What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast
What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast
What's Good Games
Join Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher and Kristine Steimer as they analyze the week's video game news, give hands-on impressions of upcoming titles, discuss your questions, and have a little bit of "off-topic" conversation. With over 30 years of video game industry experience, the conversation is sure to be passionate but never takes itself too seriously.
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The Best Gaming Podcast, Period.
In the world of gaming podcasts, this is the cream of the crop. I’m so thankful that these women hold this important space in gaming. As an LGBTQ+ individual, I also appreciate the extra mile the ladies go to make inclusion and diversity a priority of theirs. I love them all.
One of the best!
Easily one of the best podcasts I listen to! I really appreciate the unique views of all the hosts and I’m always happy to see a new episode pop up on my podcasts app! Keep up the awesome work!
Targaryens of the Game World
I absolutely love your show basically because of the diversity of your opinions and how you explore the topics from your emotional perspectives. Real MVPs!. Other shows simply speak out of logic and public opinions, which is not cool. cheers Girls🍾 and will be supporting you on patreon soon🏅. The Thrones⚔️ are yours🕹
Taylor Mish
Love This Podcast!
Stumbled across thee amazing ladies a few years ago after listening to Kinda Funny Games Daily! I used to watch Clevver Games back in the day and recognized Andrea from there and Gamestop! All three hosts are so unique and bring their love for video games to the table all in different but just as enthusiastic ways! I thought it was time to write my first ever podcast review (Apple does not make it easy to figure out how to do this lol).
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Monday Heroes !
Working as a Fed Ex driver is terrible and Monday’s are 10x worse but you girls are amazing ! Funny and informative keep making my Monday's great and have a great day!
Mass Effect 2 is the worst of the trilogy
And I will fight about it. That being said, I love you all. Cheers
Shoutout to the ample timestamps
There are many things to love about this podcast, but I’d like to bring up a small but significant detail: the meticulous timestamping, which not enough gaming podcasts do. It’s great when I have limited listening time and only want to hear discussions about a certain game or news story. Keep up the great work!
You guys are the best podcast ever. Please keep uploading episodes. I don’t know what I would do without your podcast. I like listening to your podcast while doing homework. 👍
Love the conversation!
Thank you for the insight! GO HAWKS!
Chef Solon
Your all getting five stars for the “Kermits knock-off brother.” Also video game talk... but mostly Kermit. 😀
These girls rock
One of my favorite game podcasts. Britt is very entertaining and uses the word digress once an episode after she rants about something it’s hilarious. Steiner smells great if you haven’t heard and Andrea is very informative. Thanks for making a 27 year old former athlete now full on nerd gamer entertained. You girls have great humor all around 👍🏻
Amazing find
I stumbled across this podcast while looking for new ones to listen to while working. Holy smokes was I surprised to hear all the hosts were women! I’m a dad of daughters, 3 of them to be exact, and I have so much fun listening to the excitement about new games, the humor and the memories of gaming with dad. I anxiously await new episodes each week. Thanks for being awesome and keep up the awesome work!
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Why does Andrea deny our love?
Andrea - Why do you deny the way we both feel? I know our relationship is not the most “traditional”, but if the dumpster fire that is 2020 has taught me nothing else, it’s taught me that we’re all just people. Even those of us that are seals. Sincerely, Andrea’s Sealbando P.S. Love the podcast. It’s one of the highlights of my week.
The recapening.
Are you ready for butt clenching,whiskey sipping, wine swirling,magic 8 ball shaking, skirt blowing mayhem? If so then set your difficulty to baby-ass baby mode and jump right in.
This show covers everything!! Pretty nice.
Female led podcast is amazing
I'm an old lady gamer and what a time to be alive when I can hear women talking about my favorite things. 30 years of gaming and I didn't know I needed this. Keep it up.
Love this show and the ladies who host it!!
Best Gaming Podcast Ever
Thanks ladies for your awesome work. Best way to keep up with the gaming world. Keep it up and lots of love to all of you.
I listened to a few mins and couldn’t hardly understand anything they were saying..good lord slow down and take a breath
What's Good Gold!
