CreepyPodsta: The Creepypasta Podcast
CreepyPodsta: The Creepypasta Podcast
Weaponized Language
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Not good
I could say more, but this sums it up.
His voice..
I love the stories, but his voice pisses me off. On the Squidward’s suicide episode it sounds like he has a cold, and I could barely listen to it, despite my loving of this story
Ashlynn Starz
It’s good, But where’s the proxy’s like Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, Masky, Hoodie, And Our favorite child of Zalgo, Lazari?
Two thumbs up emojis
It’s a good show 👍👍
This review will give me stars
Highly recommend!
This a podcast that I started a few years back, when I was addicted to creepy pastas. There was a few episodes out and I began listening religiously, bitterly waiting for the next episode to release. Unfortunately the show is done, but highly recommend it. There’s a lot of passion and differing views from the guests. While there’s many technical issues, you be entertained and learn quite a few things. Come, stay awhile and listen.
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Savvy Trump
Jeff is very good at podcasts and he is my dad.
Very good
Trevor Kishibe
This is a nice Podcast
I love learning about CreepyPasta and I would love to learn more about some other characters like Ticci Toby, Masky, Hoodie, Jeff, Sally Willams, and of Course who could for get ZALGO, 👍🏾👍🏾
Winston Demon
Great podcast!
Please bring it back!!!
I miss this podcast it was really good I wish Jeff would bring it back now I have to actually read creepypastas myself 😿 Also I love Phil’s voice 🥺❤️❤️❤️
So confused!
It’s extremely difficult to follow. Don’t know what the hell they are talking about half the time. Audio is not very great!
So sad it’s ended
I’ve listened to this show for the past 3 years. I’ve listened to every episode and waited every week for a new release. I’m gonna miss it to be honest. Please make another podcast Jeff.
Glad its over
I tried coming back to this podcast....but then I remembered why I left...he keeps on talking and talking and stories, just him & his friends acting silly & giggling at the sound of their own voices...oh yeah, they say the words "Creepy Pasta", in-between their opinions of other things. Should be called "Weak sauce".
Love it
Nooo it cant be endingggg it is so good
Two thumbs up emojis
Jeff is good, he’s my dad
A Good Podcast
The discussion is pretty good, and I have learned new things about literature through Jeff and his guest’s commentary. The tangents they go on are fun. Somehow, despite the generally terrible quality of the stories, they make it entertaining. I do wish that the audio quality would improve, and that Jeff would actually edit the things he promises he will edit out, but I can always enjoy the podcast outside of this. Give it a listen, give it a download and enjoy.
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This is discussion ABOUT stories, not the stories themselves
I’m not going to give this less than three stars because that’s mean, since I can’t say whether it’s any good or bad if you WANT to listen to discussion of horror short stories. I didn’t see that in the way it came up in my recommendations, so I didn’t know. If they also did the story, ideally first, I might enjoy it, but as it is, it just feels detached and it spoils anything I haven’t read.or don’t remember well.
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very cool and fun
Jeff is good at podcasts and also he is my dad.
Great podcast!
So, I’m a HUGE CREEPYPASTA fan, and I love this podcast because it at least has somebody’s opinion on it. This podcast is also VERYR funny, especially the Midnight Game one. I just started laughing. Plz keep this up
ezio auditor
I don’t know if you guys even read these😔
I love you guys!!!! Great job on the podcast! Could you do “Pink a Mina die pie” next? It’s basically a murderous version of PinkiePie from My Little Pony. Btw, Jeff is very good and he's my dad.
It is very good
Jeff is very good at podcasts. He is my dad
The best
This podcast just makes me so calm to listen to when I’m alone.It just makes the day a bit better.So this is the BEST podcast you can listen to!
Chloe the killer
If you want of a bunch of incompetent buffoons saying “like” and “uhhhhh” “ummm” a hundred times a minute then BOY is this joke of a podcast for you.
Hopeful contestant.
love it
This is some high brow pasta. Delicious.
Great to listen to!
I started this podcast a day ago and it’s so good! I love how everyone on the show talk and interact and their breakdown of why a story is good or not makes me less/more scared of certain pastas. Not to mention they’re all so funny! Keep up the fantastic work guys! You’re all doing so wonderfully!
Jeff is very good at making podcasts! 👍👍
Very good!
Great podcast!!
More funny than creepy, fantastic analysis/discussion that feels like campfire stories. I kinda wish they would review more crappypastas just because they wield the most humor but everything they do is 5 stars in my book :-)
Best podcast
I remember first listening to this in 2016 and loving it! I love anything creepy pasta Related! I would recommend it!!
