What Was That Like
What Was That Like
Scott Johnson
Real people in unreal situations. Each episode is a conversation with someone who has been through something extremely unusual, and I ask them, what was that like?
Brandon was dragged by a horse WWTL 65
Brandon spent 17 years working as an equestrian stuntman. But before starting with the stunt company, he had no experience working with horses at all. And his first “stunt ride” was quite a surprise.
Nov 20
1 hr
Monika's life was destroyed by a stranger WWTL 64
Monika was a successful real estate agent. Like everyone else, she was on social media regularly and used it to communicate with friends and clients. But one day, she made a mistake. The consequences would affect her life for years to come.
Nov 6
1 hr 15 min
Liz discovered a suicide WWTL 63
It was a nice Friday afternoon. Liz and Ben were about to take their young son to spend a weekend at Disneyworld in Orlando. But before their mini-vacation could even begin, Liz made a horrifying discovery that changed their lives. And that’s just the first half of this episode.
Oct 23
57 min
Terri witnessed a murder WWTL 62
Terri was out of school and finally out on her own. She moved hundreds of miles away to New Orleans, got her own apartment, and was excited about living independently in the big city. But she was not ready for the unexpected, horrific thing she saw on the very first day in her new place.
Oct 9
45 min
Robin drove the Wienermobile WWTL 61
Robin lives in New York City. She once saw an ad announcing that the Oscar Mayer company was looking to hire a driver for the Wienermobile, and she knew immediately she wanted to do that. She creatively made herself stand out among the other 1000 applicants, and got the job. In this episode she talks about her experience with driving the big hot dog car, as well as the time she got to meet Jerry Stiller.
Sep 25
1 hr 5 min
Two first-hand stories from 9/11 WWTL 60
Today is the 19th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York, Pennsylvania, and DC. In this episode we’ll hear from Lori, who worked in the World Trade Center, and Joe, who was a NYC firefighter, as they each tell their story of what happened on 9/11.
Sep 11
51 min
Eric saved a crashed skydiver WWTL 59
One day Eric was skydiving with about 10 other people. It was a fairly routine jump when they exited the plane, but one person had a serious problem with his main parachute. Then he had a serious problem with his reserve parachute. There isn’t a third parachute. Somehow, Eric was able to see what was happening from thousands of yards away. And he ended up saving someone’s life that day.
Aug 28
38 min
James was crushed by a tree WWTL 58
James is a young man who lives in England. One day he and his partner were assigned the task of taking down a 30 foot, 3.5 ton tree. Things did not go as planned.
Aug 14
34 min
Gael crashed into a river WWTL 57
One minute Gael was driving his car on a bitter-cold winter day in Iowa, and the next minute he’s trapped in his car in the middle of a big river – and the water’s coming in. He didn’t know where his phone was, but fortunately, Siri was still listening. You’ll hear the audio of the 911 call made by Gael, while he was in the river.
Jul 31
29 min
Lesli's house exploded WWTL 56
Lesli lives in Nashville, Tennessee. When Nashville was having heavy rains and flooding, there was a day when Lesli was stranded at her house with a friend and two small dogs. There was an explosion, and they probably wouldn’t have survived – except for the help of a stranger on a jet ski.
Jul 17
49 min
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