong way, and Gram explains why it's so hurtful and the effects it can have on someone mentally. Thankfully, Gram manages to find friends in their own way, Thanks for listening to this episode! We're going to be going on a hiatus until June.  Support the show
May 11, 2021
1 hr 22 min
Interview With Kiri - Kindness, Academia, & Health Conditions
Resources, Social Media & Donation LinksFollow KiriFollow Kiri's Writing AccountKiri's Ko-FiJoin Rhyner’s Telegram ChannelGuest Application FormBIPOC FURRY EVENTSStephanie InterviewThe missing person Marquez Duncan was found April 8th, '21.On March 14th '21, I sat down with Kiri the black academic who's determination drives her to be the best she can be. Her journey through the fandom really shows the magic of it all. How found family, and misfits can make you feel at home and get through tough times. It can be difficult, Kiri tells, to live with the conditions that manifest in painful ways physically and mentally. Though, as you'll hear time and time again that one act of kindness is all you need sometimes. It can really change someone's perspective. Speaking of change, Kiri discusses how the false pretenses of purity hurt the left. After all, everyone has been guilty of something in the past for one thing or the other. She opens up and talks about how the turning point for her in regards to LGBT+ was the case of Matthew Shepard. This quirky, and witty dhole really proves the perseverance of her species through her dedication to academia. To keep pushing to understand and learn even if it can be painful sometimes. When it comes to her family and their support for her ambitions, well, you'll just have to hear how touching it is for yourselves! Thank you for listening! Cover art done by Vanilla! If you enjoy their art, please consider checking out their Patreon here! Support the show
May 4, 2021
1 hr 28 min
Interview With Fujimaru - Gundams, The Navy, & Black Legacy
Resources, Social Media & Donation LinksFollow Fujimaru Fujimaru's Twitch Channel Join Rhyner’s Telegram ChannelGuest Application FormBIPOC FURRY EVENTSMentioned VideoOn March 13th (14th?) I sat down with Fujimaru a part of husky royalty largely revered for being unapologetically black on and off his streams. This "princess of huskies" digs deep into his soul to discuss topics that dig at all of us. The furries that made him feel unwelcome, the atrocities of war, and of course his deep love for gundams and anime. There's a lot of ground to cover when it comes to what black people have contributed to the history of the US, and how they're treated today. From the effects of the insurrection to the subtle dog whistles that led to it, Fujimaru adds the insight to describe what made that day so devastating to him. Thank you for listening! Don't forget to share with a friend! Support the show
Apr 25, 2021
1 hr 28 min
Interview With Hanzo - Outcasts, Imperialism, & Fresh Beats
Resources, Social Media & Donation LinksFollow HanzoHanzo's YouTubeJoin Rhyner’s Telegram ChannelGuest Application FormBIPOC FURRY EVENTSOn March 12th, '21 I interviewed Hanzo a half Japanese, half Irish drifter busy making beats in his studio. When he's not rapping, singing, making videos, or dancing with his crew Clawz N' Concrete Crew. He dishes his grievances towards the furry fandom and why he prefers to call himself a 'beastman' instead of a furry in this interview.Hanzo doesn't pull punches when talking about "furry role models" and the lack of the accountability in the fandom. Not to mention fandom's obsession with EDM or what goes on in some of the room parties. Stepping outside of the criticisms of the fandom Hanzo touches on the anti-Asian rhetoric spread by 45, the model minority, and imperialism. Buckle in because things get heavy, but it's not all heavy! Thanks for listening! Support the show
Apr 20, 2021
1 hr 3 min
Interview With Rocky - Poverty, Toxic Independence, & Personal Privileges
Resources, Social Media & Donation LinksFollow RockyThe Conscious LeeHelp TexasHelp Daunte WrightJoin Rhyner’s Telegram ChannelGuest Application FormBIPOC FURRY EVENTSOn February 21st, '21 I sat down with Rocky, a black individual with a lot to say about America and the way it upholds its systems of oppression. While I wasn't sure what to expect from this usually upbeat dancer things quickly turned into a lengthy conversation about how poverty keeps us poor, and how things got to where  they are now. It's honestly gut wrenching to come closer to understanding the faces of white supremacy and the many ways it snakes into our lives. The police, for example, are meant to protect us. But when they're not held accountable for misuse of power, and BIPOC bodies hit the floor, who can we turn to? Rocky puts these things very eloquently, and with words that come from the heart. Things get real, and graphic in this episode, but Rocky's perspective sheds new light on things taken for granted by the common person.This goes without saying but I'll say it anyway. Black Lives Matter. All Cops Are Bastards. Thanks for listening, everybody!Support the show
