What's Good with Stretch & Bobbito
What's Good with Stretch & Bobbito
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Where you at?
I’m jonesin for your return. Any word on when you’re going to give us more dope conversations and truths from creative and radical people?
Next up
Season 3????????
Fascinating and amusing
I really connected to this show, despite never having been a hip hop fan. I have listened to every episode and have absolutely loved every interview! Stretch and Bobito really engage their guests with thought-provoking questions and are amazing listeners. The interviews with the artists have gone much deeper than I expected. Each conversation has been a true pleasure to listen to. I hope there will be more seasons of this show!
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TT Brazil
Stretch & Bob Podcast
Listened to 89.9 growing up and enjoy the podcast just as much!! Some of my favorite tapes were just you two conversing, which is essentially the modern day podcast with interesting guest mixed in. Bring back “Turn-Up-The-Base” NPR ain’t ready!
Alex Dymond
The best ever podcast
I recently returned back to California after having lived in Brooklyn for a year. Listening to this podcast just makes me miss N.Y. I absolutely love this podcast and hands down it’s my favorite. Typically I listen during my long arduous drive him. It makes commuting in Los Angeles bearable. I love everything about it. It’s funny and thoughtful and they have fantastic guests. I love the opening intro as much as the closing when they play music for their guest reactions. I can’t wait for the 3rd season to begin! Honestly why is there such a long hiatus in between seasons?!
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Much love
The back and forth is what i cherish about this podcast. Stretch and Bobbito clearly have a vibe with one another and deep respect for the artists that they bring on the show. It’s also hilarious and gives me insight into the people and music that I love. Keep up the amazing programming!
Welcome Back
Farewell Fondel em Mixtape <- Dont Sleep
LP til infinity
This podcast IS what's good!
Like fine wine, Stretch & Bobbito continue to get better with age. I grew up listening to them introduce the world to a legion of ahead-of-their-time hip hop artists, watching them DJ, contribute to culture, and basically be two of the guys you wanted to hang around most. This NPR reunion sees them evolving past the music base and interviewing lumiaries across the globe in a wide array of industries. Funny, irreverent, and digestable -- good attributes for any quality podcast. Best of all -- they still have the chemistry of brothers, even though they're from other mothers.
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I never miss an episode
This podcast just makes me happy. Stretch and Bobbito are hilarious, incredible experts on hip-hop and have created something very special with this podcast.
Jennny McG
A true gem
One of my favorite podcasts! The questions, the humor, the conversation as a whole is just amazing. PLEASE MAKE A SPOTIFY PLAYLIST OF THE TUNES YOU GUYS PLAY FROM THE IMPRESSION SESSIONS! Please Stretch and Bobbito, we’re begging you! Anyways, download this one. You won’t regret it
What’s Good With Stretch & Bobbito
Hilarious, thought-provoking, and informative. I grew up in NYC and work took me elsewhere. Listening to this program reminds me of many of the things I loved about my home town. So, when I get homesick, I listen to this podcast and I feel like I am back there shooting the breeze with my friends. Thanks!
Stretch and Bobito podcast
The podcasts are too short. What an Opportunity for 2 Hip Hop pioneers to get down and dirty with Hip Hop icons and talk about what it was like in the 80’s and early 90’s. Looking for longer podcast that can give someone like myself more insight with what was brewing then and even how the artistss lives intertwined. Also, playing some of their old music and listening them reflect on it. I just heard the Beastie Boys and that speed rap that was played was amazing. I remember having that 33 but lost it over the years. Way ahead of their time.
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What’s Good is so good!
Whether it’s reaching back into their influential hip hop past, or introducing the newest people that have major social impacts today, Stretch & Bobbito still have their fingers on the pulse of What’s Good. Their familiarity & comfort speaking to people from all different places along with obvious preparation make this my favorite podcast.
I’ve listened to every episode and the Beastie Boys episode has to be the best for TRUE Hip hop heads! Biggup!
Love the chemistry!!
Awesomely Good!👍🏾
LOVE this podcast. It's different than the same old interview show. Stretch and Bobbito bring MAD knowledge of hip-hop, music history and NYC. Plus they're hilarious, I've never heard Rakim laugh like that. Love how y'all are mixing in more music this season and pulling from the archive. Brings me back. Please keep 'em coming!
Super fudgin good podcast, dope guests.
It is so great to have Stretch and Bobbito back together again
The format works. The guests are on point. The hosts are legends. My new favorite podcast. What’s Good! It’s all good! The hosts, the guests, the content . . . Keep it coming.
I just found this podcast a couple weeks ago but I really love it. Full of culture and the arts. Stretch & Robert have a vast amount of info on hip hop, music, and history. I’m learning so much from this podcast and being entertained. I’ve also found new music to listen to that I may not have been introduced to, like Maimouna Fresh. Great show!
It awesome to see two legends continue to bring new and innovative shows to the masses again.
Big MedDogg
Not your average
I look forward to the releases. The guests are great and these guys ask very insightful questions- it’s really refreshing to hear these convos. And the “Impression Session” is a great idea- also a good idea for a date.
Ilovethisgame for real
REAL conversations!
Most podcasts are driven by the host’s ego. Not these guys. They actually let their guests talk! There’s no preaching, just spreading awareness, love and understanding. As an artist, it’s the most inspiring podcast out there!
chaotic symphony
Love it!
I love this show! I started yesterday and listen all day while at work. Just one suggestion: can you add info on the music you play for the impression session? You select fantastic music and artists that I haven’t heard of and would love to listen more but it’s difficult to google names particularly those that have non-English names. Help! Lol.
