Welcome Home
Welcome Home
Kirsten & Graham
This is the Home-Ec class you wish you'd taken in school. Co-hosts Graham Smith and Kirsten Dunlap are two moms on a mission to help others create elegant, livable, welcoming homes. Join them as they interview experts, tackle specific challenges, and share their homemaking fails and successes. Real families, real budgets, real homes. Welcome Home! ***ON TEMPORARY HIATUS DUE TO COVID 19*** WILL RETURN WITH NEW EPISODES THIS FALL!
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Holding out hope for Halloween!
Love this show. I totally understand why they needed a break, but I am holding out hope for a Halloween episode! I can’t imagine Graham would want to miss that!
$2 tips?
Just listened to the episode where one of them says $2 is a perfect tip. No it’s not. This is America. Servers are not well paid. Tip 20% or don’t use a service that requires tipping. Super out of touch. Shame because otherwise it’s a good podcast but I feel sorry for everyone who has ever waited on this lady.
The Marquise
A Great Show
Great banter between the hosts. It seems like the hosts have really listened to the complaints and became more relatable to their listeners.
Hosts make housework hilarious
Super fun pod! Kirsten and Graham crack me up!! I enjoy putting this on while I’m doing housework. It makes those everyday tasks (almost) fun! It is so clear they love making this pod, and I love them for it!
Louisa Sizemore
Love you guys!
Thanks for doing what you do. You guys are so fun to listen to! I love the new-ish format of “welcome home!” Id listen to you weekly if you ever did that!
Love K & G
I listen to Welcome Home when I’m doing housework and Kirsten & Graham keep me entertained, informed about new products, recipes, books and more! I often finish a podcast motivated to try something new or change and old routine. K & G have motivated me to be a better neighbor, entertainer and friend!
Tried. Nope.
You two talk too fast. It makes my ears tired.
Love them WHEN I can hear them!!
I absolutely LOVE this podcast, BUT I swear Kirsten swings her mouth away from the microphone constantly. I listen to relax me for bed with earbuds. I can hardly hear them for the inconsistent volume, it's either nonexistent or, if I turn it up, my ears get blasted when Graham talks. You ladies need to upgrade your microphones and talk INTO them!!! And have a consistent volume level. If that got fixed...I would give them 5 stars. As it is, I keep coming back TRYING to listen, but I get so aggravated I quit.
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ImCindy S.
Want to love it, but can barely hear them on full volume
Fun conversation, horrible mics. I CANNOT HEAR YOU
One of the best
I love this podcast! It is great for long drives in which I want to tune out the backseat! Even my 10 year olds listens with me sometimes and his comments are GOLD! Sometimes I just want to pick up the phone and ask K and G’s opinion!
I want to love it!
I keep coming back and trying to listen, because I think there is good info in there, but I can’t handle all the laughing fits and tangents, and there’s some awkward arguing moments.. I will keep checking back in because I do like some of the content, I just wish they’d edit out some of the uncontrolled laughing, because it’s like you’re overhearing a conversation with inside jokes that you don’t understand. Of course this is a highly rated podcast so I assume I’m in the minority of people bothered by it!
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Was on board until they started making fun of soup kitchens
I was initally here for the snarky attitudes of these two women in regards to mothering and homemaking. Then they decided to talk about how run down a soup kitchen was...said it must be "run by the government." Can't imagine a more out of touch show for 2019.
Came back to edit my review !
So I originally gave this podcast a great review ... and I had to come back to edit because I just listened to “the best thanksgiving ever” episode and, y’all, these two are just killing it!!! I was laughing so hard while listening that I almost had to pull over my car. Yes, they get off topic, but I expect and LOVE that! Isn’t that how every conversation with your BFF goes ?! Seriously, this podcast is gold.
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Cute and fun and real : )
I found Welcome Home through the We Turned Out Okay podcast, and I’m so glad I did. Graham and Kirsten, you are just such fun to listen to. Thank you for this show!
My Podcast Besties
I absolutely love listening to this podcast on my commute to and from work. Kirsten and Graham are funny & informative. They make my 30 minute drive feel like a sit down with old friends. Thanks for bringing joy and laughter to my day!
