Wetootwaag's Bagpipe and History Podcast
Wetootwaag's Bagpipe and History Podcast
Jeremy Kingsbury
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Wonderful historical and musical content.
Coming from the GHB side of the coin, Jeremy has opened my eyes to the world of historical music from the border region and bellows blown pipes. He gives great advice and relevance on the tunes he plays and provides insight on where to find those rare pieces to learn for yourself. Highly recommended.
A must for pipers and history aficionados
Very well researched and informative in-depth presentation of historic piping music, as well as music not specifically for pipes but playable. Wonderful, I highly recommend giving it a subscribe if the subject matter is of any interest to you.
Academic folk at its finest
Excellent research behind every episode. Wonderful storytelling.
Myth buster
Always something new to learn, but to find out that Amazing Grace has only been a standard piping tune for 50 years!! Changes my perception of sooo many funerals. A fantastic blend of personal journey, international history and piping details accessible to anyone.
Great historical resource for tune-learning
New to listening, but already impressed by the quality of the content of a given episode — interesting historical background, as well as demonstrations of different tunes on various pipes :) Look forward to listening to more in future!
New show every weekend with bagpipes and historical discussion
Hey everyone, host Jeremy here. Thanks for looking at the reviews, if you listen and like it please leave one of your own! Every episode features a tune or six from a historic music collection and my thoughts and responses to it. Occasionally I do themed episodes where I discuss some historical aspect or connection to piping, pipers or bagpipe fans. I wouldn’t call my occasional discussions of the state of things in Iowa or the US “endless far left SJW rants” but I’m happy for you not to listen if you are a white supremacist, Thanks!
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Would have been awesome
Would’ve been a really awesome podcast but the host gives endless far left sjw rants.
He rock
Jeremy will rock your socks.
Wetootwaag Rocks My iPod!
This afternoon, I was feeling very ill and downtrodden, so I lay down to go to sleep. I turned on my iPod and started listening to podcasts. After a short time, Wetootwaag's Podcast of Bagpipe Power came roaring through my headphones, and I was soon up out of bed and full of energy. Kingsbury continues to bring high quality, high energy Celtic music direct to his listeners. Way to go, 'twaag!