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Wednesdays with Watson
Amy Watson
There is much stigma to mental health issues in America and in the world. It is, perhaps, the most overlooked healthcare issue in society today. However, when we choose to address it and surround ourselves with people who refuse to let us ignore it, there IS healing and there IS Hope. This is a podcast hosted by a trauma survivor, a CPTSD patient, and a thriver. This raw and real podcast seeks to educate through story, science, and a faith that heals because of a God who understands our sufferings. Wednesdays With Watson podcast is a altruistic podcast that raises money for people who can afford counseling. Above all else, Jesus is the Star of all the stories. Come ito the healing zone! #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealthMatters #EMDR #RRT #LFS #Survivor #Jesus #CPTSD #Healing #enneagram
Living As His Beloved: Your Enneagram Coach Beth & Jeff McCord "More Than Your Number"
CONTACT AMYPre-Order "More Than Your Number" hereTake The TestWhat if we lived in the fulness of who God made us? We know from scripture that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. In all of the world, there is not a single soul that is like you; God imagined and made each of us or His honor and His glory. We are to be stewards of our gifts and talents and we are responsible thereby accountable in how we live our lives and how we show up in the world. Each given different gifts, talents and passion, we have access to living as His Beloved child and using every bit of the uniqueness He gave each one of us when. It is easy to image the creators demeanor when He created each of us, almost as to say "I don't have one quite like this one". The Wednesdays With Watson Podcast is proud to bring  best selling authors and founders of "Your Enneagram Coach" Beth and Jeff McCord. We sat down with Jeff and Beth to discuss their new book "More Than A Number"--a beautifully written piece of work that encourages us to utilize the full range of how God made each of us. Many of us are tempted to walk around with a tool like the enneagram and put ourselves in a box, excusing and promoting all behaviors because a certain aspect of our personality. But that isn't what God had in mind when He made us image bearers! In this book, out September 20, 2022, the McCords have developed a different way of viewing how we use the neutral tool of the enneagram to live in the fullness of Christ, Living As His Beloved.The enneagram internal profile is an understanding of other parts of us that God placed inside of us or His honor and His glory. When we are not living as the wounded child, but step into the completed work of Jesus on the cross, understanding the way we are wired, the way He made us can serve us in life, but more importantly, it will serve us in our walk with Jesus.This is a bonus episode that will usher us into season 4 where we will use, among other things, the enneagram to help us navigate the waters of forgiveness.Scripture: Psalm 139, Genesis 1:26, Joel2:25, Romans 12:1,2
Sep 6, 2022
1 hr 4 min
PTSD, My Counselor & Me: Sexual Abuse & Purity Culture Messaging, pt 2
Contact AmyThis is the second part of our season three finale. Sexual abuse and purity culture messaging has presented a culture of shame and guilt. This episode follows a deeply personal episode where Amy accounts a day in Dr, Petit's office where immense healing occurred as she was able to shed the shame of sexual abuse and purity culture messaging. In this second episode, Amy sits down with her counselor, Dr. Thomas Petit, who will give his account of the day that shame lost and Amy felt freedom from the shame of sexual abuse as it pertains to purity culture messaging. Dr. Thomas Petit, a trauma informed counselor, also brings highlights to this episode as it pertains to self care when shame is present along with anxiety management. This episode ends our season on childhood trauma and it is an episode filled with hope and a story of ridiculous redemption, straight from Amy's counselor. This episode also highlights the heart and mission of the podcast, to provide access to help for those who need it. The Wednesdays With Watson podcast exists to not only educate, but to raise money for counseling scholarships for those who can not afford it. If you would like to participate in that mission, there are many ways you can do that by clicking here.**A portion of the song "Isn't That Amazing Grace" written and performed by Josh Bales, is used by written permission**
Aug 23, 2022
1 hr 11 min
Sexual Abuse & Purity Culture Messaging, ft music by Josh Bales
Contact AmyContact Josh BalesThis is part one of season three finale of the Wednesdays With Watson podcast, and a portion of Amy's story never published anywhere else.Purity Culture messaging, particularly in Generation X has served to harm more than help. This episode highlights a first hand account of how constant bombardment of purity culture messaging affected Amy as a survivor of sexual abuse. While she is clear on this episode that the Bible does, in fact, teach sexual purity, it is important to deliver the message to young people in a way that takes into account that 1:4 girls are sexually abused, and 1:7 boys share the same experience (though probably vastly under reported).This episode chronicles the day that Amy finally decided to address this is her counselor's office and the healing that came from that session. It provides hope for any one of you out there listening that live with shame of sexual abuse for any reason, but particularly as a result of purity culture messaging . Shame does not belong to you and is a tool our our enemy. We want you to heal just like Amy has! This is an incredibly vulnerable episode, safe for young ears, and listeners are left with the Hope of the completed work of Jesus on the cross, as you are literally taken through Amy's healing and release of shame and guilt meant only to destroy her.Special thanks to Josh Bales, whose song "Isn't That Amazing Grace" is featured at the end of the episode with just a taste of the message at the beginning of the podcast. You can find all of Josh's music at his website, he is prolific songwriter and musician and we are incredibly grateful he allowed us to use his song on this episode."Come out sinners from those shadows every corner of your shame, don't you know you are His beloved, you don't have to hide your face, isn't that amazing grace?"This episode will be followed up in two weeks with Dr. Thomas Petit's perspective of the healing session that allowed Amy to put her felt shame and guilt behind her. This is the solo finale of season three, a season where we have focused on childhood trauma.If we left the 99 to find the one for this episode, every tear shed on this episode is worth it.***"Isn't That Amazing Grace" Copyright Josh Bales, song used by written consent from artist.***
Aug 9, 2022
29 min
Connecting With Cooking: What Is The Need Behind A Child's Request?
