Wealthy & Well Woman
Wealthy & Well Woman
Kat Cynewski
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Great convos - I love to be a fly on the wall for these ones!
Kat is an absolute rockstar
And I love listening to WWW!!! Kat has the best gems of wisdom for spiritual entrepreneurs and wellpreneurs and she breaks it all down in a super digestible, easy, clear way. Loooove this podcast.
One of my new fav shows!
Trevor Oldham
Inspiring action driven tips to your best self!
Kat speaks to the core. She helps break down how to grow personally, professionally and spiritually in easy to follow, motivating ways that inspires action and abundance. Love these first 3 episodes and look forward to the release of more !
short, sweet
I was really excited when I found out Kat was going to start a podcast. I binged the first 3 episodes in one sitting. They are about 20 min long: short enough to fit into commute or outside walk, but not lacking in value