What's The D?
What's The D?
What's The D
The Disney Company has impacted culture in so very many ways. On What’s The D, hosts Damian Dazz and Robbie J discuss the impact Disney has on our daily lives. From tattoos, tikis and trade to fashion, fabulousness and fun! Join us as we cover all things Disney and the culture that surrounds it! So grab your tea and get your fill on all things Disney with What’s The D!
What's The D with Disney Dogs?
Ever wanted to bring Fido to the Disney Parks? Do you find yourself scratching the door for more Disney dog merch other than just leashes and bowls? Listen along as Damian and Robbie explore the relationship between the Disney Company and their canine product offerings, the kennel options they offer for when we want to or have to bring our dogs to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, and of course all the Disney Dogs on film! This episode has truly gone to the dogs! 🐾
Sep 8
1 hr 6 min
What's The D with Cosplay & Cons? Featuring Special Guest Justin Garrett!
Have you ever dreamt of living as one of your favorite Disney characters? Is dressing up for Halloween something you love to do and doing it once a year just isn’t enough? Cosplayers do just that – they portray countless characters we recognize and love at Disney’s D23 Expos, ComicCons, and so many other conventions. @DamianDazz and @RobbieJDisney chat with Cosplayer/Disneybounder/Merman Justin Garrett (@Adorkablejay) about his journey with Cosplay.
Aug 17
1 hr 6 min
What's The D with Drinking in Disney Parks?
Did Walt Disney really want no alcohol served in his parks? Well, "🎶We be drinkin, we be drinkin'" anyway... so what's the D with that? Allow Robbie J and Damian Dazz to tell you the story of how alcohol came to be in the parks, how drinking has become part of the culture in Disneyland and WDW, and how it almost wasn't.   They'll be covering where their top 3 spots to imbibe are and the best drinks to try!  So grab a cup of whiskey (cocktail didn't rhyme with D 😉), while we chat about "What's The D?"!!! Get ready for some drink-drank-drunk-Disney fun!
Jul 25
56 min
What's The D with LGBT in Queer Disney Culture?
Does Disney have a gay agenda? In honor of last month's pride celebration – on this episode Damian Dazz and Robbie J discuss the storytelling, the gay days at the parks and even the merchandise at the Walt Disney Company and how it connects with and has impacted the queer community.  Get ready for some "queer" Disney fun! 
Jul 6
49 min
What's The D with Evolving Attraction Culture? Episode 1
Splash Mountain needs to go and what a better re-theme idea than Princess and the Frog? On our very FIRST episode Damian Dazz and Robbie J Disney discuss the possibilities and potential the reimagining of the racially problematic theme within Splash Mountain! The Disney+ docuseries Prop Culture is also highlighted!  Get ready for some Disney fun!
Jun 27
26 min