Entertaining and educational
So much fun! Lots of good tips for hosting and housekeeping, money and munches. Loving these ladies!
From scratch old fashioned?
Graham is hilarious. I love that she doesn’t listen to podcasts herself. I kind of think they should just be a conversational podcast, as I don’t think the home focus has ever come across strongly - which is fine with me. I like that they are somewhat old fashioned, but they are like old ladies that wear pearls and have lots of money to spend on frivolous things, and I wish they were more like sweet old ladies that weren’t in to having Christmas china, but made soup from scratch, could kill a chicken, and cross stitch. That’s all.
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Love it!
So happy to be a subscriber! KJM
Fun to listen to
I really enjoy listening to them! Very fun and light. But Kirsten interrupts so much that I have a hard time understanding their point at times. She really needs to let Graham and others finish their thoughts. Other than that, really enjoy!
Your new home-building besties!
Wanna cook an awesome dinner or keep a cleaner house? Kristen and Graham have got you covered! Wanna throw a killer party, spice up your marriage, or just be a better human one tiny step at a time? They've got you there, too. Seriously...every single mom/wife/lovely human on the planet should be tuning in to Welcome Home! Happy listening (and laughing)!
Katie Joy B.
My new fave!
What a great podcast! Just listened to the meal planning episode and can’t wait to continue exploring their line-up. They’re easy to listen to, as if we’re sitting around trading tips and commiserating about life.
Amy Dee from Indiana!
So much fun, so much knowledge!
Kirsten and Graham are so fun to listen to! With their own experience as well as the experts they interview I have been able to really transform many aspects of my mom life. Thanks for a great show!
The best podcast.
I LOVE WELCOME HOME!!! And Kiersten and Graham!!!! I feel like I’m chatting with old friends, and that our values in life and home align so well. This podcast is so wonderful and wholesome with no annoying references to how depressed they are (which is currently in vogue) or how much they hate their lives. The tips are often mind blowing and occasionally merely helpful. If I’m ever having a bad day, I can count on Graham and Kiersten to cheer me up. Thanks, Ladies.
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More of women just giggly. Hated it.
So funny!
This podcast is so funny! I love it when the hosts just get off on a tangent. Sometimes the audio quality is off. We should have more Halloween content on this podcast. Really gets the hosts going.
I want to be friends with these ladies! 😂
This podcast is so fun! It’s quite possibly my favorite podcast that I listen to. It’s like hanging out with two great friends. They have a wonderful sense of humor and I always enjoy listening. Highly recommended!
Chatting with Friends
I love this podcast! It makes me feel like I’m chatting with some of my best friends. Kirsten & Graham are so fun and they keep me laughing with their off-topic side conversations. I’d definitely recommend.
Lemhi Girl
Love this podcast!
I love listening to Graham and Kristen each week! They are funny, and it feels like they are sitting in the room with you! Love all their insights.
Layne Smith
Good Content/Laugh-Talking
I like the content of the show and how it relates to moms, although I do wish there was more home decor content. One thing I have a hard time with though is understanding what the ladies are saying when they’re laughing for a long time but still continue to talk.
Super fun podcast
Love this podcast! My best friend and I always listen and then discuss how similar our friendship is to Graham and Kirsten’s. It is always fun and interesting. Highly recommend.
I adore this podcast. In my opinion, the best episodes are the ones where it’s just Kirstin and Graham because they are HILARIOUS. I laugh so much listening to this. It’s so entertaining and I love the topics. I wish they did episodes more often!
Coffee with your best friend
Feels like going to coffee or drinks with your best friend. This podcast always puts me in a good mood while I listening! Thanks ladies!
Great Friends
I love this podcast! These 2 are funny and bright and really make my day better whether I listen on the way to work or coming home. They make me feel like I’m one of their friends in on the convo and I’m happy to be there with them. Thanks!
Jeannette Sparks
Look forward to every episode!!!
I’ve been listening to Kirsten and Graham for almost two years and I look forward to every new episode! I especially enjoy their banter and chemistry. I also look forward to their interviews. They ask the questions I either always wanted to ask or didn’t think to ask. One of my favorite recurring episodes is their “What’s In and Whats Out” episode at the beginning of each new year.