Apr 13, 2021
1 hr
Interview With Teddy Wynton - Music Adoration, Authenticity, & Self Hate
Resources, Social Media & Donation LinksFollow Teddy Wynton Swaying HillTeddy's Ko-FiJoin Rhyner’s Telegram ChannelGuest Application FormBIPOC FURRY EVENTSOn February 20th, '21 I sat down with Teddy Wynton a black drummer outta Maryland who's been in the fandom for decades and has quite a few stories to tell. He pulls from his past to paint a detailed look at the fandom and how being a furry has changed his life in more than one way. Especially when it comes to accepting things about himself that were are to face alone like his sexuality. Teddy also articulates the root of problems blerds (black nerds) have when it comes to anti-blackness and feeling cast out. Made understandable by the way he layers in with his own experiences. Not to mention the onslaught of judgement for trying to wear his hair "naturally" but getting turned away for being "unprofessional."  This is a perspective you're not going to want to miss.Music really energizes Teddy and elevates him to a new plane of existence. It's obvious from the way he talks about his musical inspirations. As a "drum for hire" he's done everything from performing with MJ impersonators to collaborating with Louie Zong. Though, as you'll find out, he still considers himself to be a student. He also divulges how he feels about the lack of music diversity at furcons, and why it's so prevalent.  Turns out carrying your drums everywhere isn't that practical! Thanks for listening, everyone! ----SONG CREDITS----FULL SONGBaddwillCaptain Nikko (NSFW 18+ SPICY)----COVER ART ARTIST----TeaCakesSupport the show
Apr 6, 2021
1 hr 16 min
Interview With Cerberus - Retracing Bloodlines, Accessibility, & Passing Traditions
Resources, Social Media & Donation LinksFollow CerberusCerb's WebsiteJoin Rhyner’s Telegram ChannelGuest Application FormBIPOC FURRY EVENTSOn February 18th, '21 I sat down with Cerberus an indigenous, two spirited individual that's finding her place being ts'msyen. A creative mind that delves into art and writing! Unlike the other guests before her we get into discussions about disability and accessibility more heavily than before. She gets into the nitty gritty of her experiences with diagnosis that have doctors scratching their heads or failing to give one in general. As well as the mental and physical conditions that she deals with on a daily basis.  Cerb's life is quite the rollercoaster and thanks to retracing his roots, it's only gotten more exciting for him. He recounts how he's been separated from his traditions, but since finding them again is glad to carry them onto the next generation. Including passing on his language and looking forward to finding out more.  [Disclaimer: Please listen to your healthcare advisers. Recounting experiences/criticizing diagnosis in hindsight doesn't equate to medical advice.]Thanks for listening! ----SONG CREDITS----FULL SONGBaddwillCaptain Nikko (NSFW 18+ SPICY)----COVER ART ARTIST----TeaCakesSupport the show
Mar 29, 2021
1 hr 19 min
Interview With Ryn Ufe - Swamp Life, Indigenous Advocacy, & Landback
Resources, Social Media & Donation LinksFollow Ryn UfeRyn's PatreonRyn's Ko-FiSTOP ASIAN HATEJoin Rhyner’s Telegram ChannelGuest Application FormBIPOC FURRY EVENTSSources for this episode provided by Ryn Ufe:Houma History (film)Houma History Book recommendationHistory w/ Education SystemFree Ebook of Indigenous People's History of the USBvlbancha CollectiveFarm PageBack in February 12th 2021 I sat down with Ryn Ufe a groundbreaking activist and vocal member of the Houma tribe embodying the spirit of the 'Land Back' movement. They pulled out all the stops to chock this interview full of useful information. (Like literally they brought notes!) They represent their culture and where they come from in an honest light. It's not always the prettiest thing living in a swamp, but it's got its perks. Although, Ryn doesn't waste time explaining why what would usually be a blooming swamp teaming with biodiversity has turned into a rather rough place to get by in. Pollution and oil leaks have ravaged the land, killing plants and fish alike. If you've ever wondered why Indigenous peoples won't stand down this episode is a MUST to listen to. These are layered issues without easy solutions, but Ryn is willing to put in the work. They've put themselves to work making the tribe better by practicing herbal medicine, becoming a street medic, preserving the language, and speaking at events. You'll see that Ryn may be a dog but they're certainly not all bark! Thanks for listening. Don't forget to check out the resources and donate!Support the show
Mar 23, 2021
1 hr 30 min
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