What About Worldbuilding
What About Worldbuilding
What About Worldbuilding
What About Worldbuilding is a podcast that exists to explore the various aspects- anthropology to geology and beyond- that go into building worlds in writing.
Worldbuilding June 5- Civilizations and Architechture
Today, in the latest of progressively shorter mini-sodes we have a brief overview of things to think about when making buildings for your world. Tomorrow I will be taking the day off and not covering the topic, but I will see you all on June 7. Check out other worldbuilding goodness on www.whataboutworldbuilding.tumblr.com
Jun 5, 2017
3 min
Worldbuilding June 4- History
Day 4 of Worldbuilding June and we're looking at some things to think about when you're creating the history of your world! As always check us out at www.whataboutworldbuilding.tumblr.com or email us at whataboutworldbuilding@yahoo.com
Jun 4, 2017
3 min
Worldbuilding June 3 People and Races
Today we're talking about people! Who are the people that are gonna walk all over that geography you thought up yesterday? Here are some things to consider while you're doing that worldbuilding! Additional shoutout to www.writingwithcolor.tumblr.com who have all kinds of important, helpful things to say about writing different races and religions.
Jun 3, 2017
3 min
Worldbuilding June 2 - Geography
Day two of Worldbuilding June! Today we're looking at a small overview of aspects geography has impacts on in worldbuilding. More information and inspiration can be found at www.whataboutworldbuilding.tumblr.com, come along and say hi!
Jun 2, 2017
6 min
Worldbuilding June 1: INTRO
Welcome to Worldbuilding June! After a whole May-long hiatus, we're back with a bang, beginning a new challenge with Worldbuilding June. A small introduction to get us all warmed up, and we'll get into the real meat of the topics later. Happy Worldbuilding!
Jun 1, 2017
6 min
What About... Domestication
What About... Domestication? What goes into domestication? What qualifies animals to be domesticated? What does that mean for dragons? Are we going to talk about dogs? You bet we're gonna talk about dogs. Today's episode was helped by the blog Why Animals Do The Thing at http://www.whyanimalsdothething.com/ You can find more worldbuilding information and ideas at the What About Worldbuilding blog at http://whataboutworldbuilding.tumblr.com/
Apr 20, 2017
17 min
What About... The Elcor?
It was necessary to publish an episode today. I hope you enjoy an in-depth analysis of one of the minor races in the video game series Mass Effect: the elcor.  A non-playable race in the game, these aliens who speak with monotone voices and never feature in any of the major events of the trilogy are a truly important race by any measure. I hope I have done them justice, or at least have given them a better shake than the one they got in the games.  Happy April Fools Day!
Apr 1, 2017
22 min
What About... Culture
What About... Culture What makes up culture? Today we're looking at the questions that really go into that, like: What is culture? What goes into culture? How does it live? Or die? What should you, as a writer, look for in the cultures you’re creating?
Mar 22, 2017
18 min
What About... Travel
What About Worldbuilding episode three, travel! The getting there! They say life is a journey, so let's take a look at that.
Mar 8, 2017
18 min
What About ... Basics
What About Worldbuilding Episode 2! What are the basic things that go into worldbuilding? Today we're exploring just that, both the physical space of your potential world, and the cultural space and what goes into both of those things.
Feb 22, 2017
16 min
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