Wedway NOW! - News and info on Disneyland, Walt Disney World and the Disney community
Wedway NOW! - News and info on Disneyland, Walt Disney World and the Disney community
Nate Parrish
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This helped with our recent trip to Disney
And “community news podcast” with paul and Sasha helped pass the time in the lines. Thanks to all of you. Everyone needs both shows to get through a Disney trip.
Timely and fun
The guys do a great job of keeping us all up to date on latest news, sprinkled with background info and Disney history to keep things moist. Listen now, it's delicious.
Where have I been??? This is awesome!!!
Unbelievably great podcast! Where have I been??? How have I overlooked you guys for so long? I love these super informative podcasts on the history and stories behind Disney park attractions. Each episode is bursting with tons of Disney trivia, stories and facts. These two guys really do their homework and research each and every episode. I am so glad I found thus podcast gem!!
Love, love, love this show!!!
Thanks Nate and Matt . . . so much fun!!!
Great podcast. Informative and entertaining. Keep up the great work!
More WedWay fun
I love these companion shows to WEDWAY Radio. Nate and Matt are really hitting their stride in the production of these shows, and they are my primary source for Disney news.
A GREAT show!
This is my new favorite source for Disney news. Matt and Nate do a fantastic job of presenting news and rumors in a fun and informative way. You won’t be sorry you listened.
What Fun!
Just a joy to listen to; heads-up on what's "Comming Soon" (and not so soon) and more details about things you think you already know. Thanks Guys! Joe P.S. And thanks to their spouses and families for letting them play!
I love Wedway Now!
Thank you so much for such a great show!!! (SongofFrogs)
Disney Music Lover
To Infinity, and Beyond
I cannot download this show fast enough. This news hub is incredibly informative. It utilizes music to fully immerse the listener into the show, and the cues allow the habitual listeners to know when the next topic is about to begin. I love the short segments in all of the areas, and the accompanying sound bytes that bring irony into each topic section. I am always excited to be able to know exactly what to expect within the near and far future from disney. The Parrish brothers are always relevant, and humble in their discussions. They typically remain objective, and still share a weatlth of knowledge in each topic area. Great Job!
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Love adding more Matt & Nate to each week
Not to bad
Good listen for a work commute.
The K is silent
Great for Disney fans.
Very entertaining and informative when the talk about Disney. My only negative is when they sidetrack outside of Disney they usually get their info wrong. Google can be your friend.
A Terrific Companion Piece to WEDway Radio
The Parrish brothers spend so much time covering the vast history of Disney on their big show, WEDway Radio, that a podcast like this (these?) became necessary. Shorter and looser than their history show, WEDway Now! looks at the latest in Disney news and rumors, and offers a look into the fan community. Suffused with all the charm and friendly camaraderie of the big show, WEDway Now! is another must-listen podcast. Recently, they added another new offshoot - WEDway Now! on the Big Screen, focusing on new and upcoming movies. It's just another way Matt and Nate Parrish give Disney fans what they need in accessible segments, without overwhelming.
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Great podcast & info!
This is the "sister" podcast to Wedway Radio and is presented with as much thoroughness and passion as Wedway Radio is.
Great Disney Current Affairs Podcast
Great update podcast, keeps me up to date on my Disney news. Love it
Really Enjoyable!
5 stars
Love This Show
More of the Parrish Brothers. No one does the Disney news better. Keep it coming guys
Love how we get the news of the week and then get to hear a featured podcaster. This was such a great idea
Are they drunk?
Show is getting sloppy and it sounds like they are drunk. Even heard them curse on latest episode which is way out if character for them. Hope all is well in their lives.
 Lucky
just the good 'ole boyz !
I love listening to Nate & Matt talk about Disney news & especially when they interview various other Disney Podcasters. I have picked up a few more pods from hearing these interviews! Just plain fun if you like Disney !
Love these guys!
I love hearing these brothers chit chat about all things Disney. It is like a good morning show, where you care about the subject matter but care more about the personalities of the hosts. There are lots of Disney podcasts out there, but wedway and wedway now are the most enjoyable to listen to.
Love the concept
I enjoy the Disney news but, even more, I really love the exposure to parts of the online community I didn't even know existed. Keep up the good work on both podcasts and thanks for bringing us Wedway NOW!
Lew M.
A delight!
I'm so glad that I found this podcast. I really enjoy them.
Wedway NOW!
More laid back in a Midwestern way and more considered than other podcasts about WDW. A delight!
Keep Them Coming!!!!!!!
I want more shows and sooner. Thanks for everything you guys do!