"One evening, my child came up to me and asked, “Daddy, can I chop your vegetable scraps?”That one question opened my eyes to all the possibilities that exist for me - and for you - when we embrace the connecting power of cooking and eating together with our children."--Chef KibbyChef Kibby (Contact)Contact Amy--Summer fundraiser for counseling schloarships.The Wednesdays With Watson Podcast is proud to bring Chef Kibby to the podcast. Chef Kibby and his wife are foster parents as well as parents to their biological children. Like many of us, Chef Kibby faced losing his livelihood when the Covid 19 Pandemic swept the globe. It started with one question, and that question led him to evaluate the need behind that request, and thus was born his new passion of connecting with children in the kitchen.What are the felt needs behind a request from our children, regardless of trauma status? Why is it important to connect with them in the first place on practical levels--levels that we've not seen pre pandemic?  Now more than every our children need us, and we need them. This episode is rich with information that will help you connect with your kids over one of the very few common human needs--food. Listen as he tells his journey of this ministry and how he strongly encourages parents to get in the kitchen with their children, and you don't have to be a chef.Enjoy this episode as we near the end of our season on Trauma, Spaces, Places, and Aces. This one is definitely an ACE!
Jul 26, 2022
34 min
Healing From Trauma Using Food As Your Medicine
What if it were as simple as adding healing foods to your toolkit? Trauma survivor and wellness coach Nicole Patraw joins the Wednesdays With Watson Podcast! Nicole brings such wisdom as it pertains to nutrition, particularly when trauma and present, and for children. Her amazing story and how she turned her pain into purpose is nothing short of amazing and is the true definition of healing. Listen in as Nicole helps us, because that is her passion!The Wednesdays With Watson Podcast continues to pursue our mission of providing access to help for those who need it, and this is a great example of that. Nicole offers much wisdom on this episode that she has incorporated into her wellness business. She did not appear on the podcast to promote herself but to help YOU. If you are interested in finding out more information about Nicole, click here.To contact Amy, click here. 