Such a fun listen with great info
Just found your podcast in December and have binged ever since. I am almost caught up! I love the variety of content that you offer and especially love your more controversial episodes as they are great food for thought and a really fun listen. You always make me laugh and I teach me something new.
Fun and informative
I really enjoy these two ladies’ banter about all different topics having to do with real life for moms and homeowners. They often have informative guests on the show, too, with great insight into all different topics. Thank you for keeping the show fun and light, ladies! Keep up the good work.
Editor L
ChristineF W
I feel like I'm talking to my best friends! My new all-time favorite podcast! So uplifting and inspiring, and always with the BEST tips about living a gracious life. Highly recommend!!
ChristineF W
So close! But not quite...
I really want to keep listening to this podcast, but I am growing weary of Kirsten’s interruptions and laughing through her speech, to make it difficult to understand. I get it that some friends do this, but it is super annoying in a podcast. If this could be improved and conversation can say *somewhat* on topic, it would be a huge improvement!
Awesome Podcast!!
Kristen & Graham, hosts of the Welcome Home podcast, highlights all aspects of homemaking, family and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Good Show — Poor Audio Quality
I enjoy Welcome Home and really enjoy the hosts and content. I’ve been listening for a year or so. The audio quality has increasingly grown difficult to listen to with cracking sounds and poor interview audio. I’m hoping it will improve, as I do enjoy the podcast. Overall a great show, just needing an audio tweak 🙂
Delightful Podcast
This podcast is so much fun and the hosts, Kirsten and Graham, are funny and charming. The content is a perfect mix of informational and inspirational tips for gracious living and real-life strategies for modern families. There also frequently fantastic interviews. It’s one of my favorites!
Such fun
I adore listening to these two. It’s like having friends over for coffee. They are funny and smart and add so much to my day.
How Your Long Distance Friendship is Saving my Relationship
Why, you ask, is K&G’s long distance friendship saving my personal relationship? Because if they lived in the same city, I would move there immediately. Leave everything behind and try to work my way into this best friendship. I love everything about this podcast, from the sponsored ads straight through to the banter. The controversial topics (helloooo Penelope Trunk!) and hearing the little snippets about their personal relationships ...and of course, the design talk! I try to let weeks go past so episodes build up so I can binge listen to multiple in a row...I can’t get enough! Love you both!!
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Definitely not my favorite
The hosts are always interrupting each other and I feel like they could talk about more practical home stuff.
My favorite podcast for Moms!
I have been a long time listener to podcasts and came across The Home Hour just recently. Every chance I get I listen... scrolling through past episodes and clinging to every word. These gals are FUN, WHITTY, and just REAL! Being a mom to triplets and twins and now living abroad in Holland - I crave the company of women I can relate to... Kiersten and Graham are it! Thank you for sharing your stories and insights. I love you both! - Kate
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Where’s the design and diy?
Where is the design and diy content on this show?
Awesome show!
The hosts are so fun, I find myself laughing along with them all the time. Great interviews and hilarious hosts! This is my favorite podcast!
My Favorite Podcast!
I recently discovered The Home Hour, and I am absolutely hooked. This is BY FAR my favorite podcast!! Each episode discusses a new and different topic pertaining to women, which keeps it fun and exciting. Kirsten and Graham invite incredibly interesting speakers to discuss all different topics. They challenge their listeners to think differently and in new ways about each topic. I can’t say more good things about this podcast!! I’m so glad I found it!
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Caki W
Entertaining, Funny & Informative!
I look forward to the days a new The Home Hour episode releases! Graham & Kirsten have a great banter with each other and with their guests! The topics are always of interest and I’ve definitely implemented more than a handful of their suggestions such as a meal planning system that actually works (#84), goal setting for families (#78), beauty tips (#104) and back to school routines & rituals (#82). Keep up the great work!
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I stopped listening after hearing a 2,500 square foot house called “small”. As someone who feels extremely fortunate to live in a house 400 square feet smaller, I found this completely out of touch with a lot of people’s realities.
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