Westside Fairytales: Horror and Dark Fiction Stories
Westside Fairytales: Horror and Dark Fiction Stories
WSF Productions LLC
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Story telling at its very best...
If you are a fan of horror, this is your next podcast binge. It is well written and well produced, and it’s one of the few podcasts that actually transport you into the story.
Great listen!
I am new to podcasts and just recently came across this after listening to Monstruo- I enjoy these stores and Tyler’s talent to bring them alive. Great detail and great voice! What an exceptional talent he has, I’m hooked.
This is a great podcast!! I can’t stop listening!!! Love the story so captivating and your voice and music are phenomenal!!!
Excellent writing
I listen to a lot of horror podcasts. Many are formulaic, good to have on while you are doing other things but nothing you have to concentrate on. The writing in this one is superb! My favorites are the multi-part stories. Great job, Tyler Bell.
Season 5
I’m loving all the sound effects and background music accompanying the story telling. This was already an amazing podcast, this season is even better.
Your writing is amazing. I love everything about this podcast!!
I needs a new nixnamez
A much needed find
I have listened to so many podcasts in this last long year, the single respite during this time of historical events. In short, this particular podcast has been a great find, and has allowed me, more than most others, a unique experience. An encouragement, the lifting of my own spirit of imagination. The singular push to an awakening of desire needed for continuing my own creativity. Yes, this podcast is that good. WattsFork
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Dean M. Watts
Cool :)
I enjoy that your voice is an even tone through out, even when “screaming.” I listen while I work; my work is quiet. Id prefer my clients not hear, I appreciate that you also do your own adds as sometimes they can be different volumes on others. Awesome stories. Ty
You never disappoint
I really enjoy your writing as well as narration’s. I’m going be brief and just say, well done Tyler.
4 and 3 and 2 and 1
I absolutely love this!!
Excellent writing, awesome narration!! You go Tyler!! I started at Sword & Scale which lead me to Monstruo which then lead me here. I can’t get enough!
Elle Em Esse
I love horror
What a great horror podcast. Love all the original content that Mr. Bell throws are way!!!!
The move
Best story so far. All of the stories are amazingly well written! Great show!
Fat member
Not well done
I love story telling pods- esp scary stories! But this one is horrible. The same guy reading every part with barely any variation in voice or tone. Go listen to no sleep or scary stories.
A must-listen.
Fantastic stories and characters. Absolutely beautiful writing, beautifully narrated. So thankful I just jumped on... can’t tell you how much this is helping me through quarantine.
Talented writer
Heard of this podcast from Monstrou and it has quickly become my favorite. Such a talented writer and narrator! Love it. Thank you so much!
Dana Lea
Love love love
I was introduced to this podcast by listening to monstruo. I was amazed by the writers on that show and when I found out who it was I quickly came here and am thrilled to have found such an amazing podcast. The writing and narration are the best I’ve ever encountered.
Next Big Horror Author INC!!
This show started “good”, and has just blossomed into “great” in such a loving way. Tyler’s writing is descriptive and precise when needed, and ephemeral in just the right ways. I love listening to the stories and the banter, and enjoy the recommendations in horror novels and movies. I can’t wait to see what he does next! Also, I LOVED Monstruo!
Child of sparrows
Greatness. But that out-of-tune guitar is taking years off my life and literal stars off my review the longer it goes on.
Great podcast!!
I just learned about your podcast while listening to Hillbilly Horror Story. I’m so glad I did! Your voice is pleasant to listen to, and you make story-telling seem easy. I am looking forward to listening to all your episodes. I was looking for a new podcast and I’m so pleased I found you. Cheers and I hope you have many more to come! -Mae
I heard about this podcast from another that I listen to, Invisible Choir. I am so glad I checked it out! It has now become one of my favorites. I can’t wait to bing listen while getting our house back in order.
Little Doggie
Talented author!
Love listening to this podcast. Tyler’s stories are layered and complex. His creative imagination and dark style make it hard not to listen to these pieces in obsessive binges. Love the monthly recommendations and HLC as well!
Cleopatra C.
Great podcast
Excellent writing and storytelling. Thank you for creating such a wonderful podcast.
Miss Ginger 58
It’s good, but . . .
I want to like this podcast, but it’s hard to get past the superfluous use of the F word and the humble-bragging. I haven’t actually just deleted it yet, because when it’s good it is good. But there’s too much unnecessary talking and opinions that are self serving and jokes that only he laughs at.
Mud of the Heart
I would freely appreciate an entire series based on this story.... I’ve listened to it a few times now, an I’m convinced there could be amazing prequels....
Every story is incredibly well done and I couldn’t recommend this podcast more.
Great story telling. The stories are really awesome. They make you think about your own life!