Jul 12, 2022
55 min
Observing PTSD Awareness Month (Solo Episode)
This is a special solo episode that recaps our series on racial trauma as well as an update as to where we are going and what our efforts have accomplished.Enjoy this short solo episode!IMPORTANT LINKS:PTSD, JESUS & ME (first season, my diagnosis and journey to it)--Season 1PTSD, Jesus & You--Season 2ENNEAGRAM EPISODES, SEASON 3 DONATE to our efforts to provide funds for pro bono counseling (two people helped from fundraiser at the end of 2021)
Jun 28, 2022
16 min
Treating Racial Trauma: Special Guest, Dr. Catherine Jackson
Do we want to be part of the solution? This episode provides amazing insight from a well respected black therapist. Want the world to change? Remember CHANGE is a complete sentence."I am a part of the change I wish to see"--Dr. Catherine JacksonThe Wednesdays With Watson podcast awarded one of Dr. Jackson's patients funds for pro bono counseling. This is the purpose of this podcast, if you are interested in supporting this mission, click here.Stick around until the end as Dr. Jackson walks us through a guided meditation to calm our nervous systems.Dr. Catherine Jackson joins the Wednesdays With Watson podcast to end the series on racial trauma. It was important to us to secure a therapist of color that could speak to racial trauma from a personal point of view as well as an educated view as a clinical psychologist. Dr. Jackson walks through the interviews on racial trauma and helps us understand the psychological aspects. A little about Dr. Jackson:Dr. Catherine Jackson (Dr. J) is a licensed clinical psychologist and a board certified neurotherapist.  A sought after international speaker and media expert who's been featured in Forbes, Oprah Magazine, The Huffington Post, CNN and many other media outlets, Dr. J shares a wealth of information with others on topics related to mental wellness, the brain and holistic health. She is the owner of Optimal Neuroholistic Services (ONS), author of The Couch Experience: A Guide to Good Therapy and creator of The Couch Experience Therapy and Wellness Card Decks. Dr. J is a DEIJ expert and clinical supervisor  who is passionate about mental health. She helps people rewire their brains, mindset and habits so they think, feel and communicate at their best. To Contact Dr. Jackson, click here.Scripture: Phil 1:13, Genesis 1:26-27
Jun 28, 2022
54 min
Adopting Trauma: Bi-Racial Adoption With Jenn Uren, life in a multi-cultural family
CONTACT AMYCONTACT Jenn Uren, This Mom Knows PodcastWhat are the dynamics in multi-cultural families? What about the trauma that is sure to come with any adoption? How does society receive white families who adopt outside their race? How does the black and brown community feel about it? How does society as a whole feel about it? Curator of the This Mom Knows Podcast, Jenn Uren and her husband, Jim, got the surprise of their lives after raising three biological children. Jenn tells us the story of how a toddler and an infant ended up with her last name in the most unexpected way and at an "interesting" time in life.Jenn brings a lot of attention and education in this episode regarding her greatest fears for her children--all of them. She discusses pre adoption trauma both with her adopted children as well as her biological children. Jenn discusses identity, and how she ensures her children know exactly who they are.Listen in on this and get a unique perspective on a topic that is so important. May episodes like this unite us.
Jun 14, 2022
52 min
Listening versus Fixing: Racial Trauma with Special Guest TJ McKnight
 "We don't want you to fix it, we want you to listen" TJ McKnightContact AmySupport podcast and its mission with one time gift.As we continue our series on racial trauma we welcome Podcaster TJ McKnight to the microphone. TJ brings great insight for those of us who want to understand trauma that happens in both black and brown communities. TJ's example won't surprise you but his solution is so simple and the complete opposite of what most of us have been doing all along. Join the Wednesdays with Watson podcasts all through the month of June as we highlight trauma that happens in the black and brown communities. It is our desire to do something about it. You can do that by listening purely listening.Contact TJWhat if.....what if we just changed? What if we just listened?Scripture References:Geneis 1:26-27I Peter 2:9Psalm 139
Jun 7, 2022
1 hr 1 min
Uncovering Racial Trauma: Special Guest Tiffany Countryman & Melika Courtney
CHANGE.Is a complete sentence. What would happen if we just changed? What if we understood? What if we listened? What if we stopped trying to fix the ills of racial trauma and first listened to those who do not look like us? Do we even know or more importantly care about trauma that other communities, endure?How do we understand without making survivors of racial traumas our professors? Today, two very special people agreed to do just that on the Wednesdays With Watson podcast.**WE ARE GRATEFUL THIS IS A LISTENER SUPPORTED podcast. There are a few ways you can do that by clicking here. There is an option for a one time gift as well as an option for monthly support. To help us with our mission. click here. Tiffany Countryman is the founder of her own 501C3 organization and truly spends her days to ensure racism hears her actions and her deeds. Tiffany is the second recipient of a scholarship from YOU the listeners! Bringing attention to the black community and changing the narrative is how Tiffany spends her time, money, and resources. She also serves as a youth pastor. You can find out more on Tiffany by clicking here.Melika Courtney is a spoken word artist, activist where trauma is present. Melika works with Sanctuary XP, an organization that provides support to both men and women through intensive retreats once a year. Melika is the third recipient of a scholarship funded by the listeners of this podcast. Contact Melika here. Melika also written a book related to domestic violence, you can find that here. Since we are focusing on childhood trauma, this episode includes Tiffany and Melika answer the Adverse Childhood Experience questions. We discuss toxic levels of stress caused by these Adverse Childhood Experiences. If you are interested in learning more about Adverse Childhood Experiences, you can find the quiz here.Keep it here all month (June 2022) as we continue to uncover racial trauma, including an interview with a black therapist. 
May 31, 2022
52 min
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