What I Did In School Today- a WPS Podcast
What I Did In School Today- a WPS Podcast
Worcester Preparatory School
Parents are always asking students what they did in school today. To find out, watch our video podcasts and listen to our audio editions.
AP Biology Video Podcast
In this amusing podcast, AP Bio scholars tell us what it is like to take AP Biology.
Mar 31, 2009
Grandparent Podcast #2 - Marching
The fourth Grade Marches to the Marine Corp hymn while playing it on recorder!
Mar 10, 2009
Grandparent Podcast #1 of 2- Poem for Grandparents
This one of two of the Grandparents day podcasts. Please stay tuned for the other one in a few days.
Mar 7, 2009
The Future Audio Podcast
Grade 8 students and their teacher Mrs. Schaefer talk about the future.
Feb 13, 2009
Fancy Nancy Book Report Audio
A Kindergarten Student Reports on the Book Fancy Nancy
Dec 15, 2008
DAR and DARE Video Podcast
A 5th grade student tells us what he did in school today.
Dec 2, 2008
Thankfulness Audio 2008
Please enjoy these students telling you why they are thankful.
Nov 23, 2008
Grade 7 Debate Video Podcast
Grade 7 students present their opinions on the Presidential Debate of 2008.
Nov 5, 2008
Millennium Schools Website - Student Webmasters
Students in Lower, Middle, and Upper School work on the Millennium Website.
Oct 28, 2008
Pi Day Fun Picture Slideshow
Students in Grade 6 have a competition to see who knows the most numbers of Pi.
Oct 28, 2008
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