You inspire my first ever written review
A deft and often cleverly subtle combination of classic literary technique and youthful spirit, in and of the Time. I so look forward to every story. You reinspire me.
Only getting better!
Child of sparrow my all time favorite ........until Best Roses❤️
Slick1 RNC
Publish it
Brilliant and original. I’m surprised Bell isn’t published. If his plethora of short stories was published as a collection I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Sure in comic book form it would be great, but this writing is strong enough to stand on its own. His imagery is so stimulating it’s best left to the imagination, although The Umbrella Man is begging to be on the big screen :-) Literary agents out there, for the love of god put these stories into print!
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Cold sleeper
One of my favorite podcasts.
Love your work, Tyler. Everything you do here and on Monstruo is top notch and I look forward all the new projects y’all are working on. Keep up the great work. -DR-
Monstruo brought me here
And I’m never leaving! Tyler bell is an incredible writer and story teller. This podcast is serving all the goods, compelling storylines with incredible delivery? Yes please! Horror fiction at its best! Highly recommend
LOVE this podcast!
I stay consistently interested in the stories being told. I’ve yet to find a story telling podcast that keeps me engaged or doesn’t let me down every other episode. Not this one! I stay engaged and hardly ever disappointed by an ending. Well written, beautifully told, and all around great entertainment. So happy I found this! I’ve yet to even listen to anything else since I came across it! Keep it up!
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So much talent! 🖤 Thank you for sharing your stories, Tyler!
Incredible work!
That fact that you do this whole podcast yourself baffles me! Excellent work man. Looking forward to be a long time listener! Love the guitar intro and outro
Totally need to listen!
I found this guy through monstro. I really like his narration and his stories. Down to earth and truly look forward to each episode. Keep up the good work! PS write some more monstro-I can really tell your influence in the stories. You are awesome!
Tyler is talented and gifted as a writer and storyteller. I highly recommend listening to all of his stories.
Great podcast
I love story podcasts, especially horror stories. Tyler is a talented young author and his read delivery via the podcast is entertaining. Thank you and continued good luck to you, Tyler!
Unique and well done
As a literature and horror snob, I’ve been disappointed in many storytelling podcasts with excessive cheesiness and politics with no nuance. Each storyline in the Westside podcast is different in style and cadence, and I’ve been surprised to realize that it’s the same guy delivering all of the voices for his own work! Bonus are the horror reading and media recommendations, I agree with all of them 100 per cent. Guess I’m on the same page as the host. Subscribe and support this man.
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Lucky13 SF
Amazing Podcast!
Love everything about this podcast; the writing, voice and music.
The total package.
Amazing writing, amazing narration. I’m hooked!!!
Great Unique Stories and Presentation
West side Fairytales has become one of my goto podcasts. I love the stories and narration. Tyler making recommendations for books adds a nice touch. His voice lends well to the reading of his stories. Impressive for a one man show. Overall this is a really good show that I look forward to binging on.
Love it!!
You are an amazing writer and have a great voice. Keep up the good work.
Losing it now44
His writing is pure genius
If you came to check him out because of Jack Luna or Mike Boudet, don’t let the lack of it being true crime stop you from subscribing. This is pure ear candy. His tales are woven so well and the twists he comes up with are spectacular. The 4 part series that just ended was crazy good.
Gates of Heaven
Wow. Just WOW.
Best one man production
This show really blew me away with Tota Americana 1 & 2. For a one person or even a small group production, I’m amazed there isn’t more people working to make these shows. Top notch and I listen to all (all that I can find) of the horror podcasts and this is right up in the top of the rankings along sing much bigger budgets and staffs. It’s like coming across a low budget movie that decided to put its effort into the acting and story and is quite the better for it. I’m dying for the fourth episode of ‘Tota Americana’
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Fairness doctrine
One of my absolute favorite podcasts!!! I am all caught up and I’m always anxiously waiting for the next story! I absolutely love the writing and the presentation of each story!! Keep doing you!!! Never change!!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Raven Noire
Love you!
Heard of you from Luna- love you for you! I don’t know how you keep creating such awesome tales, but thank you and please don’t stop!😻
Melissa LaCourse
LOVE this podcast!
Tyler is an amazing storyteller. His voice is so soothing, yet holds my attention throughout. I love the guitar rift that’s played at the intro. Keep up the amazing work, I look forward to each episode!
This show is so remarkably unique and well done. The writing itself is nothing short of genius, and the production quality of the episode in its totality is so immersive and scarily entertaining. Tyler Bell is the only creator I make time to badger about the release of the next episode because it’s painful to wait! I also support on Patreon simply to hear an episode as soon as humanly possible. Can’t say enough about this show!
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Horror stories at their finest
I’ve only been listening to this podcast about a month, and I’m hooked! Binge listened on my way to and from work and I must say, this storytelling would make Ligotti proud
geto boy of omega 7
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