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s5e28 The Gravel Walk To Kiss Mother with Tunes from Frankie Kennedy & Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh and Tim Britton
1 hour 10 minutes Posted Oct 11, 2021 at 1:00 am.
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Show notes

Tunes (Order…cause they are mostly the same haha):

William Litten: The Highland Man, Jigg Poltage
Robert Bremner: The Highlandman Kiss’d his Mother
James Aird: The Highlandman Kiss’d his Mother
Caledonian Muse: The Highlandman Kiss’d his Mother
Donald MacPhee: The Highlandman Kiss’d his Mother
David Glen: The Highlandman Kiss’d his Mother
Rook Manuscript: The Highlandman Kiss’d his Mother
Matt Seattle: The Highlandman Kiss’d his Mother
Rutherford: Jackie Stewart’s New Reel
From Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh & Frankie Kennedy: The Highlandman / The Cliffs Of Glencolumbkille / Old Cuffe Street
Hime: Ryan’s Rant
McFadyen: Rayan’s Rant
John Clinton: Paddy Cary
Ryan Mammoth: Around The World (or is it Mammoth as in Huge?)
O’Neill: Jolly Seven, Tie The Bonnet/Rambler’s Rest, The Fairy Hurlers
Traditional Tune Archive: Galway Rambler
Stephen Grier: Lord Wellington, Maid In the Cherry Tree/Curragh Races/Untitled)
Kerr: Ryan’s Rant
From Tim Britton: The Gravel Walk

Thanks to Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh & Frankie Kennedy for letting me play a track from their album on the show. Check out their music on streaming services, and checkout their albums and touring information here:


Thanks also to Tim Britton for letting me play a track of him playing The Gravel Walk: For more information about Tim, or to read his illuminating thoughts on Irish Music see his website (not updated in over a decade but the articles are still live)

For more recent information check out his sound production page:
Also Check out his great tunes on Soundcloud:


Book Club Announcement


On October, 27 at 7PM US Central time I’ll be hosting a zoom for folks to share tunes, listen and chat about Caledonian and Hibernian Muse. (Next Episode will talk a bit more about these collections, but if you want to start looking through them here are some links:

Caledonian Muse:


Hibernian Muse:



The Highlandman Kiss’d His Mother:

Here is Dave Rickard’s Book where I was first exposed to the Gravel Walk:


1801: The Highland Man, From William Litten’s Manuscript:


1757: Bremner’s Setting for The Highlandman Kiss’d his Mother:


1782: The Highland Man Kiss’d his Mother: From James Aird:


1790s: The Highlandman Kiss’d his Mother: From The Caledonian Muse


1876-1920s: The Highlandman Kiss’d His Mother: From Donald MacPhees’s A Selection of Music for the Highland Bagpipe containing Quicksteps, Marches, Strathspeys, Reels &c.


1890’s: The Highlandman Kiss’d His Mother: From David Glen’s Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music:


1854: The Highlandman Kiss’d his Mother: from McLachlan’s Piper’s Assistant is fairly similar to both, with offering nothing new at first glance except challenging embellishments (I didn’t record it, but have a look):


1840: The Highlandman Kiss’d his Mother From Rook’s Manuscript:


2021: The Highlandman Kiss’d his Mother: From Matt Seattle you can see Matt’s setting in the most recent issue of Common Stock:



Similar to Matt’s Setting though only two parts:

1853: The Highland Man Kiss’d His Mother: From Hamilton’s Universal Tune Book (I didn’t record it, but have a look):



1860: Davidson’s Highland Man Kiss’d His Mother (I didn’t record it, but have a look):



1765: Jackie Stewart’s new Reel from Thompson’s 200 Country Dances


1765: Jackie Stewart’s New Reel From Rutherford Compleat Collection of 200 of the most celebrated Country Dances both Old and New which are now in Vogue, performed at Court and all Public Assemblies with the newest and best Figures and Direction to each Tune by Mr. Rose…(1765 volume 2) Very similar to Thompson: tune number 89 on page 45 also tune 188 on page 94 Is titled Jakie Stewart’s Reel, (and same melody) And finally On Page 99 (Tune 198 is Highland Man Kiss’d his mother and it is the same setting as Caledonian Muse)



Irish Settings


From Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh & Frankie Kennedy: The Highlandman / The Cliffs Of Glencolumbkille / Old Cuffe Street

I played the track from this Album:

You can Check out Altan’s current work and tours here:


The Irish non/Highlandman settings:

Ryan’s Rant

1795: Ryan’s Rant: In Hime’s Forty Eight Original Irish Dances never before printed with Basses for the Piano-Forte and Proper figures for dancing Printed in Dublin as Hime’s Musical Circulating Library:

you can also look at ABC notation at ITMA:

1790s: Rayan’s Rant, Irish: From McFadyen/Aird’s Volume V:



Paddy Cary Set:

The book describing Paddy Cary, Ryan’s Rant and Jigg Poltage is here:


1841: Paddy Cary From John Clinton’s Gems of Ireland:


You can read the lyrics here:


1801: Jigg Poltage from William Litten


1795: Ryan’s Rant From Hime:



Many Concordences:

1883: Around the World: From the Ryan Mammoth Collection:


1907: Jolly Seven: From O’Neill’s The Dance Music of Ireland:


1880s: Lord Wellington’s Reel: From Grier’s Manuscript


Galway Rambler:


1907: Tie The Bonnet/ Rambler’s Rest: From O’Neill:


1880s: Maid in the Cherry Tree (Curragh Races) (Untitled) From Grier’s Manuscript:


The Fairy Hurlers: From O’Neill’s Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody:


1880s: Ryan’s Rant: From Kerr’s Merry Melodies, 4 part tune, Gravel Walk in the beginning Highland Man Kiss’d his Mother on the Second Half:


The Gravel Walk(s): I mostly played from the Session.org’s setting mixed with the Barnes and Noble Book:


(I forgot to mention and Play this, but:) Miss Percy’s Reel: The 3&4 part of the Gravel Walk were played on their own by a Donegal fiddler as this tune supposedly:


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