Laughing, Smiling and Head Nodding
This is my dog's favorite podcast. He never hears it, but it's what I listen to on our Wednesday evening walks, which are a lot longer than usual. While we're out, lots of people notice us - the dog is cute and curious, stopping to meet everyone, while I'm laughing out loud, smiling and head nodding - because this is a most entertaining and informative hour or so of listening. Never a wasted moment, and it feels like being invited to a small BBQ with old friends. It's intimate, often hilarious and gets the listener to the fabric underneath the makers of pop culture. This is really good stuff.
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Old School at its BEST!!
You guys takes me back to the projects growing up in the Boogie Down. I loved the 1st season and pumped about the 2nd season. You guys have opened up my mind and educated me about music and artists which I know but don’t listen to like Lenny Kravitz. Keep you the positive work!! God bless, L
What's Good? It's All Good!
Grew up with what is now old school hip hop and the return of two icons of the era is dope, hype and funky fresh
Original awerm
Keep on
Stumbled upon this looking for replacement to Combat Jack. RIP to Combat. While his show/voice cannot be replaced, this podcast would have paired as the perfect companion and now stands alone. Keep on.
Never heard Ra open up and talk like that. Well done gentlemen!
Great fun, very knowledgeable
Stretch & Bobbito are a great pair with great chemistry, and that energy definitely rubs off on the guests. The stories the guests share are personal and heart felt; this is attributed to S&B. I look forward to each new episode.
What's GREAT you mean!
This show is awesome. Great music, great chats. They get so intimate it makes me squirm sometimes. But in a good way. Check this out!!
yr admirer
More poppin than my gal’s voluptuous peach
These guy have more chemistry than my gorgeous Organic Chemistry professor from The University of Wollongong.
Miles Mckirdy
It’s so good!
Love the show! So glad you guys are back for season 2 & conversing about music & inspiration as only you can!
Von’s World
Wednesdays can’t get here fast enough
I just stumbled upon this show this season and the first 2 shows are jewels. It’s terrific how I am able to see 2 great artists , that have been around for awhile, in entire different light. I love the way the vibe is so organic and y’all let us in to these coffee table type conversations.
I love your show
I learn something new every interview. My favorite part is the expression session. Y’all music range is so vast. Keep producing great work.❤️
Thank You
Former Dancer, DJ, Music Collector, Dance Music History Geek here. So appreciate your knowledge and work. I already have Both selections you played to Erykah Badu- So I must be on the right path!
This is one of my favorite podcast ever! Keep it up y’all! Def gonna keep a look out for more seasons!
Eye Opening
To hear legends talk with legends about legendary things is mind blowing and I’m excited thank you for the epicness
Love this show!
I did not know about Stretch & Bobbito’s radio show while coming of age in the 90’s. I didn’t discover them until now, in my 40s, in 2018. But now, I’m a lifelong fan. Love their easy rapport, great sense of humor, and deep respect and curiosity toward their guests. Also, the Impression Session is awesome. I don’t know why but the episode with Bootsy Collins just went straight to my heart. I keep listening to it and love it more each time. Hope What’s Good is on for a very, very long time. Thank you, S & B!!!
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Cubby C.
Come Back Soon!
Love the show would like to hear an hour long show... if it’s possible
I love the show, my only complaint (if that’s what you want to call it), is that it’s too short! We need an hour! Keep up the awesome work!
Just wish the interviews never stopped.
Waitin for the 1.5hr long Stretch and Bobbito interview. Always leavin is wanting more...
Awesome and dope!
I loved listening to these two guys. It’s like hanging out with two of your closest friends and talking about stuff. I always looked forward to the Impression Sessions every episode. Found out some new gems. Bootsy as the end of Season 1 was great! On the one.
E. Araya
The most humble podcast out there.
In the age of social media most people are trying to promote their own agendas while trying to bring positive vibes, positive messages and good interviews. Maybe because these guys are old school, and that’s not a diss, they’re really more interested in the content the connection and the message. Keeping it real. #reallife You guys thank you so much for bringing informed interesting interviews that all have a central theme positive one love, music, arts counterculture, underground art hip-hop, graffiti, Political activism and inspiration. I think it’s really exposing a culture of that needs to have more of an understanding. Please get Damian “Jr Gong” Marley on the show for next season. You guys are killing it. keep up the good work and bad rapping. One love, Mary Wagstaff, Portland, OR 😘
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Getting better with each episode
Was happy to hear Stretch & Bob grow into new roles, rediscover their on air chemistry and ultimately sound very comfortable by season's end. The production value of the Bootsy episode with song snippets was particularly fun to listen to. Looking to the second season, I'd ask NPR to stop worrying about whether Stretch & Bob appeal to the NPR listening audience & whatever metrics they use for that. Let Stretch & Bob interview guests they have direct (or indirect) relationship to in music and culture industries. It wouldn't hurt to allow or encourage them to embrace their hip hop roots instead of keeping it on the low. We're tuning in not because we're looking for deep political analysis, we're tuning in because we believe in the talent and respect the legacy of these two DJs have earned. Looking forward to this new chapter in their careers. Here's hoping it's around for awhile...
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I love listening to your pods because your energy is addicting!
Essential listening
Great guest interviewed in there own flavor. Hip Hop and street culture legends polished, mature and funny. I refresh hoping for another episode. Respect!
Growing up listening to you both, I’m inspired that you both are not confined to the hip-hop box, your range of guest was truly refreshing Music, Art and Politics mixed up in a nice plate of Podcasts Gumbo! Hope to hear more, keep up the good work, shoot out to NPR for bringing yous back together!
Marlon Joker
keep em coming!
Phenomenal show
The first season was amazing, I couldn’t wait for the next episode to come out each time. Psyched to have stretch and bobbito on NPR bringing a new perspective and audience to the network.
What's good?? Everything!!!!!
I love, love, love this show. I listen to it religiously every Wednesday!
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