Welcome to Level Seven
Welcome to Level Seven
Ben Avery, Stewart, and Samantha
Dig deep into the Marvel Cinematic Universe: from Disney+’s She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel to Spider-Man and Dr. Strange in the cinema, we love the MCU!
MADAME *sigh* WEB – WTL7 413
This is an episode about a movie. Ben and Samantha are in it. The movie is Madame Web. BUT . . . there's also some talk about the recent superhero news!!!
Feb 29
1 hr 24 min
Jessica Jones 2×5-9 “AKA The Octopus”, “AKA Facetime”, “AKA I Want Your Cray Cray”, “AKA Ain’t We Got Fun”, and “AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster In the Bed” – WTL7 412
You read the title . . . this episode covers the middle section of Jessica Jones season 2! Ben and Samantha discuss “AKA The Octopus”, “AKA Facetime”, “AKA I Want Your Cray Cray”, “AKA Ain't We Got Fun”, and “AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster In the Bed” – whew! Lots to cover! Also, some […]
Jan 15
1 hr 25 min
It's a controversial movie. The Marvels did not set any records . . . in a positive way. Now the Agents come together to talk through the movie that people are talking about because it's a movie with Marvel characters. Also, it's a follow up to Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Secret Invasion, and Wandavision. Surely […]
Dec 5, 2023
1 hr 36 min
LOKI 2×02 “Breaking Brad” – WTL7 410
Behold! Loki and Mobius in all their glory in a buddy time-cop episode for the ages!!! What do YOU think about Loki so far???
Oct 26, 2023
1 hr 10 min
LOKI 2×01 “Ouroboros” – WTL7 409
Loki is back! And his show takes up RIGHT AFTER the final moments of Loki season 1!!! And Loki does what he's best at – he brings shenanigans! Time-slipping shenanigans! Speaking of time traveling shenanigans . . . we slipped past episode 408 because of some technical difficulties . . . it will arrive sometime […]
Oct 15, 2023
1 hr 30 min
I Am Groot Season 2 – WTL7 407
Groot is BACK! And so are Ben and Samantha! In season 2 of Groot, one more set between the main movie and the post-credit of Guardians 2, Groot is up to more misadventures as he goes about his child-like life: eating treats, meeting creatures, and just generally bringing chaos! [shownites_close]
Sep 28, 2023
50 min
JESSICA JONES 2×1-4 “AKA Start at the Beginning”, “AKA Freak Accident”, “AKA Sole Survivor”, & “AKA God Help the Hobo” – WTL7 406
NETFLIX IS BACK! We're jumping into the second season of Jessica Jones, and once more we are taking on multiple episodes at a time! For this episode, we dive into the first four episodes of Jessica Jones! Join Ben and Samantha as they dissect and examine the next chapter in Jessica Jones' story!
Sep 12, 2023
1 hr 30 min
SECRET INVASION 1×05 & 06 “Harvest” & “Home” – WTL7 405
It's a REAL episode! The episode where we talk about the END of Secret Invasion. And we have FOUR hosts. Yes. Ben. Stewart. Samantha. And Daniel. The gang's all here! But did the gang LIKE Secret Invasion? And how long does Ben rant and complain and explain his issues? Find out here!!!
Aug 24, 2023
1 hr 32 min
404 File Not Found – WTL7404 :)
It started as a joke . . . And then it was created and posted as a joke. But I mean, c'mon. It's four hundred and four episodes! 🙂 We had to do something!
Aug 24, 2023
1 min
SECRET INVASION 1×04 “Beloved” – WTL7 403
The SECRET INVASION continues! Ben and Samantha talk about it! That is to say, Ben RANTS about it and Samantha puts up with his ranting . . . If this is how things are going in episode 4, where is this series taking us? What will episodes 5 and 6 be like?
Aug 4, 2023
1 hr 21 min
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