Been binging this show since I found it a few weeks ago. The girls have fun and contrasting personalities. Good podcast to chill out to while gaming! The podcast has exposed me to many new games and an industry that I knew little to nothing about prior to listening.
Fun podcast
I came for the chip tune music, I stayed for a great podcast
Ride or Die With Steimer
The show is light and fun. I seem to agree with Steimer on everything. I’m glad I started listening, so I guess we can thank this horrible pandemic for something.
COVID Heroes
I’ve been one of the very few to still be in my office during these trying times but I never feel alone when I listen to this energetic, funny & smart trio! Love you 3000! TommyStarkMK18
Da Gunn
the fortnite vs apple lawsuit is insane and also to help understand the lawsuit the fortnite guy talked with a lawyer who helped with getting a pro player who wrongly banned unbanned and is a really good lawyer
The Drewsters
Great show
Great show and fun to listen to at work
I mean
Hai I’m Alyson and about to be 8 and I’m not that big of a fan of it sorry but I think you could do better;-; and I love reading and learning and my dream is to be a pop star I like Cardi b and Ariana geranda and Alan walker and some more ~-^ ,.”*=+-;/ and yeah lol and I love I’m blue and im a BANNA I love those and my FAVORITE MOVIE IS SMURFS! I love it! Dats all I wants to says
Y’all are awesome.
Hey Brit! There’s a little series of jokes about cows that incorporates the one you told a couple weeks back! What do you call a cow with 2 legs? Lean beef. What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef. What do you call a cow that’s whackin it? Beef stroganoff. Listened since episode 1, I love you all!
Love the the smart banter and hilarious takes. You guys make my day! (And kinda want to me drink a little in Brittany’s honor lol)
I just wanted to say that I like you guys show and I think you guys do a really good job at it. P.S. sorry if my name is inappropriate 😏 I was trying to take NOOBMASTER69 but someone’s always taking it.
These ladies know what’s good!
I mean come on it’s the name of the show...but seriously these women are knowledgeable, intelligent, and funny. They give me all the game news with interesting point of views.
Ross Ochs
Never A Dull Moment
So I’ve been a listener to this podcast since the beginning and whilst listening to last weeks podcast I realized I had neglected my duty of leaving a review. Through the years these smart, insightful, caring and inclusive ladies have been nothing short of amazing week-in and week-out as they offer news and their own takes on the gaming and geek industry. They all bring something unique to the group and the addition of Ri has been wonderful. This show is a highlight of my week. Do yourselves a favor and give them a listen and subscribe. Britt, Steimer and Andrea, if any of you read this. Thank you keep up the great work and stay safe. - Will Collum
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Great Show!
I was looking for gaming podcasts to listen to and came across this one. I ended up liking the perspectives the hosts’ present. The conversations feel genuine/fun and similar to the discussions that I have with my friends. Also, I like how they don’t “pretend” to have played a game. They will straight up say... “I never have played X”..or “ I have always preferred Y.” This says a lot about their integrity which is why I am subscribed. I also love their voices. 5/5 from me!
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Very fun!
Love this podcast from the very first episode. I remember hearing Andrea on the 1up podcast and really liked her views and takes on the industry not to mention she has good taste in football teams (Skol Vikes). I was excited when Whats Good Games was announced! Thanks to Whats Good Games I’ve been introduced to unique voices and opinions on the games industry and games. Brit and Steimer are also very knowledgeable, insightful and most of all fun! Look forward to every Friday and Monday! Keep up the fantastic work!
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Best Gaming Podcast Out There
What’s Good Games has everything you need. Up to date news, reviews, hands on segments and even lots of laughs included. The hosts chemistry is great and the podcast wouldn’t be the same without them.
So Much Fun!
I deliver pizzas for a living and these girls help keep my day exciting and extertaining while on the road. Keep up the great work...I'm a huge fan!
Amazing podcast by an amazing group of ladies!
I love listening to this show! With everything going on in the world right now, this is always a podcast full of positivity for me! Keep up the great work, ladies!