Look I won’t deny that this podcast isn’t for everyone. But, it is definitely for me!! I can get really into an episode and fully listen to it when I have time or I can put it on as background noise while I work. I appreciate all the work that’s been put into it!!! 💕
I like it but he needs to write about new things like Jeff the killer,the rank,the axe house,krampus and others but awesome job 😝🥺🐺
Jayde fuller
Spooky meta fun
I love folklore, the internet, and being spooked, so this podcast is perfect for me.
Make a new episode
Hi I love your creepypodsta podcast please make a sonic.exe episode please I’m begging you
Alan becker fan
An excellent podcast
Jeff is very good at podcasts
And he's my dad
I love this podcast, but...
The editing isn’t very good or sometimes nonexistent. I found that the voices sound glitchy. Other than that great podcast!!
Jeff is very good and podcasts
And he’s my dad
Awesomeness Personified
I was liking this show well enough, working my way backwards from the most recent podcast. The host does a good enough job but he doesn’t seem to get that we the listeners haven’t read all of the stories he is talking about. The biggest issue is the group sometimes skips over pretty big details because they forgot this is a show for their audience not just for the two or three people being recorded. They sometimes skip around in their summaries of the Creepy Pastas too, don’t cover stuff because “it doesn’t matter” only to ding the story later for the parts they skipped... it can be a mess some episodes. But like I said, I still was having fun with it and I really liked some of the guests. I was a little shocked by what the host said on the June 1st show. I was listening to the show on speaker while getting ready. Walked out of the room to get something, and when I came back the host was talking about how all of the people in politics he doesn’t agree with should be executed. Look, I get it that the host doesn’t like the president. That’s fine... but i didn’t come here to listen to political stuff... I wanted to hear people talk about creepy internet stories. And I’m sure he was joking too, but it’s pretty messed up to say that “all of the GOP” should be executed. Some really authoritarian stuff that is just not needed on an A-political show. I’m new here, and maybe this is the norm every few episodes, but it’s a turn off.
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Clar Clarf Clart
Good on ya mate
I’m not to consistently listening I mostly listen when I walk home from practice or school but it’s a great podcast however you Guys sound a bit awkward from time to time but you aren’t professionals so w.e(whatever)
Great podcast
Great listening, great insight. (Good politics too!)
Do not recommend
Poor quality overall. They try really hard to sound smart and fail miserably. PS: leave your politics out of a non-political podcast.
I love this podcast it’s the right amount of creepy and comedy I listen almost every night keep it going.
Not a dramatized reading, and that’s okay.
Stick around past the terrible intros and enjoy the content. A good companion to dramatic reading podcasts.
Jitters Caffeine
Laid back and interesting
I especially liked the episode where you tell people with terrible politics to take a drive into a river and take a deep breath when the windows open—not gonna lie, it’s what prompted me to leave a five star review. I mean, also bc the podcast doesn’t take itself too seriously and the hosts make it feel as though you’re sitting around your living room just talking about random creepy stuff. Keep it up!
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Love this podcast!
Love it! Please keep this going!
Soldiers like this stuff.
I don’t know if you read these at all. But I’ve been a fan of creepy pastas for quite a while. But I never really found something like this. I would be a patreon or whatever the hell but my lack of WiFi isn’t letting me access my email. When my roommates and I are sitting around doing nothing, I’ll look at the creepy pasta that your guests and you will be talking about, then put the story on itself and we’ll all listen to it. I put on the podcast and we’ll have a conversation about the pasta and your episode, and every time we like what your guests and you say. It sparks a conversation and keeps the day flowing smoothly. Keep it up. From three ugly USArmy schmucks. Thanks!
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The review of mayhem mountain had me cracking up. Love the show.
Too many people
Would definitely keep listening and actually enjoy if it were just him. Having so many people on makes it terribly impersonal and bad to listen to
Great show
Love the show and for the record I love your leftist views. I paused in the middle of on of your latest episodes specifically to leave this review and show my support after hearing you say that. MUCH LOVE.
great podcast
keep doing your thing!!!!!!
Great Guests, Great Conversations
I’ve been listening to this show since ep1, thought I’d finally write a review. I love Jeff, love the guests, always find the digressions informative and hilarious (: keep it up!
Fun but not too serious, the way creepypastas ought to be
It's wild how you manage to kill dead air in this show, I didn't even know you could talk that much about creepypastas. A grade job, and fun to listen to
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