The Future Has Arrived
Thank you Matt and Nate for providing a window into Disney News and new Friends! Listen to Wedway Now! if you're craving a ride on the Wedway People mover.
mr. figment
Enjoy it
Really enjoy this variation on the Wedway podcast. Some episodes better than others, but that's to be expected. Like the current nature of the review of Disney news.
Mike D in PA
This podcast is great!
Love the Show
Both the Wedway Shows are my favorites. I love the show and the topics they cover. I loved the Betamouse reunion even without Henry. Bring Back Betamouse!!!
Great companion to Wedway Radio
Love this new show! Good companion and gives me the news I want to hear. Thanks!
Even MORE of the Parrish Brothers!
Enjoying this spinoff show so much. I love getting to know more about the folks I "know" in the Disney community! Have found new websites & blogs through this show, which is always good. If you listen to this podcast, be sure you also try the Wedway Radio podcast, also by Matt & Nate. A fantastic show by fantastic people!
Another great hit from the Brothers Parrish
Nate and Matt have hit another home run with Wedway Now! I love the new format and especially the interview segment at the end. If you don't have Wedway Now! on your podcast feed, you are missing one of the best.
A Great Companion
I started out listening to Matt and Nate's other show Wedway Radio and started listening to this one when they started it up. It is different than their other show, but it is still great to listen to. I love being able to keep up with the news of Disney since I don't really live close to either resort in the US. I also really enjoy having the special guest each week so far. So far it has already helped me find some new podcasts to enjoy and some new blogs to visit. Keep up the great work guys.
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Great Podcast!
Thanks for keeping us up to date on the parks!
Informative and fun
This is a great addition to Wedway Radio. An entertaining source for Disney news. The Parrish brothers are both entertaining and informative. This has quickly become one of my favorites along with Wedway Radio and WDW Today.
Mr. Morrow
Two Brothers On A Sister Show
Sister show to Wedway Radio, this podcast is just great. It features a guest from the Disney community each episode and provides the latests news on what's going on on both coasts. The final four segment is always fun! The only was this podcast could be better is if it were on a boat.
Nick Phillips
Intro guest
Have enjoyed listening to the first three episodes. Suggestion: if you are going to include guest in discussing the news at the opening of the show please introduce them at the beginning. Knowing who they are will allow context for their comments.
Wedway Now
Just love this podcast, The Parrish brothers are fantastic look forward to more episodes.
hawaiian mickey
love this
Great Disney insight and this is so much fun. i really enjoy the great relationship between the brothers too.
If you listen to WEDway Radio you are sure to love WEDway NOW!
NOW! is a great addition to the WEDway Radio family! Matt & Nate have pulled together another great show this time featuring weekly news and happenings within The Walt Disney Company and adding special guests form the Disney Community to banter with!
Love it!
Great addition to their regular podcast. Love the guest/interview factor, and weekly news!
Unique and Informative!
I'm a huge WEDway Radio fan already so I am stoked to have WEDnow on it's own feed! This will give this show a chance to really grow. 2 episodes in and it's already a unique show. This is a very informative podcast about Disney News and the Disney community! This is one of my main sources for Disney news! I love the Final Four segment at the end of the show! Matt and Nate have a great give and take which makes it so fun to listen to. Highly recomended for any Disney fan and everyone who wants to stay in the Disney loop!
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The Present and Future of Matt and Nate's Mind
First off- long time listener, first time caller. Well, of their original Wedway Radio podcast. If you don't know... Wedway Radio is an intelligent, insightful, and entertaining look at the history and heritage of Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and many things Disney. If you haven't discovered it yet, go forth. Matt, Nate (and occasionally a guest in the know) make Wedway NOW an insightful, in depth look at current news and rumors. Thanks to you both for a quality show.
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The Best by the Best
If you want a Disney Podcast and you know more than a few. You would know the authors of this and the other Wedway Podcast. The Parrish Brothers will Deliver a solid Podcast all the time every time! I am glad I get to listen to this podcast.
One of the Best Disney Podcasts
What do you get when two brothers, one a radio personality and the other a former cast member turned history teacher? This podcast. Thought provoking, well researched. I look forward to every single episode.
More from the Parrish bros = Podcast gold!
Wedway Radio is already by far the best Disney podcast PERIOD! With the addition of NOW as its own show, we get more of the awesomeness!!!
Superb Podcast!!
This is the kind of podcast I have been waiting for, a combination of news and personalities of people in the community. Great setup!!
A great addition
This show adds so much depth to the already great WEDWay Radio. Really enjoying this show.
Andrew Morris
Great Disney Podcast, from first rate broadcasters!
If your a Disney Fan look no further! This is a spinoff from my favorite Disney podcast Wedway Radio. As I stated above the two hosts do a very professional job presenting great content with just the right balance of humor and content. I like the idea of creating a new podcast to focus on the News!
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