Great Gaming Podcast
Love the weekly deep dive from these four knowledgeable ladies. Additionally, pineapple on pizza is fire!!!!!!
Big Hit Brown
Spider fangs, the first fit bit and at some point video games
The ladies of what good games semelessly move from one internet rabbit hole to another, talking 90’s toys, video games, the Dune saga and back to video games. Fantastically entertaining at every turn. Side note: these women are wonderful role models for any young woman who is looking at games journalism as a career. Also thank you for reminding this father of three girls that there. Are perspectives other than mine. Andrea, Brittany and Christine, you help me be a better father. Thank you
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Great content, bad hosts
Seriously, how thin-skinned do you have to be to read all of your one star reviews on the air? (Except for the reviewer below who called out Andrea for her response over her recent controversy - they didn't read that one). I started to listen to this show because I liked the content, and I wanted to support an "all girl podcast" in the male dominated gaming industry. However, after listening for more than a month - I realize this is a mediocre podcast, thats been propped up by a great PR concept. Both hosts have become unbearable: Andrea comes across as "preachy" and never admits when she is wrong, and Brittany tries way too hard to be funny, which comes across as obnoxious (and never actually funny). I love the movement these girls started, and I hope more podcasts come out like this in the future. I want to continue to support girls in the gaming industry - just not these girls. I'm sure there is an audience for this show, it's just clearly not me.
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Stumbled upon this podcast randomly and have been pleasantly surprised! They are very informative, funny and don’t take themselves too seriously. Keep up the great content!
New favorite show
Thanks for such a great show! I grew up being the only girl playing video games in my family and friend group. If I had this show when I was younger, I probably wouldn't have given into the “girls aren’t gamers” bullying and given up video games for 20 years. 6 months ago I jumped back in with ps4 and have loved getting to know the WGG community. Thanks for making an island of awesome in in the larger gaming community.
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Great for Broken Wrists
I started listening to this podcast a while ago now and have very much enjoyed Andrea, Brittney and Steimer! The chemistry here is truly unmatched to any other video game news podcast I’ve listened to! I broke my wrist falling off my bike (and I was in the middle of a Xenoblade DE Playthrough too 😭) so I’m out of luck on playing video games right now. But bingeing this podcast the last month has been a DELIGHT! Really takes my mind off of being unable to play games right now so thanks for that!! I am always looking forward to every single episode 😁.
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Really like the show!
Intelligent and articulate discussion with great hosts. Good synergy and energy.
Great Podcast Honest&Accepting Opinions
Hey All, Just want to say I had to use my Wife’s IPhone to write this review since I listen on Android on Spotify. You ladies are great and have created a welcoming community. I appreciate your open and honest opinions on the gaming industry and am grateful for the community you all have fostered. This is the best place to get Video Game news, Commentary, Analysis and funny stuff.
Great Podcast!
In a male dominated industry it is refreshing to hear female voices, that are experienced and bring new and fresh takes to relevant video game stories. Keep up the great work!
Great show
The show is fun and entertaining. 5 stars for everyone!
RE: Bloodborne
best video game podcast out there! also, i’m very late but playing bloodborne right now and its an incredible game, highly recommend going back to play it if you haven’t
Cito the Hunter
I’m 8 and I love this podcast and video games.
📕📗📘📙 iread all of them
OMG!! Quite a show here!!
I listen to the show every week. I’m not sure which day it’s done on but I hear the main podcast?? I guess, it’s confusing they have three shows a week??? I guess?? One would be fine on a Thursday and yeah no more, also Brittany is starting to get annoying more every week, she changes her voice a lot? Not sure why, but she does it a lot !! I guess it’s the liquor doing it?? The ginger one thinks she is superior to most people ( or at least that’s how she acts!) Christine Frankenstein Becker or what ever, is a invert.. trying to play with those whom are not inverts!! It’s really a mess of jabber, drunks girls, playing awesome games!! I listen only because there is not many podcast about video games that keep their shows up and running, and updated, so I give them that... I’ll change my review score to a four Star because they are dedicated to doing the show every week!! I did have 2 stars originally.
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