We're Here For It
We're Here For It
We're Here For It
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These ladies embrace the sage wisdom of the true father of Pop culture: “Do one thing, and do it better than anyone.” -Orville Redenbacher
Something For Everyone!
This podcast covers everything from modern events to royal gossip and Housewives drama. We’re Here For It is a fun way to keep up to date on today’s latest media stories!
(Orange) Crushed It
Yes yes yes
So much yes. What an enjoyable listen! These two have instant chemistry, and I could listen to them talk about just about anything. Can’t recommend this enough!
I’m here for it!!!
Love this podcast!! Great content and always funny!! Listen when I want to get away of my normal crazy life!!
Love this podcast!
Funny, entertaining women discussing current events in an insightful manner. Their blatant requests for product endorsements had me in stitches and wishing I had a company they could promote-LOL! Keep it coming ladies!
PJ's GaGa
All I can say is...I’M HERE FOR IT